Monday, November 30, 2009

Sixth Sense Technology shows that we stepped to a new generation

Its a hot topic that we will be discussing about.. So, did you heard of the new technology like "Sixth Sense Technology"? if not then i should explain it to you about about it. We are very familiar with the term "Six Sense"... then can you tell me what are the six sense..?? Actually, six sense include the eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, and mind and we humans are totally depend on it.
Sixth Sense Device

The Technology of which i am here to discuss is kind of the functions related to the eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, and mind. Till now we were using computers by just sitting in front of our computer and in the use of few senses. But now after the introduction of the "Sixth Sense Technology", a computer can sense any sorts of feelings it gets in its surroundings..

It can feel when we move ours fingers, it can see when we ask it, it can read, it can detect the taste of the product, it can remember whatever it watches, it can show your invisible watch and many more....

I am sure that you are thinking that i am mad but its all true. There is a such technology like this... and an Indian brain is on such technology. It mainly was developed by Pranav Mistry, a PhD student in the Fluid Interfaces Group at the MIT Media Lab.

Here's the time for giving you some Idea about the Sixth Sense Technology:
Here i embedded the video from the YouTube, so make your valuable time to know it better and for better experience.

Basically it is a device which is a mini projector and which can be projected on any surface, it carries the information stored in it and also collects information from the web. It is the one which obey hand gestures of yours and gives you what you want to see and know.

It is the combined technology of computer along with cell phone. It works when a person hang it on his neck and start projecting through the micro-projector attached to it. Your fingers works like the keyboard as well as the mouse.

Easy to Draw: A person can draw anything on paint with the help of his fingers. So, why to use mouse for painting.

Capture photos with fingers: why to take camera on your holiday and no tension for the photo space as this Sixth Sense computer will work like your camera. It caputes the photo, when you make a square with your fingers, highlighting which one you want to frame.

Phone Call:
You can call to your friend by typing the numbers on your hand. It display the keypad of the phone over your palm and the keys appears on the four finger... Use your another hand's finger to press the keys.

Check the brand of the Product:
It helps you to choose the best brand product from the super market.

Read Books easily: Check out the ratings of the Book you are going to buy, it checks the ratings from the internet. And another amazing thing is that it reads the book for you.. :)

Newspapers: Did you saw the moving pictures of the Newspaper in the movie Harry Patter, it is quite similar to it. It Searches the most appropriate video from the web by seeing the headlines or the caption of the News report.

Check your Flight Status: You can check the status of the flight while you are on Taxi. Just place the ticket in front of the projector and it checks its status from the internet.

I hope you got the basic idea of what the Sixth Sense Technology is..??

Its really happy to know that the making of such a unique sense able computer will be exposed to the public. And the public will be given the idea of How to make it, announced by the inventor Pranav Mistry.
"Rather than waiting for that time to come, I want people to make their own system. Why not?," Mistry says in an article on Rediff Business. "People will be able to make their own hardware. I will give them instructions how to make it. And also provide them key software...give them basic key software layers...they will be able to build their own applications. They will be able to modify base level and do anything".

Jai Ho! is on the Top Ten Twitter Phrases of 2009

The release of the yearly Top ten Twitter Phrase tracked by the The Global Language Monitor. According to the release, the phrase "Jai Ho!" is the top ten phrase of the year, even it is not an English word. Its really strange to see a Hindi Phrase in between all the English Phrase. It was given the 8th position in the "Top Phrases of 2009".
Top Twitter Phrases of 2009

This phrase is the popular phrase used in the movie "Slum Dog Millionaire" and the meaning of this phrase is the "joy or accomplishment"... I am really feeling proud after seeing my language term in between all the English phrase.

Another attractive word i found over the Top Ten Twitter Phrases of the year is the word "Mayan Calendar" which means to the calender created by the Mayan Civilization and which ends on 12/21/2012. This came with the humor that the world will destroy on this year of 2012 and a movie too released on this theme. This was the reason why the keyword of "Mayan Calendar" is discussed too much over the Twitter.

