Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Orkut Friend can be found on Facebook

With the following method you can find Orkut friends on Facebook because many orkut friends are on Facebook!!
* Login to your Orkut account
* Now pass the security check, and then save the file 'contacts.csv' to your computer.

* Now browse the file and out it over here and then vhoose the file "contacts.csv" and upload over your facebook account!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

BuzzVoice a new way of converting a News into Voice

This is a Site (BuzzVoice) which helps you to share your voice by just converting the news into your voice. A Voice blogging is really a fun, of speaking and recording the voice to the recorder and publishing it over the web. It supports iPod, iPhone, Mac, PC and MP3 Players...
voice publish
Really interesting to publish a voice blog.... I will be creating a voice blog for micro-readers.

Site for Grabing a new movie to the PC

While searching for movies to download, i discovered a site named as "Download Swarm", which helps you to download full games, movies, TV shows, software.
Downloading Software Chart

But if you have less internet speed connection then this may cause problem. For downloading movies and other large files needs a lots of time and speed.
They put forward the statistic, which shows off the speed and download rate of different location and you should select your area for adjusting the downloading rate.

Mashable Trends are quite interesting

Mashable considered to be the most active over twitter with containing more than millions of Followers, so now they publicize that, by showing of their twitter trend and users activity. This Widget was added to its sidebar and is showing the trends of activity by its users.
Its showing off "trending topics" and "Top ReTweets" and after clicking this widget, it carries to the trend page where we are able to see the activity.
trending topics widgets

After seeing the trend, it was too shocked by seeing the amout of retweet in 5 mins. Where i can see more than 5 ReTweet in 5 mins. This is the benefits, which is taken by the big twitter users or a greater follower twitter users.

Mashable Trend Page

New Free Anti-Virus by Microsoft

Microsoft launched "Security Essentials", an anti-virus or anti-malware software... It is totally free to update. And Offers real-time protection against any type of viruses, spyware, and other malicious programs.

Security Essentials
There are lots of Anti-Virus available for free over internet but the company like Microsoft can create such Free Anti-Virus is quite strange? This can be said that more effective protection will be given by this anti-virus software by Microsoft.

Free SMS from your Airtel Mobile is Free

There are few successfully tests by the airtel mobile users, and it saw that a user can send free SMS to any mobile.. To send unlimited SMS for free... lets see our Trick below:

First to Create a new message center :
* Message Center Name: anything you like...
Message Center Number (Its MOST Important): +919810051905
Now select preferred connection -> Packet Data
* After creating a new message center, please manually select it from
* Now Go to setting -> Phone Ssetting -> Connection -> Packet Data
* Here change PACKET DATA CONNECTION -> when available
and Access Point -> Airtel Live! ( Pls. Write as I have written here)
* All setting has been DONE !!
Now after processing the trick, you may send the sms and You should write 0(zero) before your contact number. Please do not make mistake. " Don’t Write 91….Instead of 91 write 0.. For example: if number is 9890098900 then you’ll write 09890098900."

Monday, September 28, 2009

Checking Pagerank with PRChecker.Info is really boring

PRCkecker site is considered as the web's best Pagerank Checker (according to the search engine of Google.) So, i use this site to check the page rank of a site but their implementation of the Verification code made it more lengthy and boring. Sometimes they shows error while loading and sometimes takes a huge time in loading.sometimes it shows the error after a long process if the verification code is not typed properly.

I am really not happy with such an implementation of the site security. But i still didn't understand why these security code is needed for such checking tool site.

Blog Networks is the best way of generating traffic to your blog

Blogging with one category is best for your blog rank and traffic. It is very helpful in SEO for putting your blog's post in appropriate keywords. The visitors who are viewing your content is going for the post on which your blog is categorize for, then good but when a visitor want more categories content then i don't think that it is possible for a person for write the content above his category. Therefore, to reduce such problem these blog network were introduced.

Image Source: Capitol Communicator

In a Blog network, many bloggers comes together and grabs posting in each category, This attracts the visitors of different interests, which too give your blog many new users.

Many times, blogging network helps blogger to earn a huge money. This actually happens when the bloggers gives their advertising place to the Blog Network and blog network takes the benefits of it and ask their advertisers for putting the Ads in package on Different Blogs.

The Bloggers gets a good reputation in a Blog Network and a huge number of revenue is generated can be from it.

Example of a Network (blog):
Problogger is in the Blog Network of .

