Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blogger recently added its new transparent Navbars

This time Blogger came up with its new transparent looking Navbar, which are quite attractive. Now blogspot users will surely add the new blogger navbar on their blog. The new Navbar is having two extra buttons "Follow" & "Share" buttons, which are helpful for the blog subscription and sharing respectively.

Under the sharing button, your reader can share your post through Emails, twitter, facebook and Google Reader. And the following option helps in following of the user with Google FriendConnect.

HootSuite is too providing services like TwitterFeed.

HootSuite is now also providing a service like, it actually helps the user to update his profile automatically without being spending time for tweets. I think this feature of Hootsuite will highly benefit the users for increasing their followers.

How it is effective than Twitterfeed?
Actually, Hootsuite is well known to most of the users and they believe that it only provides the user to tweet for their multiple profile at a time and no other stuffs.

They put this service under the settings option. Check it out if you are thinking of automated posting...

Creating a list with slash "blog" is useless

Creating a list with on the Twitter's recently launched feature, is a bad idea.

When create a list with slash blog then you will not able to see any pages of it. Actually, it is default when a user creates list with the term "blog", it redirects to They did this to retain some power of the term "blogging".

But an interesting thing to say that you may list the user on that page but totally useless..


The above is the link i created to test it.. By clicking it you will sent to Twitter's official blog.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Twitter symbols and faces.

Use these twitter symbols and faces to make your Tweets more interesting.
¢ – cent
£ – pound
¤ – currency
¥ – yen
€ – euro sign
§ – section
© – copyright
® – registered trademark
™ – trademark
° – degree – e.g. 45°
¹ – superscript 1
² – superscript 2
³ – superscript 3
· – middle dot
¸ – spacing cedilla
¼ – fraction 1/4
½ – fraction 1/2
¾ – fraction 3/4
¿ – inverted question mark
× – multiplication
÷ – division
• – bullet = black small circle
◊ – lozenge
℠ – Service Mark
℃ – Celsius
℅ – care of
℉ – Farenheit
№ – numero symbol – number sign
℗ – Sound Recording Copyright
℞ – Prescription Take pharmaceutical symbol
Ω – Ohm
℧ – Inverted Ohm
☀ – sunshine – sun
☁ – cloudy – cloud – dark cloud
☂ – raining – rain – umbrella
☃ – snow – snowman
☄ – shooting star
★ – star solid
☆ – star outline
☇ – lightning
☈ – thunderstorm
☉ – sun
☊ – ascending node
☋ – descending node
☌ – conjunction
☍ – opposition
☎ – phone
☏ – phone symbol outline
☐ – check box
☑ – check box check mark
☒ – ballot box with X
☓ – St. Andrew’s Cross
☚ – left-pointing index finger
☛ – right-pointing index finger
☜ – left-pointing index finger
☝ – upwards pointing index finger
☞ – right pointing index finger
☟ – downwards pointing index finger
☠ – skull & crossbones
☡ – caution sign
☢ – radioactive sign
☣ – biohazard sign
☮ – peace sign
☯ – yin & yang
☹ – frowning face
☺ – smiley face
☻ – black smiley face