The phrase, which was given the Top position is the "King of Pop", the real time search key which was the most tweeted and in a tribute to Michael Jackson.

These are the phrase of the year 2009 over the Twitter..... Lets see what are the popular phrase of the upcoming year.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

FarmVille is asking its players to buy Game cash and Coins on Discount

The most addicted game of Facebook is now offering its players to buy farm cash or coins with dollars. Today when i opened my farm, a box appeared in the middle of my screen showing an limited offer discount... At first i thought it to be some sorts of new animals or any new decorative things but as i clicked it, it was redirected to the FarmVille shop, where it was showing the discount of 20% for buying FV cash or coins for a limited period of 10 mins.

Its hard to believe that a player can cheat with others players by spending real money to buy Visual Cash. But why a user is going to buy this cash? Actually, it is an addicted game and the facebook users are so much connected with it and are competing with each other to increase their level that they are spending money on it for buying FV cashes. I think, just playing in a right path and daily manner can make you feel better as the good level player....

Anyway, you could get a box like this on your screen showing the discount.... Use your idea and common sense before spending your money...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Stupid things over web sometimes solve our problem.

This Stupid site " " looks like stupid to some web users but i must say you that this is very helpful to those who keeps them online over the different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Perfspot or others.... By using this site a user can stay connected with all the four sites at a time.
Different Sites at a time.

Its not done, we can even open different Search engine over these two browsers and search different sites at a time. Now, tell me how can a person call it out as a stupid stuff..?? I don't think so...

Why photo blogs are quite unprofitable?

When we blog, we give our maximum effort on our blog for giving good content and getting good revenue amount from it. And if you are a daily blogger and you daily publish your post then you are doing good karma. Everyone knows that more you post content more the traffic you can get, that is why some blogger started to create blogs in the topic of "Photos blog", where he always publish posts with photos because uploading photos are much more easier than writing articles. I am not discouraging you for creating a photo blog but telling you the experiences about it.
photo blogging
image from Flickr

Time Factor:
We think that, writing articles takes much more time then uploading photos but its not the truth because you need to sit and spend a lot of time in uploading photos as there are lots of photos needed to be uploaded over a single post (a post with one photo will not make any sense. Minimum amount of photos, you need to upload is 20 post.) In such a time you can write a good article.

The Amount of writing Content:

The important thing of a blog is the good writing content of it, not the photos. Google and other search engines mainly crawls the content written on the blog post. It takes out all the important keywords from the post to make the post listed over the search result on a particular keyword or many keywords.

Even maximum of the active visitors are a good readers and they need a bigger writing content for getting good impression toward your blog. They spent a greater time to read rather than watching those photos you posted. Ya, i agree the users like to view good photos but viewing photos takes a very less time and the users who are spending very less time on your blog can't be said as the active users.

Advertising Revenue:
As i told you that the user active on your blog has the maximum possibility of clicking your advertisement which your inactive users rarely does. Actually, the best readers of your blog, on the search of new good contents, it clicks your advertisement.

There is also a great problem of good keyword ads display. If you are using Google Adsense, then its very hard to earn money on the basis of good keyword from a photo blog. A photo blog contain much of its content are photos and less amount of text as a result good content keywords is unable to display.

There is a solution of the good ad display and search engine listing on a photoblog. [tips]:
Use the alt"" test on your photo and put the appropriate keyword for the listing of your images over the image search of Google, Bing and Yahoo....

These above problem occurred with me on one of my blog - DailyLinked, which is actually a photo blog and gets a good amount of visitors but very less amount of revenue is generated monthly unless some specific day. I left that blog and started using the writing blog "MReaders". :D

What do you think of photo blogs? If you have any tips to increase the quality of the photo blogs then please comment it over here...

