Monday, January 11, 2010

After microblogging, its a time for micro-question asking site

All similarities of Twitter is Available over FormSpring.Me like changing Themes, Following button, Profile Pic, Uploaded background but the working is not at all like microblogging. After the increase of Twitter lovers, there many new microblogging site launched like and others but they didn't gained much popularity coz these all are the same concept and works same!

I must say you that formspring is very different from the Twitter service and is totally works on different concept. It is a site where users can ask their question to any users registered and the user can answer their question without emailing him.

To grab his answers, he need to come to that profile page later to see his Answers along with the Question  Publicly!

FormSpring is too having a Widget to put it on your blog, where the users can ask question to you directly from the sidebar without visiting the contact page. I suggest you to try this site once and i am sure that if you like Twitter then you enjoy this site! :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Quick Place to find Live Journalists on Twitter!

Grab the Breaking News more faster than news channels, direct from the Journalists  live on Twitter! You can see the RealTime tweets of the Journalists, you can even see the news tweeted out by the journalists of their respectively News Brand.

Very easy and search able with the brands to collect the latest news videos, podcast, links, photos and Text contents tweeted by the Journalists all around.

[ You can find it on Muckrack- "Discover what's happening right now in the world of journalism" ]

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Some Common Problems faced by New Twitter Users

Twitter is the most popular site where many bloggers, company, celebrities and proffesionals are depend on. Huge ammount of  of money are daily spend by the rich twitterers to gain more popularity and followers, but what about those small tweeterers? Are they not able to gain followers?

Gaining Followers by the small tweeters is really a tough job and many users lead to spamming to gain their followers, as a result they are banned. There's some ways to gain followers....
  1.  First, if you are a popular person or celebrity or you account is linked with a popular site or the account is a brand.
  2. Secondly, if you are daily attempting reciprocal following- where users follow each other to retain their number of followers and in other word, the make friendship or deals with the other twitter users to follow each other.
Why they need followers?
Its known to everyone that Twitter is a place of daily active users, where users can promote their own sites article or sharing affiliate links to earn money (but sharing affiliate links is highly restricted) .

So, the above i was talking about the daily tweeters but what about the new twitters? 
I suggest them Some things to follow:
  1. to have quality tweets and don't share boring links over their tweets.
  2. Try to tweet the text contents maximum time, this gives a good impressions in front of the Tweeters and they follow you.
  3. Whenever follows you, follow him back.
  4. Don't follow the spam users.
  5. Don't Use Twitter Auto-Follow Software or bulk follow software.
  6. Try to chat through your Twitter Account with your friends- this will increase the amount of your tweets.
  7. Don't tweet continously.
  8. Don't Use automatic tweet updates from the RSS feed of you blog and try to put your blog's post link manually.
  9. Be the first to share a link of interesting stuff over the twittter.
  10. Always Retweet the intersting tweets of the popular tweeterers!

These above are the some important rules U should follows to reatain your powers over twitter and gain followers.


Aims that Bloggers Always wants to Achieve for Money!

More than millions of Bloggers are posting their blog post daily but only 10 percent of them are success in blogging world but rest of them are still working hard to achieve their Goal of  Success...

Why peoples want to become a blogger?
If the time they spent in the blogging are used in other profession then they may have got a fixed monthly income but they still sticking with their computer screen and typing all the time, tweeting, commenting, digging, stumbling, reading the popular bloggers success and many more activities that gains traffic, popularity and quality content to their blog.

The Blogging platform is chosen by the maximum users because blogging is the most easiest way of earning by just sitting in front of the home computer. And if we talk about the money amount then i must say you that you can earn much better than your job or much more than that!

But to reach in the position of high earning money from the blog, you must reach to that level that the blogger like Darren of  Problogger or the Yaro Starak of . These mentioned bloggers earns more than $10,000-$30,000 per annnum, which is really a big amount. Just think if you live in India and you earns $3000 per month then you will receive around Rs. 137,399.56 INR. There a blogger named Harsh Agarwal of ShoutMeLoud who earns such amount of money through blogging.

