Saturday, March 31, 2012

The New Music Video - Meow N Jerry Released (No Budget Video)

I'm back with my newly released Music Video "Meow N Jerry", which didn't cost me a single buck but charged my time & effort. You might have saw my previous music video which was not that nice... but this time i tried my best to make this video such that it doesn't suck.

Without spending single money i tried my best to create this home-made music video.

I know, after hearing the term "home-made" you might endup without seeing it but i promise that i won't disappoint you.

I know how costly is your time, even it's of 2 mins.

This song is actually a hindi song & i played it with my acoustic guitar.. View it, share it, Download it or sing it.. do whatever you want but if you don't enjoy then kindly let me know..