Friday, November 27, 2009

Indian education related site gets a good traffic

This year 2009, many upgrading blogger has left their daily blog and started to create the blogs related to the Indian Education and mainly Indian Exam Results. I asked a blogger, who left his daily blog left and started to create a new Indian results blog.
Exam results

Why Indian Results Site?
Many asked him and i too asked him to solved my problem. According to that blogger - "Google always crawls for new contents and it chooses the daily updated sites. Actually, the "Indian Results" keywords always keeps it updated and In India almost daily the results of different exams are announced. So many students search about that exam results giving page over the Google. The users cannot get the page directly as he need some medium to know which site is providing the most appropriate exam result information."

How the Indian results sites works?
The Indian results sites works on the simple exam notification and simply gives the link of the sites to the source by mentioning some brief description about it. As, when the post about it is published then it is pinged though some ping services like Pingometer and others.... This helps their content to get listed over the search engine in a short period of 5-10 hours.

From Where they get the most of their Traffics?
Indian Result blog always depends upon the Search Engine, mainly like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc... The students of India takes the helps of these Search Engine to find their result giving site.

The blogger whom i asked about these is a Person From Kolkata (one of my friend) and he runs a blog on the Indian exam results. He told me that he is getting Unique Visitors of around 10,000 daily and earns a good amount of revenue from the advertising.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Speed Up your Searching with Google ie Search

What was your most fastest speed of searching? But i can tell you that like Google ie, no other search engine runs on browser can give you such a super fast searching results... When i first saw it, i thought it the Google Mobile Search but later i discovered that it is a version of web.
Google Search ie

Things that this Google Search Feature:
  • No Advertisement on its top or sidebar. Totally Ads free!! Even Google Mobile Search too supports Ads on its results.
  • Faster than any other other search engine, compare to Bing, Yahoo, and their mobile version.
  • It shows Headlines links without description, which reduce the length of the search result.
  • Best Works for mobile, and dial up internet.

Simly go to and for faster google searching without advertisement.

Orkut New Version Invitation Give Away

I am now having 4 invitation left in my account and i am really going to invite four real users. As, it is very valuable and limited and most of the users didn't got it. So, i thought of why i should keep those four left invitation on my account as it is totally useless for me now as i already got an invitation... So, thought of inviting others who is in need of it. Actually, I received five invitation and one i gave left with four invitation.
Orkut new Version Invitation

At the time when i was going to send out the invitation, something stroked my mind telling me "Choose a right person for it."... And i highly got influence with it. I thought of giving to a person who is not active is useless and if i choose an active user then there will be a valuable of my invitation.

Now, the problem came with me is how to choose the real user for this account, so i thought that its a time for the real users to give have some karma for the invitation qualification.

If you are wanting to get the invitation of the Orkut New version then you start commenting on my blog. And the four users with a number of comment will be getting the New Orkut Invitation. Even if you comment on my blog- you will be also be getting backlinks to your blog. Don't think that i am fully gave the commenting task for my blog promotion.. actually i believe that the person who can comment actively on my blog must be an active user.

Some Easy Rules you need to follow while commenting:
- Don't put a bad comment or any bad words.
- Be more descriptive and a comment with "Thanks" and other will not be accepted.
- Don't put wrong link on your comment.

The above are some things that you need to follow. So, start Commenting for the invitation and nothing more....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Facebook Worm Found [Warning for Facebook Users]

The AVG Anti virus maker recently published a post about the New Facebook worm, which is spreading via user's wall.
It is actually a photo posted from one of your infected friend on your wall.

They gave a small description about- How it works:
"For those unfamiliar with Facebook (is there anyone other than me in that set?) the thumbnail of the worm's infective page is a link to the page. The worm's objective, of course, is that others viewing the victim's wall will click the link, and as they are logged into Facebook, the worm will propagate its link to that victim's wall, and so on...
This worm uses what is technically known as a CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery, also called XSRF) attack. A sequence of iframes on the exploit page call a sequence of other pages and scripts, eventually resulting in a form submission to Facebook "as if" the victim had submitted a URL for a wall post and clicked on the "Share" button to confirm the post.