Saturday, September 26, 2009

3 Mistakes of

IndianPad is considered as the India's first and best Socialbookmarking site. Dou you Know? Earlier it was the considered as the "Digg" of India. Few Dozens of users used to participate over this blog. By this time it got around the Google PR: 5 and Alexa over Top : 3000 Rank.
But such a site which was too much active and a huge number of submissions during that time, is not going down... How a Site like such Popularity can go downward? Its really quite thinkable question...

This was the results of the 3 mistakes made by IndianPad at first.
-It gave the most of its powers to the Top User, who used it Independently without thinking. The Top users used to block those users who were trying to get the popularity during that time.
-It It upgraded Google Adsense in so hurry that this resulted in the ban of Google Adsense over the Indianpad, which was their main source of Income. So, this diverted the mind of the Admin from their site.
-At last but not the least, the Top Users themselves Started Spamming this sites with submitting their own site.

The above were the 3 Mistakes done by IndianPad Admin, and resulted in the downfall of the site's Traffic and users. There are only 4-5 users actively submitting and i am one of them "shayan4u123".

Regularly upload photos on Twitter for Effective Followers

Tweeting links is the one of the Favorite thing with twitter, but tweeting photos is more the most favorite activity seen over the twitter users. Tweeting photos is the submission of one's good and real content.

Submitting photos attracts huge number of followers. So, I started an experiment with such activity of submitting photos over twitter with the help of some Twiiter applications like Tweetphotos, Twitpics, and others... So, i will be definitely post about success later.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alexa Rating is Highly effective to the users

Rating a site in Alexa, is very effective! Here the The Site which is rated by the Users, get more search engine ranks. With the 5-stars rating, it quite catchy that most of the users gets the tendency to vote.

You can link your Alexa page from your blog for rating by the users.

Access Blogger with Google Sidewiki

Now, Posting your writings on your blog with Google Sidewiki is very easy and fast. When you want to post any posts over your blogspot blog, then posting the content from your sidebar is the best idea!

There are 5 Easy Steps for Updating your blog:
1. Just click on the Sidewiki button of your Toolbar to open a sidebar, where you will find an option "Create an entry".
2. They will give you the login panel for your Google account where you should sign in. If you are not.
3. Click My blogs on Blogger below your entry.
4. Select the blog(s) that you want to update. (Quick)
5. Now Click to Publish the content.

An interesting was of adding quote from a webpage to your blog posts by just highlighting the lines before "publishing".

A Social SMS Sharing Site - "SMS Blogging"

I Found this site named as "Vakow", which is a social SMS Sharing Site where a registered user can share his SMS, Picture Msg, and other mobile stuffs of here!! they named such type of sharing as "SMS blogging".

The Interface is quite like Twitter, as the user can follow other user and can make his/her Followers just like twitter!! I created an account over here i discovered many text messages, Shayari, Jokes and many more... which are shared by its active users.

Check my Account "arijit57", which i recently created after discovering it... But after seeing the contribution active it shows that the users are not so much active.

Sending DM to a non-follower over twitter was earlier possible

Direct Message over Twitter is the best way to talk with the Twitter followers. But i got to know that earlier it was possible to talk with the non-follower with just implementing small change in the url. The user whom a twitterer wanted to DM used to Change the URL like :{username} "Here in the user name the twitter whom a twitterer wanted to send the Direct Message used to put his username on it.
By Doing this, a Message Box used to visible with which a user used to DM.

But Now a days this hack is not effective to Direct Message the non-followers but is acceptable for your followers. This happened due to the update of the Twitter's new policy which says that "no DM to the non-followers".

The Touch Musical Instrument of Nokia Xpress Music is now online

Now we can play the touch music instrument of Nokia Xpress Music live from our PC. Recently the software of The Touch Musical Instrument installed with Guitar, Drum and Piano on the Nokia Xpress Music Official Site. You can try out any of these instrument of the site, firstly you should get registered for it...

They are also giving away Prizes to those who uses any of this musical instrument online and create a melodious tune.. So, if you are good music instrument player then you may try out this contest and i must say you that it is not similar to your instrument with which you play music but can be said more easier than that.

But at last but not the least, you should share your created music with your friends and ask them for the votes. These votes can eligible you for winning it!!

