Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ragu Sir, Ranvijay & VJ Bani's Feedback about me! - Roadies 9

I had a great time with the Roadies king. Thanks to Ragu Sir, Ranvijay & VJ Bani for their lovely recommendation about me. :-)

I'm with Raghu Sir:

Ranvijay & Vj Bani talking about me:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Roadies Audition behind the scene

First of all thanks to BlogAdda and Gayatri (of @viacom) who had been our coordinator for a day to Roadies journey.


I’m feeling myself lucky for being a part of such a great event .i.e. MTV Roadies kolkata audition. I was among the 3 bloggers who were selected for the day.

The night before the audition was really the difficult one coz I couldn’t sleep out of excitement. Morning, we 3 selected bloggers reached Swabhumi where we met Gayatri, always smiling and she guided us to enter different gates. She was always attending us and kept rescuing us wherever we’re blocked by the guards.

Tough Security

Believe me, the security over the audition gates were very tough and I must appreciate those crew members and guards who were controlling the crowd.

Received a Press Pass..

We were continuously asking Gayatri for a Press Pass, the reason we gave her was quite different from what I was thinking. Actually, I wanted to show off the participants telling them that we are from “Press” and we need active replies from them.


Atlast we received 3 press passes and each of us hung it on our neck to show others that we’re from “PRESS”. We’re really feeling great that time…

New Technology “Finger print scanner connected to Facebook and Twitter.”


Finger print scanner present over there was something which took my attention. It was not a simple finger-print scanner but a tool to update your twitter or facebook status, which shares your current roadies position with your friends. Mean to say, if you’re on the desk filling the form and whenever you scan your finger, your friends knows that you’re in the roadies audition desk. And again when you’re entering the GD room, your friends are notified after a finger scan. Likewise, every levels of audition has such scanners working the same.

The Finger print Scanner.

Captured the Participants – Asked Question.

We guys wearing press cards looking good but feeling bit uncomfortable to reach the participants to ask them questions. But later Rakesh, Agnivo and I gained confidence and interviewed few of the participants. A common question “Why you want to be a Roadie?” ..

A participant faced our camera and we also gave him a small task to perform. Open-mouthed smile Check the below video:

A participant named Vinay Jaiswal.

Here’s a Duplicate Raghu from Kharagpur:

Time for the Blast!

Ya, it was a time for blast when Gayarti told us that the two Indian Bulls are free sitting at producer’s room along with Ranvijay and vj Bani after the press release.

We rushed toward the producer’s room and it was the time I exclaimed …. OMG! they’re there. @# . I can’t believe my own eyes that they’re the roadie kings. 4 of them were discussing and I was standing back of Ranvijay and facing Raghu, Rajeev and vj Bani. I quickly hold my camera in one hand and kept the other hand over Ranvijay’s shoulder and suddenly he turned around and said me “Hello!” and I excitedly replied “Hi!” … and in a second Rajeev came forward with his hand for a shake, I did the same back.

We bloggers started getting friendly with them and were enjoying their company.

Ranvijay & Bani’s Laughed on my PJ’s. Smile with tongue out

We guys had a smiling pic.

Raghu told me to promise for supporting the show if I feel the guys are working hard… and I promised him.

Ya, From my point of view… Roadies is a show which can’t run without hard work and I feel the whole roadies team is working hard and I honestly support them.


And I had a friendly discussion with Rajeev about “blogging” … Smile with tongue out The conversation with him was in “Hindi” and I think it was the worst hindi I ever spoke- mixed with bengali. Hehehehe!!

And this is how the day came to an end and I reached my home .. called up my friends and told about my experience with MTV Roadies. Open-mouthed smile

Happy to announce that I’m thinking to start an unofficial blog about “roadies”. Preparing for that! Winking smile

Friday, September 16, 2011

BlogAdda is giving Bloggers access to Roadies 9 Audition

As I’m a big fan of Roadies, it’s a great opportunity for me to reach the door of roadies audition. This season, BlogAdda bloggers community is giving access to its selected bloggers to see the “behind the scenes” of the auditions.


I’m thinking to apply for roadies 9 kolkata audition passes because I already chosen roadies 9 as a special topic over my blog. And it’ll be an honorable job for me to write about the audition experiences.

Before applying for the Audition’s Special pass, I sent some queries to BlogAdda team. After getting reply from them, I’ll decide to cover the behind scenes of the audition.

Stay Tune…. Will keep you updated.

------ Update ---

I’m being selected to attend for the audition and to watch-out the behind scenes. Wait for my post about the audition 20’ Sept (Kolkata).


MTV Roadies 9 Auditions Dates - Different Cities

Monday, September 12, 2011

MTV Roadies 9 Auditions Dates - Different Cities

Roadies 9 battleground is going to be the rocking one. This time, it's taking the journey of roadies to America and i'll cover each & every episode right over here in this blog.

This season, Microreaders will be an active gossip place for roadies 9. Please subscribe through email or rss feed.

Auditions will be held on below mentioned city:
PUNE - 16th September.
Are you all ready? There won't be auditions in Mumbai, so all those from the Mumbai, Thane, Panvel area - be sure to be in Pune at the Balewadi Sports Complex - Badminton Hall. 9AM.


20th September Rang Manch, Swabhumi, Salt Lake,Gates Open 9am

8th October
Indradhanush Auditorium, Sector 5, Panchkula
Gates Open 9am

4th October
Delhi International Expocentre,
Expo Drive, A-11, Sec-62, N.H-24, Noida

11th October
Sri Sathya Sai Nigamagamam Trust
No: 8-3-987/2, Srinagar Colony

You should reach the gate by 9am. (Gate Opening Time)