So, be careful when you find some hot image on your wall which is telling you "clicking da button". Avoid such type of hot photos posted by an infected friend. And if you are daily addicted to Facebook, you are specially asked for not to click any suspicious links or any hot image link posted on your wall. This attack can highly effect your Computer or Account.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Why Google always provide limited invitation on their newly launched Products

You might have noticed that whenever Google launched its new product or a new version of its product, it provides a limited access to the users by providing only few invitation over your account if you have already got an invitation from the Google Team. Whenever they launched its product like Gmail, Orkut new version and Google Wave, it only gave out few amount of invitation to some limited members.
Google Invitation

If you see that thing deeply, they are indirectly giving access to everyone and mainly the Active Users. Google always have a good and innovative ideas roaming around its head... As, its product are of excellent quality for works as a result most of the web users are in need of its product.

Why they put forward the new user joining through invitation?
Its really an interesting topic on which everyone is discussing. Actually, if i ask you to give out 4-pens to some of your friends and you have more then 30-friends standing and out of these 30-friends only 5-friends are good in studies, then now whom are you going to give out the 4 extra pens..?? Probably you will be giving those pens to any the top 4 of those good friends who can make the value use of those pens.
The same way the Google Works, as it gives you limited invitation to invite your friends and naturally you will be choosing those of your friends who are active and can make a value use of it.

Google works like viral invitation and chooses out the 90 percent of active users.

How Google forms a viral Chains of users?
Hmmm... You are surely thinking of why i called it a viral invitation! Actually when you got invited from Google you got around limited invitation for example. New Orkut Version is providing only 4-invitation and you send out the all four invitation to your friends and they too got the same four invitation each. They again send the four invitation , this way the invitation goes on... If you calculate then you will find : 4x4=16 again 16x4=64... Can you believe that from your chain, you indirectly invited sixty four friends.

So, anyway i hope you got the idea why Google always choose the path of limited before its product is exposed on the public.

Checking available username on many Social Networking Sites at a Time easily

Its really an exciting site i discovered, which helps you to find the available of your Brand User name over different social networking sites. Checking out the available user name at the time of registering is really boring, there may be a probability whether we may get the user name or not.
User Check

But the User name Checking Application rocked my way of checking the available user names and number of taken away user name. So, if you are having a user name on your mind as brand then quickly reserve it for future.

Your Health Insurance company is keeping their eyes on your Facebook Photos Health not Yours!

If you are really sick and in need help of your health insurance company for money, then keep in your mind that you are not uploading your healthy or cool photo on your social networking profile like Facebook or Twitter. As, your insurance company is tracking your health on the basis of your photo you uploaded the day before you are sick.

If you are found healthy on your photo, they keep that photo as evidence for not providing your health benefits. The Similar case occur with a 29-years old Canadian Women - Nathalie Blanchard, who was not given the benefits of her Health Insurance on the evidence of her latest uploaded photo on Facebook.
facebook photo claim

When the insurance company deny to give her her payment, she claimed the photo as the image shot a night before. Its really became a hot discussion over the sides like mashable, CBC News and others... and the Question arising is that whether a Health Insurance can claim on the basis of the photos Tweeted on Twitter and Facebook..?? What do you think??

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Real Bloggers don't write 2-3 posts at a Time

When i first started to write my own post, i thought that i can write 2-3 posts at a time and i too did it. I wrote 2-3 articles in one hour but as a result i found a lot of mistakes and less descriptive. And sometimes many writings appears like boring and meaningless.

I also found many blogger who are doing same mistake which i did. I experienced that if we post more than one post at a time.. Our brain feels some stretch and face problem to thinking for a new topic to write.