I used the instrument Drum, and i gave the snapshot of it. Really the Cool One!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Converting the blog posts into a Book's Pages

Keep your blog posts on your book shelf. The Book which consists of amazing posts of your blog. Thinking how is it possible? but a site named as Blog2Print gave the opportunity to print up your thoughtful posts into a book's pages.

It is very much helpful to those bloggers who are having their Personal Blog, and where he post his most remembering days of his life! They are charging money in Dollar for publishing a book of your blog's post keeping it an archive. You yourself can Put the Text on the Book Cover after importing your blog's writings from your blogging platform of Blogger, Typepad and Wordpress.

Google will be going to crawl the Google Docs Documents

It is a good news for you or not?
Few users found it a good news but rest they don't think so...
Google silently announced that it will be crawling the Google Docs Documents, when that document is linked from the web or is embedded to any site.

"This is a very exciting change as your published docs linked to from public websites will reach a much wider audience of people" said by Marie F, a Google Employee on the Google Docs Help Forum.

You have a choice to stop the index of your document. Just keep tour document unpublished by "publishing" it from the "share tab". Google only crawls the document only when your documents in in the web page form and can be dorectly linked to the user without sign in.

So, be careful and keep your document unpublished!!

Is 123Greetings is not an US Company?

A worker of this organisation, pushed out the most secret about the world's no.1 Greetings online card site :, in his blog Email Bookmarking. He said that 123Greetings is not an US company but they consider themselves an US Company and put their US Office address (, Inc. , 1674 Broadway, Suite 403, New York, NY 10019) on Alexa Contact info.

He also added that the production and the working house of the Company is on Kolkata, India. The building name is "Ganga Bhawan", Southern Avenue, Kolkata, India. He also gave the Proof showing 123Greetings as an Indian Site: The Tie up with Intel , intel wrote on their site ("Our investment in Intrasoft/123Greetings highlights Intel Capital's interest in India’s technology industry," said Sudheer Kuppam, Intel Capital's managing director for India, Japan, Australasia and South-East Asia. "123Greetings is well established in this market segment. This, combined with their strong content development team, attracted our attention.)

This was the leak of the 123Greetings' fake address.

Make a fair selection of the winners in your blog’s contest.

I earlier wrote about conducting contests in your blog, and its benefits too, but selecting a winner should be in fair process.

If conducting a contest is a tough job, then the fair selection of winners is more tougher than that. The users who are participating in your blog’s contest needs the confidence and the faith on the contest as they are participating on it actively. “Confidence” and “faith” is the main thing for a successful contest.

You might have saw that most of the active contest participants is having the tendency to participate in the popular and renowned site’s contest because they are assured they they will get their prizes in a fair judgment.
So, to help you for conducting a fair contest, an appropriate tool we found for you, a “random winner selection tool”, which will definitely help you to choose your winner from the list of the name of participants, just quite similar to lottery.

Sites using such tools can easily select their own winner in a fair and random method.

Monday, September 21, 2009

TMZ on HBO channel

This afternoon, I was surprised after watching the program of on HBO. They were showing off the latest news of celebrity and too showed the exclusive videos on TV while discussing about them.
TMZ on Channel HBO.

There was no anchor in the program: This TV show is quite unique than other TV shows because it was without anchor. It shared off all the official discussion between the TMZ Staffs on Hottest celebrity gossip. They too discussed on what they wrote on their blog and had a laugh on those funny pictures of celebrities.

How it shows?

Each TMZ staff pushes up one topic and started gossiping on it with some foods and soft drinks on their hand. They were just siting in their office table while discussing the news.

Timings: The timings of the show might be quite changing in different place but I viewed it between 2:00-2:30 pm (IST) - Its really exciting to see a blog on TV.
This shows the importance of internet in the real world of TV.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our contribution became important to Danny DeVito

When Danny DeVito, first joined twitter we informed all over the internet and tweeted all his updates. At that time he was having around 6000+ followers and after "Microreaders" tweeted his personal photo referring his twitter account. We firstly posted it over Tweetphotos and then shared it over the reddit which gave him more impression and he gathered around 10,000 followers in 24 hours.

A huge number of comments was on the "Microreader's Twitter profile" and got around 70 followers in 12 hours.... The Photo we submitted over Tweetphoto got around 40k views and 25 votes and many comments and in reddit, where "@Microreaders" submitted became a popular photo of the day in pic section.

Connecting your reddit account to FriendFeed is really interesting

If any of your blog is not updated and friends feed is not updating for a long time too than you may use reddit over your friendfeed. It you use reddit daily and really like to vote up than adding you reddit to your friendfeed account is very effective and interesting.

