Saturday, January 2, 2010

Duck Hunt over Friendfeed

Sorry!! for the late... But i can't quiet without informing you about the "New Year- Duck Hunt" Appeared over the FriendFeed Home Page. Whenever any of the FF users entered to his account in the 1st January, 2010, he might have found a duck passing from the right-hand to the left-hand side of the screen. "A Duck with a 2010 banner" goes from right to left was needed to be shot but many users didn't knew what to do with the it. This duck was actually a concept of the TV Game "Duck Hunt", where a duck need to be killed by Game guns to win the game.

The above is the screenshot of the Duck Appearance and the many thought that it was only a Greetings from FriendFeed! The Duck came only once the page was loaded and to see that again a user needed to reload it.

See the Screen shot below where i shot that duck dead.

I put my mouse over that duck and found a "Plus" but later discovered it a "Target". Then i pressed the left click of the mouse and found the Duck falling from the Top to botton... It was really an Awesome concept to Wish New Year to the Users by the Friendfeed.