So, i must suggest those quick blog poster or writer to make a routine to write their new article. I am mentioning a time management to write a quality article :

If you are a full time blogger
  • then you select your time like, in morning you take 1 hour in writing a mega post, as at that time your mind will be fresh to write a new article.
  • in afternoon, you keep one hour to write another article.
  • And at night one post. You may also write 4 post a day or five according to your capacity for betterment of your blog.
The remaining time, you can spend for market your blog, social bookmarking, tweeting and others....

blogging time
Image by antigone78
If you are a Part Time Blogger then,
  • Fix a particular time for blogging and write article in an interval of one and half hour or more... if you have time.
  • Keep a special time for writing a valuable content.
  • Rest timing spend in marketing like - Social bookmarking, Tweeting your link and publishing link on the social network like Facebook...
If you can do in the above following time management I think this will make any sense in your Blogging. These are just my idea.. If you have any idea on yout mind then you can share with me through comment.

Reddit Awards are Awesome

Reddit was not so much attractive at the time it launched. It was without any good and user friendly stuffs but even users loved it and started to contribute over it and now years have passed and many changed is done on it. By this long period of time they implemented the Sub-Reddits and later they made it public and public created Sub-Reddit on the Topic they are interested. By this long passage of time they fully made the reddit public site and kept a full democracy on it which Digg fail to give.

They didn't gave the users a customizable profile and the access to edit it but gave the access of everything to users, even to become the moderator of the sub-reddits.
Reddit Awards

After a long success with time the reddit started to gave the users a prestigious awards in the basis of contribution and along with Karma. They put forward many awards on different category like - Well-rounded, Two-Year Club, Bellwether, Best Link, Best Comment, ComboLinker, ComboCommenter, Inciteful Link, Inciteful Comment, One-Year Club, Three-Year Club, Four-Year Club.

So start contributing over reddit for receiving these all awards, they are daily giving aways these Award Badges... Most Prestigious Redditor!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Now Tweets in French language

Twitter wants to have their active users from France. As, they are adding up Multi language Twitter. Today they officially announced the Twitter in French Language. A users can choose the French your default language and can even tweet on this language. Some days ago they launched the Spanish supported twitter which had a great feedback by the French Users.
twitter French

Twitter's Official blog post about the new translated version of French language:
With the addition of the Spanish version of the site last month, many people have joined the conversations on Twitter. More and more people twittent outside the United States and we are now able to accommodate users of nearly 30 Francophone countries. It is now possible to change the language settings in French with the participation of translators who have helped turn Twitter into a platform for truly global communication.
The French twitteurs golds can already track people and companies they are familiar. Whether you attended or @ @ Lepicerie lopera for your gastronomic outings, you read @ lemondefr way to work or you listen @ theteenagers on the way home or you’re a fan of @ CanadiensMTL, there is a wealth of information useful to discover at any time.
To see Twitter in French, just check your settings and select “French” from the menu.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Mashabe now showing its hot trending posts

Mashable made its readers to identify the most popular posts or topic of their blog. They put forward a box at the top which is showing "Now Trending". They put forward their best and popular post on that box to make its users read that post first because it contains the featured writings. Earlier the users used to face problem over Mashable to find the most Featured post as in blog the posts comes one after one which makes the featured posts down after the newly post update.
Mashabe: Now Trending

Most of the mashable readers are now enjoying this new adding of this new box.I think they arrange the popular post on the basis of the amount of "retweets" and little bit of facebook "Shares". This Trending topic is the concept taken from Twitter trending topic... Even i loved this new idea of showing the trending or host post as mashable publish more than 25 posts daily and from them to find the best content is now easy.

Send out colourful flags on Gift [Farm Ville]

Facebook's Farm Ville has newly added its new gifts of flags which you can send to your friends and your friend can use it to decorate his farm... Quickly check your gift request, you may have received one from your friend. these flags came of four colours- Yellow, blue, green, Red.

You may use these flags to decorate your farm. My tips to you on these flags: Collect a number of flags from your gift by "accepting" it and then keep those flags serially and line by line to give a good and colourful impression on your farm.
Flags ; Farm Ville

I don't have an idea whether it is limited or permanent gifts as sometimes farm ville stop some of its decorative things. You can even sell those gifts from your gift box if you are not having much space n your farm for the flags or if you are not wanting these flags to be on your farm. These gifts are sold at the price of 10 coins each flag.

