Sunday, November 22, 2009

Reddit Awards are Awesome

Reddit was not so much attractive at the time it launched. It was without any good and user friendly stuffs but even users loved it and started to contribute over it and now years have passed and many changed is done on it. By this long period of time they implemented the Sub-Reddits and later they made it public and public created Sub-Reddit on the Topic they are interested. By this long passage of time they fully made the reddit public site and kept a full democracy on it which Digg fail to give.

They didn't gave the users a customizable profile and the access to edit it but gave the access of everything to users, even to become the moderator of the sub-reddits.
Reddit Awards

After a long success with time the reddit started to gave the users a prestigious awards in the basis of contribution and along with Karma. They put forward many awards on different category like - Well-rounded, Two-Year Club, Bellwether, Best Link, Best Comment, ComboLinker, ComboCommenter, Inciteful Link, Inciteful Comment, One-Year Club, Three-Year Club, Four-Year Club.

So start contributing over reddit for receiving these all awards, they are daily giving aways these Award Badges... Most Prestigious Redditor!!