As, i use reddit daily and submit and vote up many interesting stories links. As, a result this indirectly update my friendfeed account. Friendfeed receives the update from your reddit account and publish it on your profile on each single vote up. The things which i like the most while vote is that, I vote up the links of the reddit "pic" section and the link shown in the ff is with the thumbnail of the pic . So, it is very fast to vote up the rediit stories and this causes a huge update on your friendfeed account.


I saw many people are using digg on their friendfeed profile but digging is not as fast as reddit vote up.

Simply adding Meta Tags on your blogspot blog for SEO

Meta tags is the main way to describe your blog to the searchengine and serch engine will list you according to its description. From most starting of the website "meta tags" is the best way of optimizing a site and a perfect optimizing can list you to most important keywords and gives you a huge amount of search traffics.

Do you know, that search traffic is the very important traffic, and many sites are spending their lots of time to increase their search traffic. Google search enging also depends of the Page Ranks links and the meta tags and the amount of text contents and keywords in the blog..

Earlier, it was not in the mind of the bloggers to think of putting meta tags on such blogging platform like blogspot. But BloggerTrick kept forward its ideas and gave a new way to the Bloggers of blogspot to generate the Search Engine Traffic with the rich keyword optimization.

I recently put up the meta tag on the this blog, and thinks for good listing in the search engine. Describing a site, too needed a rich amount of appropriate keywords.

So, Easily describe briefly and put tags on your blogspot blog with rich and appropriate keywords is highly need.

A Site which is providing the service for Hacking Facebook Accounts for $100

Panda Labs, an online security discovered a site which is promising its clients for 100% guaranteed Hacking of a Facebook account at $100... They told that they will totally provide the client and password for log in any profile, which the client like to be hacked.

They were warn for the Cyber crime as they are committing but no reaction came which shows that they are not afraid. They even placed the affiliate program and paying the highest payout. They are too advertising for spreading of malware to the web users computer and collecting the user data with the advertising help.

So, be careful and keep away from the screensaver and other downloading sites as they can send the malware to your computer with collecting all data and password of your account and could lead to your Facebook and other account hack!!

Using Multiple MSN messanger at a time

A freeeware application named as MSN Messenger Polygamy, can helps you to log in to different MSN messenger at a time. This mainly helped those who like to chat with different ID's to have a fun!! It supports all the including versions 7.x, 8.x, 9.x and 14.x of MSN Messenger - ( Windows Live Messenger).

Nice software!!

Myspace & are the sites which are recently blocked in Turkey

After the blocking Youtube all over the Thurkey, Turkish block list added Myspace (a Top 10 sites of the world) and, report from a Turkish English blog WebRazzi and Twitter reports.

Those sites, which have a a good reputation in internet are ban by the Turkish Court on the case applied by (MUYAP) The Turkish Union of Music Producer for protecting their rights of music.

The banning of Youtube for a year in Turkey effected a vast in the economic of the Turkey but the case still not resolved. And now, they are banning tow more most popular sites like Myspace and

It was studied that Turkey has 7th largest online active users with around 27 million web users and is believed that the pages loads are more than other European countries.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Nokia N900 will be on your hand

The all new Nokia N900, the Ultimate series of Nokia N-Series. Very much common to Laptop with all its Features. These Pocket Laptop is a mobile which will work all the Function of mobile as well as of computers.

Many mobile buyers are on waiting to get this mobile. So, no need to wait because Nokia has opened the pre-order at

Launching with the Features like :a powerful ARM Cortex-A8 processor, up to 1GB of application memory and OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics acceleration. Really Cool!!

Twitter tried Google Adsense once

Many of the users are not well aware about "twitter's adsense journey", Twitter itself earlier accepted the Adsense on their page but simply removed it later. The adsense ad was not shown of the profile page or the home, it was shown on the internal tweet page under the tweet text. They might have placed the advertisement under the tweet text to catche a good keyword by the Adsense.

The Why later they took away the adsense placing?
There may the following reasons:
- Due to the amount of less text they might have got less contextual advertising.
- 234x60 Adsense format is not a good performing ad format.
- The color of the Adsense background to is not matching to the Twitter's background color.
- They even might got removed by the Adsense itself as it was not up to the Adsense rules and twitter too was not famous at that time.

