Sunday, January 3, 2010

Web's Top Ten Blog Mashable has Changed to New!

I think, No introduction needed for Mashable blog... A blog which is rocking the web users for years with its light blue brand color and its attractive designs. But the design of Mashable has became old and they has changed its whole template to a noticeable deep color of the same earlier. I experienced that this new template takes time to load... I am not sure, it might be my connection slow problem.

Not only that, they even had reduced the amount of their Twitter Tweets, which earlier i noticed around 17,000 is now a little of 400 tweets. All predated tweets are deleted.

This shows that Mashable is again having fresh and attractive contents! Nothing is old in this blog and their readers too enjoying the new design as well as its newly pattern of article display. There might be more change in Mashable in the comming future days! I will keep you updated about it... Stay Connected. :)