Google will be having a permanent sidebar

The vice president of Google Search Product & user experience- Marissa Meyer has recently announced that Google will be permanently adding a sidebar to its search pages. She thinks that the users of Google are unhappy with the same design of Google's search interface. So, they are now testing a few changes in the Google's Search interface by adding a Sidebar on its left side and is going to soon visible to a small portion of users.
Google Sidebar

The sidebar will be consisting of some options to access content like Orkut, Google images, books, news, maps etc. There will be another option which will remember the Search History Keyword for fast search.

This will be a great change in the history of internet as the Google Search Interface is changing which was untouched for many years and millions of users are quite habituated with its daily search interface.

Propeller Users can Story share Upto 500 friends at a Time

Sharing became very easy on Propeller. Earlier sharing your submitted story to your Propeller friend was quite a long process, they used to give limited access to share the story only up to 25 friends at a time and if you are going to share your story to 125 friends then you need to share that 5 times by opening the small window every time.

Even then many users used these long process for many props for publishing their story on the propeller front page but there were also those users who had stopped using propeller for this long process of sharing stories to the friends.
Propeller friend sharing box

After many request done by its active members, the Propeller at last upgraded the sharing option and made it more friendly accordingly its active users requested. Now, a user of propeller can share his story up to 500 at a time without any error. They simply added a option "Send to all friends". By clicking on this option it will automatically select your first 500 friend and then your are free to share, you can even unselect those users whom you don't want to share.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Google Adsense will be having a Star Mark Featured Ads

A Special News for the Adsense publisher as they will be getting good CRT with this new star mark featured of Adsense. Actually, Adsense is now testing this feature and will be launching soon in force.

This Star Mark ads show off according to your blog popularity and impression. They are now highlighting the Featured Advertisement with a Golden Star mark and when you hover your mouse over that star it will be showing "Featured Ads".
Google Adsense Star Mark Feature

Know what the Google adsense team told in the confirmation of these featured ads as :
We are currently running a limited test in which a small number of users are seeing ads that are marked based on signals related to quality and relevance. This experiment is part of our ongoing efforts to help users find what they’re looking for, and we’re closely monitoring feedback.

What do you think of this feature of Adsense? Will it be helpful to the small publisher?
Its quite difficult to say now about the merits and the Demerits of this feature till it launches but will informing you more about it.

Keep your important file archive on internet

If you have any important software serial code over a notepad and you have collected after a hard find searching, then you need to keep that file archive over the internet. Archiving your notepad file online is very helpful. As computers cannot be trusted all the time because its hard disk can get crash anytime and you can lost your files or those notepad file which may consists of important writings,passwords, code which you kept for later use.

I mainly use esnips to keep my notepad files archive and keep the tension of getting deleted away from my brain. You may use other file hosting sites to keep your important word files undeleted.

Retweet option on your Twitter Home Page

This feature is a nice idea of Twitter Team and is very helpful to Original Twitterer's tweet. This is now going to stop the copying of tweets of original user.

Twitter itself added an option like "Retweet" on its page and users can easily anyone's tweet without copying or putting RT @.... This new implementation made the Retweeting fast.


If you are daily ReTweeter then this new option will really help you!! They even added a section called "Retweet" in their right sidebar, where you can find who is Retweeting and who retweeted your Tweets and even the retweet of yours... But you can only track those user's retweets whom you are following.

This feature helped the thousand follower holders, who are automatically getting Retweets without the help of 3rd party applications like Tweetmeme and other...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

IndanPad users back

The top users of IndianPad again back to action of submitting stories. The Users are now actively participating which was less active for more than 5 month. All the top 5 users are now started submitting their valuable stories and a sufficient amount of voting are done from the upcoming page for continuous publishing of stories on the front page.

On the 40th Anniversary of Sesame Street Google Celebrated

Google celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Sesame Street on Nov 10.. Its was shown in some Selected Countries- Belgium, Netherlands, India, Israel, South Africa & Mexico. The following are the Logos of the celebration.
Sesame Street
Sesame Street Google Celebrated