Friday, January 8, 2010

Twitter Power on your Email with Topify

Ever you controlled your twitter account with your email inbox? But a new site "Topify" has introduced a way to control your Twitter account through your email inbox itself. No need of Twitter Clients and Applications and even no need to visit the main site every time coz now its really easy to follow the users and chat with your twitter friends through Emails.

Make your Twitter Marketing easy and gain much followers easily!! Whenever any followers follows you, then you will be receiving a notification email showing who followed you. The email will consists of the Followers numbers, Following Numbers and the Last tweets of the User who followed you. And after going through the statistics and the popularity of the User, you can follow him back by just simply replying the mail.

You can even reply to the Direct Messages by just replying the email only!

Twitter was not so easy... Thanks to Topify for providing such a unique and helpful service to control Twitter easily from the Email inbox!