☽ – waxing crescent moon
☾ – waning crescent moon
♈ – Aries
♉ – Taurus
♊ – Gemini
♋ – Cancer
♌ – Leo
♍ – Virgo
♎ – Libra
♏ – Scorpio
♐ – Sagitarius
♑ – Capricorn
♒ – Aquarius
♓ – Pisces
♔ – White King
♕ – White Queen
♖ – White Rook
♗ – White Bishop
♘ – White Knight
♙ – White Pawn
♚ – Black King
♛ – Black Queen
♜ – Black Rook
♝ – Black Bishop
♞ – Black Knight
♟ – Black Pawn
♠ – black spade suit
♢ – red diamond suit
♣ – black club suit = shamrock
♤ – red spade suit
♥ – black heart suit = valentine
♦ – black diamond suit
♧ – red club suit
♨ – hot springs
♩ – musical quarter note
♪ – musical eighth note
♫ – musical single bar note
♬ – musical double bar note
♭ – flat note
♮ – natural note
♯ – sharp note
✁ – cut above
✂ – cut here
✃ – cut below
✄ – scissors
✆ – public pay phone
✇ – film reel – tape spool
✈ – airport jet airplane
✉ – envelope mail email
✌ – victory sign
✍ – signature – sign here
✎ – pencil diagonal down
✏ – pencil
✐ – pencil diagonal up
✓ – check mark
✔ – heavy check mark
✕ – multiplication sign X
✖ – heavy multiplication sign X
✗ – ballot X
✘ – heavy ballot X
✝ – Latin Roman Cross
✞ – Latin Cross 3D shadow
✟ – Latin Cross outline
✠ – Maltese Cross
✡ – Star of David
❛ – quotation mark single turned comma
❜ – quotation mark single comma
❝ – quotation mark double turned comma
❞ – quotation mark double comma

We didn't created these above symbols. We just put the post to make it helpful to you... Mainly for active twitter user. Just Bookmark it and use it when you want.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Twitter added an option to Follow the list of Featured Account

Twitter Recently studied that new users are finding difficulties to find the active twitter user’s profile as a result they follow the non active users. So, to reduce this non-sense following, they put a list “option on the profile, from where a new user can find the active users to follow

This feature is now not available to everyone and a ”small group” of users got it right now.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Make your own short Url Service

I am very excited to say you that you can now create your own short url serivice... So, why we will go for such short url services like tinyurl, and others.
Short URL service

The short url service of your own domain can increase your traffic as well as can place a good impression to the real time search users... It may come that the Twitter users starts using your short url service if they found your url more catchy than others.

A script by YOURLS , gives you the personal (private) or commercial (open to public) URL shortener for free. The script requires a server with PHP 4.3, MYSQL 4.1 and mod_rewrite enabled.

A Step by Step guideline by ShoutMeLoud to create your own URL shortening service. Follow its guidelines install it on your server.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The real level of farm Ville

The real levels of Farm ville starts from level 10 and 11, where a user comes in full force to play the game. this time when you harvest, along with the coins one another thing is to giveaway i.e. 1+ Mastery, I actually don't have any idea of what is it or where it is being added in the game but can only say that the collection of such points can give you a direct wealth opportunity with increase in experiences.

What should need to reach the level 10 and 11?
To reach the level 10 & 12, we need to gain our experiences by plowing and cultivating the lands.
For level 10 - cross 1800 experiences.
For level 11 - cross 2300 experiences.
And for level 12 - cross 2800 experiences.

Do Harvesting can increase the experiences?
No, harvesting can only increase your coins. This activity like ploughing and placing seeds can increase the experiences and in other way decreasing the coins.

In the game, for plowing you can get +1 experiences and for placing seeds, depends on the seeds type it gains experience. The maximum seeds varieties gains +2 experiences.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Why personal Twitter account is created

Twitter is not only for the Commercial use... The twitter personal account is highly need over internet to make you a perfect web user...

There are some reasons for it...
If you are user of any social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Hi5 and others, then your friends want to know more about you... So, Twitter is the fastest and the easiest way to share your daily status. You can send your status in the form of small message to them who are listening you.

You can check your own fans by increasing the amount of twitter followers. The follower are very much important for every twitter user..

The personal twitter user also works as the Open identity for you, with which you are able to access to any of the site you want to participate. Even i am having many twitter accounts for my different products or blogs, then even i created a personal twitter account. My Twitter profile is : Arijitblog. Here My name starts with "A" which i feel really interesting...
This twitter profile will help me to identify me as the blogger all over the internet and i am going to put my profile link everywhere i participate...

How to celebrate Diwali on Internet

There's a lot of things you can do in this Diwali over internet, wishing your Friends, watching videos, playing diwali, sending greetings and many more... Lets see what can we do...

Photo by sowri

Wish your Friends through Social Networking sites:
Update your Status on Facebook with a wishing message like "Happy Diwali" or "wishing you and you family a happy and safe Diwali". This can result comments by your friends on your status.