I can't say that only the popular bloggers earns money but the money also generates by the small bloggers too... they use Adsense, Chitika, and others different Advertisements and combines them to receive a sufficient amount of money. But do you think that earning a normal amount can compare with your Salaries? And who knows that later in the future Bloggers competition may keep you back and unsuccessful!

So, the money is generally the main thing that the bloggers wants to achieve in his or her blogging carrier. But in spite of money, the blogger also wants Popularity, Followers, Interviews in many popular blogs and at last but not the least- The Quality Contents.

I just want to say- always write the Quality Posts on your blog, so that your readers starts trusting on you and always ready to do anything for you- even can buy your products.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Simply 3 Things you need to Follow to Gain Followers over Twitter

I know many of you are facing the same problem that i faced. The problems occurs like that, in the morning when i log in to my Twitter account, i found a my followers increases (which makes me happy) but again when i login to the Twitter after 24 hours... my mood gets OFF coz i finds my followers got decrease. This is not the problem only i face but by many daily users.

Then i started discussing with other Biggest follower holders and gained the Tips from them... They gave me 3 Tips which i am going to share with you:
  1. Tweet Quality and Continuously in every hour or two.
  2. Follow those who are active users and gained popularity and they too have their followers approx. equal to their following. After following them, wait for 24 hrs- if they don't follow U Back, then simply just Unfollow them.
  3. Follow back to those who followed you. (But remember: Dont follow the spammers).
These above Quick 3 tips i gave you, to increase followers as i know that everyone works hard to gain Followers but cannot retains their followers.

Twitter Power on your Email with Topify

Ever you controlled your twitter account with your email inbox? But a new site "Topify" has introduced a way to control your Twitter account through your email inbox itself. No need of Twitter Clients and Applications and even no need to visit the main site every time coz now its really easy to follow the users and chat with your twitter friends through Emails.

Make your Twitter Marketing easy and gain much followers easily!! Whenever any followers follows you, then you will be receiving a notification email showing who followed you. The email will consists of the Followers numbers, Following Numbers and the Last tweets of the User who followed you. And after going through the statistics and the popularity of the User, you can follow him back by just simply replying the mail.

You can even reply to the Direct Messages by just replying the email only!

Twitter was not so easy... Thanks to Topify for providing such a unique and helpful service to control Twitter easily from the Email inbox!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Web's Top Ten Blog Mashable has Changed to New!

I think, No introduction needed for Mashable blog... A blog which is rocking the web users for years with its light blue brand color and its attractive designs. But the design of Mashable has became old and they has changed its whole template to a noticeable deep color of the same earlier. I experienced that this new template takes time to load... I am not sure, it might be my connection slow problem.

Not only that, they even had reduced the amount of their Twitter Tweets, which earlier i noticed around 17,000 is now a little of 400 tweets. All predated tweets are deleted.

This shows that Mashable is again having fresh and attractive contents! Nothing is old in this blog and their readers too enjoying the new design as well as its newly pattern of article display. There might be more change in Mashable in the comming future days! I will keep you updated about it... Stay Connected. :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Duck Hunt over Friendfeed

Sorry!! for the late... But i can't quiet without informing you about the "New Year- Duck Hunt" Appeared over the FriendFeed Home Page. Whenever any of the FF users entered to his account in the 1st January, 2010, he might have found a duck passing from the right-hand to the left-hand side of the screen. "A Duck with a 2010 banner" goes from right to left was needed to be shot but many users didn't knew what to do with the it. This duck was actually a concept of the TV Game "Duck Hunt", where a duck need to be killed by Game guns to win the game.

The above is the screenshot of the Duck Appearance and the many thought that it was only a Greetings from FriendFeed! The Duck came only once the page was loaded and to see that again a user needed to reload it.

See the Screen shot below where i shot that duck dead.

I put my mouse over that duck and found a "Plus" but later discovered it a "Target". Then i pressed the left click of the mouse and found the Duck falling from the Top to botton... It was really an Awesome concept to Wish New Year to the Users by the Friendfeed.