Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Become a Farmer with FarmVille

Farming is the main occupation of Indian and the young generations of India are not interested in Growing crops in the Field to feed its population. even they are not giving their proper value to the farming occupation, which was early the most important occupation of Indian people.

Game Name : Farm Ville.

A Facebook application developing company named as Zynga, took the help of Facebook and inspired maximum social networking users to go for farming and also earning money from it. With such money a users-"farmer" can buy seeds, lands, cattle, trees and many more...

Farm Ville

I know what are you thinking of this game?
Its too boring and ordinary to hear, but when played it i found it more interesting than what expected. So, its a kind of business game and gives the feelings of real farming.

What makes it feel like real farming?
This question definitely stroked your mind, i think so... then i should describe it. Actually, here the seed you placed for growing needs a particular period of time to grow. Some takes the time of around 3-4days and some takes only 4 hours, these totally differs on the crop which is grown there and the user who is pretending like the farmer need to come timely for harvesting the crop.

There are "levels" and "experiences": In real, a farmer who is working for many years can be called as experienced farmer, who makes his working capacity more with the increase of land and he can also earn more profits with time, and hard labor. Similarly, here in this game the player can experience the similar experiences and levels with his hard working and proper time....

Actually, I am now in level -5 with having around 289 experience, and when i will cross 300 experience i will be reaching to level -6.

I will be updating about this more, in my next "same topic" update. As, i am playing this game to learn more...