Orkut is another way to wish your friends.
There are two ways, first is just scrap to your friend with Text and another is to send
Graphic scraps.

Twitter is the Best Way:
Wish to millions of users at a Time by just sending a simple tweet of 140 character.... Put the Tag #Diwali. You can even search "Diwali" over the Twitter search to see who is wishing...

Send Ecard to your relatives:
Easy to choose your selected animated diwali card from the 123G's page.

Watch Videos online on this diwali:
Rediff India has featured a page on ishare for this Diwali special, where you are free to watch and share your videos. And India's well known online group "IndiaTimes" featured its page at the subdomain "diwalidhamaka" for this special diwali, where they finds all the "diwali" featured keyword videos from the Yourube and linking it from the page. You may even can search over Youtube for the Diwali videos, by just searching "diwali 2009" on the search box.

Play Diwali Games on aol, sify, Dgreetings, indyarocks...

I will be witting more if i found any interesting...

Twitter will be launching two wines

The recent announcement by the Twiiter co-founder Biz Stone saying that Twitter will be launching its two wines -a Pinot Noir and a Chardonnay. With parnershiping with an non profitable organization which is working on free and improving literacy all around the world, mainly the poor countries.

For a good cause it came in the field of microblogging, the project in the video, titled “Fledgling Wine“. See the below video to know more. "Stone describes the project".

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Guruji is celebrating Diwali

Guruji is an Indian Search Engine and is considered as the No.1 Music Search site in India. Guruji showed its fast response than Google in the changing of its logo- A Diwali Look with attractive colour combination.

As you know that its totally an Indian search engine, so the event "Diwali" is more important to it for attracting and impressing its viewers.
Guruji Search

The Logo Contain: Two rockets at the right hand side, the Logo character "Guruji" is headed by some decorative flowers and its brand logo of "G" is on the first hanging.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Become a Farmer with FarmVille

Farming is the main occupation of Indian and the young generations of India are not interested in Growing crops in the Field to feed its population. even they are not giving their proper value to the farming occupation, which was early the most important occupation of Indian people.

Game Name : Farm Ville.

A Facebook application developing company named as Zynga, took the help of Facebook and inspired maximum social networking users to go for farming and also earning money from it. With such money a users-"farmer" can buy seeds, lands, cattle, trees and many more...

Farm Ville

I know what are you thinking of this game?
Its too boring and ordinary to hear, but when played it i found it more interesting than what expected. So, its a kind of business game and gives the feelings of real farming.

What makes it feel like real farming?
This question definitely stroked your mind, i think so... then i should describe it. Actually, here the seed you placed for growing needs a particular period of time to grow. Some takes the time of around 3-4days and some takes only 4 hours, these totally differs on the crop which is grown there and the user who is pretending like the farmer need to come timely for harvesting the crop.

There are "levels" and "experiences": In real, a farmer who is working for many years can be called as experienced farmer, who makes his working capacity more with the increase of land and he can also earn more profits with time, and hard labor. Similarly, here in this game the player can experience the similar experiences and levels with his hard working and proper time....

Actually, I am now in level -5 with having around 289 experience, and when i will cross 300 experience i will be reaching to level -6.

I will be updating about this more, in my next "same topic" update. As, i am playing this game to learn more...

Easy Searching Profile with Google Profile Search

Listing yourself on the internet only when someone is searching about you. Its quite hard to make your profile and your information over Google Search but Google gave its effort to introduce you to others by listing your Profile over Google Profile Search. Google Profile Search is a Special Kind of Search to find Profiles of web Users and briefing some text about him.

Screenshot by Google System Blog.

"The next challenge is creating an universal profile attached to a digital identity that gathers and filters all your disparate activities from the web. The move towards OpenID, OAuth, the integration of OpenSocial in Google's properties,"- said by Google System Blog.

Which profile i can list?
You can not list any profile you have on other sites like orkut, Facebook, Twitter and others on the Google Profile Search but you can put them as a link to your other social networking profiles under your Google Profile.