A WP-Plugin to get rid of copying contents

We bloggers are spending a lot time in writing and collecting images but when we see that our same content on another blog, it really made us angry. For a long time we were not having other choice to stop the amount of copying contents.

But after looking of such an application, really gave a great opportunity to the Wordpress users. With the help of the Wordpress plugin "wp-CopyRightPro", we are able to stop exploiting of our text and image contents.

By using theis plugin, a blogger can disable the right click as well as selection of text on his blog. He can even protect himself from iframes with this and causing no problem in listing in Search Engines.

-Here is the WP-CopyRightPro Plugin.

Coducting a Free Contest is for boosting the blog's popularity.

While visiting many of the daily blog, i found that most of the blogs are now a days conducting free contest and giving away money in Dollars through Paypal.

A blog titled "Blog Contest: Win $60 In Cash By Participating In The Contest", showing that he is conducting a contest where he said to follow some assignment should be followed like : Subscribing to RSS feed for 1 points, ReTweet this post using Re Tweet (Green) Button near the post title for 2 points, Post on Facebook wall using Facebook post button near the title for 1 point, Publish about the contest in your blog post 3 points. These all are for the blog promotion and in the exchange they will give a prize of money.

The free way of organizing blog contest is just the cheapest way of Advertising over various blog's posts. Increasing backlink with conducting contests is easy!! This makes the readers more interested in getting a free contests, so as a good content of the blog.

Benefits of the contest referrer's blog:
The referrers who inform their readers about the contest through their blog, indirectly gives its user a good content. Most user too like to know about any free contest.

Another type of contest, where the users were asked to comment on that blog with 10-20 words with good speak. The selectd the user number of the user will win the contest.

I am really thinking to conduct a contest within 3-4 months with a good amount of money!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Facebook is now accepting only user id login

Earlier, Facebook was too much confused about their user’s user id. As, there was millions of users registered over facebook with their particular email id and that user was identified by the Facebook with their email id. As a result, it was quite lengthy for the user to type their full email address on the place of user id and then password.

To solve this problem, Facebook used some tricky ideas and resolved such problem. It announced the profile page like for particular user identity at the end of July this year.

Many users started choosing their profile page with their suitable name. Just like I registered my profile page with “arijit57”. This gave a great help to the Facebook to give its users a particular User Identification and at last today it announced happily to its users to put their user-id in the place of their user-id box to login.

Ya another interesting for you "Facebook Users now can tag their fiends."

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Advertisement that Facebook Shows are quite funny

Recently i found two advertisement together over Facebook Ad bar. One of them saying for now not shaving anymore, by just paying an amount of $3,000 can have laser hair removal treatment.

And another ad is showing to become a Police and earning money of $55,000 per month in Starting. So, Facebook is Advertising and inspiring its users to become a Police? What a funny idea.

Posting your Content to different Social Bookmarking Site at a Time

Social Bookmaking is the essential way to share your good content to the web users and to get a great popularity.

Contributing on a social bookmarking site is a huge time factor and even submitting your article on different Social bookmarking sites takes a lot of time. So, to reduce such time and to gives you more time on writing more article/content this effective site was introduced.

It is a site which specially helps your content to submit over more than 50+ popular social bookmarking site at a time. Many blogger are using time type of softwares to submit their contents...


Downloading of Durga Mahalaya Song in India

Only seven days left for Durga Puja Celebration and today is Mahalaya. This is Clebration of Bengali's in India. And today morning many users are searching for "Mahalaya Song" and for today it is incomplete to pass the time without hearing the Mahalaya Theme Song.

(image: wikipedia)
Two Special mp3 song by LoveuKolkata, each of around 43 mins song. Users seeking for this song can download it. (note : Time may take to download it you have low speed.)

Calling a phone on twitter with @call and say "I am from twitter"

Its really interesting to say you that now you can have a call to your followers over twitter without any charge. An internet phone service provider JAJAH opened this technology only for the twitter users. So, now no need of too much tweets, just only one tweet and you are connect for 2 minutes limited talk time. They put forward a limited time of talk like twitter limited character. Its more or less created similar as tweets.

The things you need to do to connect two phones together with the help of Twitter is that, you only need to put "@call @twittername" will automatically connect the two phones together just after few moments of your tweet. "No telephone number may display on both of the Twitterers" phone." To get this service the user should register first over JAJAH.

This calling facility is independently works on any desktop client, on your mobile application and generally on the Web.