You can only list up your Google profiles on the Google Profile Search. You should fill up all the requirement to qualify for the Profile listing.

How will i create my Google Profile?

Just go to "Google Profile" and create your profile, if you are log in to your google account then Great, it will open in a few moment.

So how do i list my profile?

You should have a full fill up of your profile and the more text you have on your about us space, the more you can make yourself qualify for a good listing in the search of your name.

What benefits i can get?
There's a many benefits on the creating this account.
First, get Good impression over the internet.
Creating a Official Profile of yours if you are a freelancer.
If you are a Blogger, you can easily link your profile from your blog to give your readers a great impression on you.

So, keep your About Us Space very interesting so that the viewers can get a good idea about you web "Karma".

Monday, October 12, 2009

Blogging only for money is very bad idea

Actually, the blog was made for keeping everyone update and just like a daily journal. Now, a days peoples are creating blog for making money but i think the intention of making money with a new blog is a very bad idea. I bold this line because most of the new bloggers thinks that they are going to make money in a short time and as the time passes his rate of posting contents becomes less and his mind comes in the way of increasing money and traffic only. They main starts contributing the social bookmarking sites and always promoting their old contents for traffic but as we know that humans are always wants new things, so the users of web only wants to read new content and no one is interested in old backdated content.

Image by evhead

What does a real bloggers do?
The real bloggers are always selfish, they only thinks to update their own contents and a little bit of marketing to promote their blog. They knows that only posting can attract a lots of new readers or users.

How posting attracts more visitors?

This was the question which usually stroked my mind when i was totally new in the world of blogging but now i know the secret. The reason is : The Quick publishing of new contents keeps your subscribers touched with your contents and blogs and they do not forget their blog name anymore and keep stored on their mind as a brand name.
They subscribe your blog through some RSS feed, Emails and some feed subscribing sites like Google Readers, Bloglines and others...
And another was of getting more popularity i.e, your blogs favorite users ask their friends to read their valuable contents of your blog.
And Some indirect ways, there may be submissions of you blog to many social bookmarking site, link back from different sites and blogs.

If all of the above is done serially with planning then the advertisers will automatically offer you for advertisement with a very effective costs.

Saturday, October 10, 2009 was sold at $16 million

This is the domain which broke the record of the high price domain in the world. The purchase of along with the Company name "Insure" by a very little popular organization named Quin Street. After getting such a big amount, the company changed its name to Life Quotes from its parent name.

Some other auctioned domains listed are as follows:
Sale of for $3 million. for $12 million. for $5.1 million. for $1.8 million.

Domains with such a Large price is hard to afford by small site owners. Keep your eyes on us, we will be having more interesting news in coming hours...

Quickest search now on Google Anroid Search

The guys who created Quicksilver for Mac, also gave their hand on Google Spotlight Search for a fastening search result. This technology of spotlight was used on the Apple iphone to search contacts, messages, emails, songs, etc... in a very quick search.

Its not finish, the Google's Quick Search Box (QSB) also help you to find the perfect keyword of the result in a drop down list.

Miley Cyrus left Twitter only for the Gossip Sites

Recently, a well known Disney Celebrity "Miley Cyrus" who had more then millions followers deleted her account. she clearly gave the reason of why she left twitter through his quick released Youtube video where she Hip Hop the words to clear the reason. Her main reason is the news publish by the celebrity gossip site. Actually, she thinks that whatever tweet she made, become featured over the gossip sites with more rumors.

Miley Cyrus

The lyrics are quite like this "The reasons are simple: I started tweeting about pimples. I stopped living for moments and started living for people,” and “Everything that I type and everything that I do, all those lame gossip sites take it and make it news."

Billy Ray Cyrus, the father of Miley also argued because he is disagreed with quick her decision. He tweeted on Thursday saying "You were born"Destiny Hope Cyrus" for a reason.You can't leave everyone now.We r countin on u..."

The Co-Inventor of USB was interviewed

The TV ad of intel where the slogan goes “Our rock stars aren’t like your rock stars”. As an actor Ajay Bhatt played the role. He was first seen as actor but actually he was the Co-Inventor of USB.