One important ting is that a call can be done only when users follow each other on twitter and if a user is not liking to talk with another or particular user, then he or she can unfollow to stop receiving call from that particular user.

Tag a Friend over facebook!

For a Long time we were hearing about tagging a Friend over twitter with "@" text just like @twittername then the message and the same thing was just introduced over Facebook with a tag like the "@". This tags refers a friend over the facebook to whom you wrote or about whom you wrote. These Tags are needed to link to his/her profile. You can use this tag while updating your status.

See how i used a tag to my friend over my Facebook status:
" "Friends Of the Day" is really an cool Application... My Friend @Avijit Basak Told me about this Facebook Applcication... "

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Creating a New Page on Wikipedia

Showing off your best knowledge over the Webs best and Free Encyclopedia. It is a place of Wiki Stuffs, "A wiki is a website that uses wiki software, allowing the easy creation and editing of any number of interlinked (often databased) Web pages ..." More than thousand of People put their article over Wikipedia.

Two main and simple steps to create your Wiki Page:
- Create your Account from the main page of the Wikipedia.
- By clicking the "Help" from the main page, go to that page of Helping.There you will an option 'Editing Wikipedia' and find 'Creating Pages--How To:', where you click 'Start A New Page.' then follow the instruction to create your own page.

These above two are the main steps.. and if you want more steps then you may see eHow for instructions.. I am posting micro writings to save your time and linking you to more sources... :)

Bing Visual Search is now loved by many web users

Searching for only text result is common on any search engine but many users very much like to have visual search. They mostly searches photos and most of the time they try the Google Image Search. And, as a result searching on a common Image Search engine is totally boring and after the launch of the Bing Visual Search, many users stared using this search. It provides very good results and images and users are diverting their mind from other image search towards Bing Visual Search.

With the Hi-Quality Image result, and perfect image keyword detection Bing is getting more popular photo search. Many of the blogger or webmasters are getting their traffic from Bing Visual Search so are looking after to optimize their photo content on the Bing Visual Search.

Become an Author and Publish your Book to many people

If you want to share your best writings on your book and want people to pay for that book... Then i may have found the best place!! Lulu, is the book publishing service provider, they provide the readers an amazing collections of books and provides them home delivery. The readers can buy books online.

Now, with Lulu, everyone is going to become an author of a book and going to be famous around the world. They provide the opportunity to the small writers to reach their writings to many good readers and get the money on each sale of the book!!

This is also a good photo publisher and is popular all around the different social media like Facebook, Flickr and photobucket. So, anyone can create their own photo book and publish it with the help of this site.

The put forward a calculator, which is calculating the cost of 100 page book and its revenue. Wow!! I think that I am going to publish my own writing books on the blogging field.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Google with new "Crop Circle" Themed Logo

Google recently tweeted out its new mysterious themed logo - Theme of the Crop Circle. The Exposed this logo with the help of Twitpic. The tweet was text with the latitude and longitude 51.327629, -0.5616088 . An interesting thing about this logo is that it lost its letter "L" in the Logo.. They might have showed their idea with the relationship with any natural stuff by hiding the letter "L".

Some suspected that it might be the homepage of Google on 15th September. Lets see what happens now...

New Application of Facebook - "Friends of the Day".

Its really a cool application for the Facebook user, who can now know their Friends of the Day by such automated software.. In a Very short time, this application reached to the heart of many users in a very short time. Many users grabs this applications whenever they just login one time a day over Facebook and Know their friend of the day... Its not always shows the perfect result but it is really a fun!! It too is using this application now a days. :) Unwanted friends can be skipped if not appropriate friend result...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Twitter users reaching to 18 million by the ending of 2009

According to the research done by the eMarketer, found that twitter, with the growing of its traffic will be reaching to the users of 18 million at the end of 2009.

They not only counter the direct twitter page users but also included the users using clients such as TweetDeck, Cotweet , HootSuite, and other and the mobile also... The Twitter already targeted the traffic the users of around 12 million at the end of the year 2009.. Now, it also estimated that the users will be reaching to around 26 million at the end of 2010.

But the facebook is already to ahead than Twitter, as it is having more than 250 million users and counted that about 120 million users at least log in one time a day!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Domain name like is free to register as business card.

For a long time, the professionals and the bloggers were searching for an interactive profile through which they can come in contact with web users. They blog, share their ideas but even though they don't have a particular and unique identity over the web. Recently facebook introduced the profile indentity page, such as and many people uses Twitter for their personal identification. But If I say you to get a profile on a domain with your name for no charge.