So, he was interviewed by a staff of intel where he was asked some about the failed attempt at creating the USB. He was also asked of how will he feel like the TV ad if the real girls are watching him in the eye of a "rock star". He was also asked of how did he managed to do acting on TV.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Mashable posted FeedBurner Email Subscription link on Facebook

The second Highest traffic of Mashable Blog comes from Facebook after the Twitter. So, today while i was watching my updates over my Facebook status i found a recent update of Mashable on its page (having 40K+ Followers). The update was not its usual update because today the link was not to its post but a link to the Feedburner's Email Subscription.

why it pushed its Email subscription link?
They are in the need of having more email subscriber in a very short time and Facebook is the Quickest way to spread it.

Mashable is in a Challenging mood to have more subscribers than any other... So, they took the medium of the World's two Biggest Social Media for sendng the subscription link.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Google Wave Scam increasing a Lot

A huge number of small blogs are taking the benefits of their lucky invitation by the Google Wave team. "After the invitation of 1,00,000 users to the Google Wave. Hugely benefited some intelligent users. Since users are invited selectively by the Google Wave Team, it became a grand opportunity for them to make value use of it." -Unofficial Google Tasks Blog wrote.

According to my note, a huge number of sites and blogs are scamming with the Google Wave. They are promising for the invitation to the Google Wave and asking you to do something for their blog which are traffic generation like tweeting the Message of their blog along with the link, social bookmarking, sharing over facebook, telling your friends and commenting or writing article on their blog.

And some sites are started to selling the Google Wave invitation and earning a good amount of Dollars from it and some are spreading malware in the name of getting free invitation for Google Wave account.

So, be aware of these kind of activities. I think Google will make it open to the User within few time of a month. -Arijit

TinyChat for creating quick chat rooms

If you are wanting to have your temporary chat room or chat room for your short Official conference and even if your are wanting for quick group discussion with your friends then i think TinyChat is the Best Place for it.

This a site which gives you a quick access to a personal chat room without any registration. It is very much helpful to the twitter user and i think that this idea is mainly for the Twitter family.

You can able to have the most quickest chat with your friend by sharing the link over your social networking profile and they too provided the short url for it by appling the TinyUrl technology. Their mainly aim is only to capture the market of the Sites like Twitter and Facebook (and i think it deserves it...). Recently it is being published in the "PC Magazine India".

The Excellent blog for Blogger

This is a blog, which i was searching for a time of year but today i discovered this site. Really very much helpful for the Blogger platform bloggers. Actually like Wordpress, Blogger do not have plugins for their blog. As a result much not effective widgets can be added to its template and many blogger left it, but i think this blog "Blogger Plugins" did a great job in the history of Blogger.

So, lots of blogger are facing the same problems, so i suggest you this site to make your blog more interactive to your blog readers with its attractive widgets.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Google Local Business Center

Google is now helping you to search the local business. Easy to get Coupons, stat who is coming from where... and a chance to promote your business by just advertising over Google adsense.

Go to Local Business Center: | Create a Local Business Center listing to help customers find your business on Google and Google Maps. Now you can use the power of Google's data to learn where your customers come from and what they search for to find you.

Direct Link to the Blogger Post after publishing a post

Its newly added stuff by the blogger, where after publishing an article or post, earlier there was a link to the blog's homepage by clicking through "View Blog". But in the new upgrade, there showed "View Post" which directly link to the post.

This is very helpful for the bloggers like me who save a post as "Draft" and publish it later. This shows them by directly linking to the post without wasting the time to find the post.

Sify conducted new learning and Cetificate Exam

With the launch of such an exam conducted by Sify, where they gave the opportunity to all the Retired, Students and house wife to gather the basic knowledge about internet surfing and some basic computer operating.

This is a simple exam for everyone and also said that the top 1lakh will get a certificate... So, to get enroll your name just register once, the two times registration can lead you to "ban" over this page "i too got ban". You should give a few question test to qualify for the certificate.