You might be thinking - Is it true? Yes, It is absolutely true, as I registered my domain name with my name ( really attractive! I got such domain available and my name is "Arijit Das" and after getting a domain name with my name, i am very happy to blog so that my fans could recieve updates through my unique, they can easily remember my domain with my name "Arijit" and by putting only dot "mp" at last.

Whether dot"MP" domain is subdomain and the popular one?

No, it can't be said as subdomain. As your url might be ending with dot ".mp" and no other word is before the dot or no word in between two dot of the name and the last word like .com.

Recently this domain is accepted by the well known twitter short url service like, as they created the world's most shortest url service ""which was press released on Mashable, TechCrunch and many more news site or blog. Even, I earlier wrote about this url is my previous post.

An amazing thing about this domain is that you may use it for free and can grab domain with the help of and you can even has a choice to register a domain from for the amount of $20 for one year and can host it over your own server.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009 is another short url service by is the most popular short url service around the twitter and sites like Mashable and techcrunch uses this short url service over their twitter profile and their profile is having more than one million followers. So, you might have got idea of how much popular is.

After their great success, they recently launched the a new short url service. They are the first to provide one word domain as a short url service throughout the internet. Users of, don't need to create an account different over, their existence account can be used to log in.

And another interesting thing is that the link you have created with is automatically generated with

Why to use such short url service?
  • It provides the best clicks tracking system of
  • Very easy to create a short link with its highly interactive bookmarklet.
  • Highly catchy domain name, which may attract many to click through it.
  • Great help for microbloggers to tweet their links.
  • It will reduce the character of the tweets to type in

This is really an amazing Short URL service and will definitely enjoyed by many twitter users..

Friday, September 4, 2009

TweetMeme, an another well known Twitter's Gift

TweetMeme reached to the heart of millions of twitter users and most of the twitter users use this site to track the popularity of the tweet, submitted by you or any twitter user. It gives you the perfect tracking of the amount of re-tweet of your submitted tweet and gives you the real impressions on the basis of the number of re-tweets. It helps makes the story popular on the basis of retweet and list it over the frontpage.

Millions of clicks takes place on the front page of TweetMeme. This software inspired many people to retweet the other user's tweets.

The User Profile at tweetmeme (below)

TweetMeme really accelerated the amount of Updates over twitter and increased its popularity.

Recently its button was integrated by Mashable and TechCrunch, the World' Top ten Popular blog.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Google Chrome is now one year old

The First Birthday of Google Chrome is celebrated by Google. Since the launching of the Google's browser and it reached to millions of web users via comic books(created by them) and others...

They celebrated G-Chrome's Birthday with cakes and balloons. They mentioned some goals achived by Chrome since September 2, 2008, what they told, quoted from their official Chrome blog:

Their Birthday cake, released on their blog.

" – 51 developer releases, 21 beta releases or updates, and 15 stable releases or updates
– Over 20,600 bugs filed (4367 of them were duplicates, 3505 have been fixed, which leaves a whole lot left to go!)
– 11 external committers and bug editors, 46 external code contributors
– 50 Chrome Experiments
– 26 posts on the Google Chrome blog
– 12 Chrome Shorts, a collection of short films about Google Chrome
– A sequel to the comic in Japanese

More importantly, we’ve improved by over 150% on Javascript performance since our initial beta.”

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Digg email sign up

Digg is now having its email sign up for the newsletter. Wow!! its a direct update to your mail from Digg. Easy access of the content of digg direct from your email inbox.

The put two options, the first one for daily updates and the second one for the weekly updates.
The Digg addicted can choose the daily and the general users can subscribe the weekly one!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Microsoft is launching its all new Windows Mobile 6.5

Microsoft is launching its all new latest version of Windows Mobile 6.5 on this October Globally.

"A Windows phone gives people a single phone that works for their whole life, keeping them connected to the people and information they care most about by harnessing the power of the PC, phone and Web," said by the corporate vice president of the Mobile Communications Marketing Group at Microsoft - Todd Peters.

This new version of Windows Mobile 6.5 will be having a nicely designed internet explorer browser and an Adobe Flash Lite support. This improvement help your phone to be very user friendly.

It will be availeable on the mobile like Nokia, HP, HTC Corp., LG, Samsung and Toshiba.

So, waiting for the time to grab it?