Sunday, August 30, 2009

A twitter application to tag your tweet

It is very easy to tag any of your tweet and to share it to your friend for making it a popular trend. "The Twitter Tag Project" is a Site which helps to Tag any tweet or twitter account and spread it over the twitter.

It works in some simple steps, are as follows:
- Filling out your Twitter username and a friend.
- then Select your message.
- and now click the 'Tag User'.
- Tweet the message given.
- Waiting for your friend to continue the trend...

Really nice steps for trending a topic but is it possible for a weak user to make it a popular trend.

Watermark photo Software is available on internet

I used a lot of software for site promoting and even one of the my best blogs is a photo blogs where i post all sort of pictures but most of its contents are copied by different blogger. Lots of things were tried to protect my contents from copier but no result :( . Even the use of right click disable JavaScript didn't stop the copier to copy those contents, they used the opera browser to download those photos for their blog as Opera don't support JavaScript. Then i found a "Watermark Software".

Where you get this software?

I searched over google for the Software, so i typed the keyword related to "Watermark photos", i found a lots of results but i was not interested on those software. Then i found an unique software for watermarking.

Its a Simple watermarking software in an images, which can watermark many images at a time and a very little time of 10 sec or more. But your watermark logo should be in .jpg format to perform. If your logo background is white then the default option of transparent color is white, which will hide or remove the whiter portion of the logo while watermarking, the color is changeable. You may also choose the position of your logo on the photo.

Is it free software?

This software is free to download but activate it, you need to buy it in the cost of $19.99 .
Actually they will be asking you for the serial code and after purchasing this software they will provide the code which you should put over the software to license it.

What is name?
No Such name was given but was titled with "Watermark Multiple Images Software 7.0 Publisher".
The System requirement are Win98,WinME,WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003,Windows Vista Starter,Windows Vista Home Basic,Windows Vis. This software takes very less time to download and is having only 0.73 MB file size.

Eg: The use of Watermark of the logo DailyLinked on an image.

I think you got the idea of it...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

New way to find free giveaway or contest over Twitter

Are you finding any contest or any deals? even twitter considered to be a real time search but then even it is quite difficult to find the information about a popular "Contest" and it may happen that you missed it. A Huge number of contests or best deals are tweeted at a result all the fake contest tweets comes forward and the real one get down in the search result.

To resolve such problem and to give the user the appropriate result, by the site "Freezly". It helps the users to find the most retweeted and popular contest over its front page showing off more about the contest.

It is quite similar to Tweetmeme, but is having a different intention. In Tweetmeme, all the popular links which are on the basis of retweets popularity. But Freezly searches all those free giveaways and deals with its algorithm. And show off all the hottest and popular free deals retweeted or shared most over the Twitter.

I feel this idea of such "free giveaway" search will attract a lot of users toward it...

Google is celebrating Michael Jackson’s Birthday

Michael Jackson left this world but many people still believe that he is alive… Today is Michael Jackson’s birthday, and Google is celebrating his birthday! They changed their home page logo’s design with the Shoe Steps of the “King of Pop” in the Place of the two “OO” of the word “Google”. The Logo was linked to the search result of the keyword “Michael Jackson” .

What the result appeared as a result on the Page?
The result appeared on the page are arranged in the manner- Firstly, the News on the related story , then Michael’s Official site, there was another link of the page of Wikipedia which linked to his profile, some videos and at last but not the least is that
"The Blog posts about Michael Jackson".

Friday, August 28, 2009

Google's Co-founder Sergey Brin and Wife has Donated $500,000 to Creative Commons

The Co-founder of Google showed his living heart... The Google co-founder Sergey Brin and along with his wife Anne Wojcicki have together have donated an amount of fifty million US dollars to Creative Commons, it is a non-profitable organization which provides free the Creative Commons licenses.

It is known to everyone that Google regularly donates money to creative common officially but the first time private donation by the co-founder of the Company Google to CC as a Gift.

A Post written on the Creative Commons blog:
"Today’s challenging economic climate has made it difficult for nonprofit organizations like Creative Commons to raise funds, making Wojcicki and Brin’s wonderful gift all the more appreciated. CC is busier than ever – we’re working with artists, scientists, educators, students, programmers, entrepreneurs, companies, universities, governments, and cultural institutions around the world to increase sharing and improve collaboration in ways that benefit all parts of society."

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Adsense Fonts are now size changeable

Now you can do a lot with adsense. Recently I found that the Adsense Font size can be re-sized and its font can be change.. I hope such a new features will be a good impression on your blog. See, i put the screenshot!!

I really loved this features by adsense and think that will be getting more click and good revenue in future.

Google UK caught Fire today

It is relaxing to say firstly that there was no injury! The Headquater of Google in the Buckingham Palace Road was caught by the fire. According to the Telegraph UK report, the fire caught in the office building was quickly extinguished without any staff injury and all the staffs was evacuated from the building.

The Quick rise of fire made everybody worry about it..
A oogle spokeswoman told Telegraph that "All I know is that there was a barbecue on a roof terrace on one of the Google floors".

A reporter "@JonSwaine has quickly updated the web with his tweet on his profile reporting about the News.

Quite closer shot taken by him...

Doodle4Google india is searching for indian talents

Google is giving a best opportunity to the school youngsters to show off their talent. They are looking for the most creative child who can show his/her creative work on the Google India home page for a Whole Day. Wow!! no one is going to miss such a big chance to show the Ultimate design Creativity.

They took the help of "Doodle4Google", a Contest where you are free to design the Logo of Google. Many countries Students had enjoyed this opportunity and this is a time for the Indian Students to take the medium of Doodle4Google for sharing their creativity.

This Contest is open for all the students of any school in India, who are in the standard 1st and 10th. They put forward the Theme "My India" for the competition.

They arranged the Groups i order: 1st Group-1st, 2nd and 3rd standards; 2nd Group- 4th, 5th, and 6th standards; Third Group- 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th standards. Around 600 best doodles will be selected across the India from the Three Groups. And From them around 46 Semi-Finalists will be selected and will be invited to be there on the final awards ceremony in November 2009 with their teachers or parents. Google put forward the details over official page about the Judging and Prize information.

The Doodle4Google wrote :
We'd love to see what your country means to you when represented in a doodle. Whether it’s music or dance, famous Indian art, Mahatma Gandhi, the Taj Mahal, cricket, our scientific achievements or the Indian people as a community- we’re interested in seeing these representations of what India means to you and how you represent it using images.

The best doodles will be voted on by a panel of judges as well as by the Indian public, and the winning doodle will be featured on the Google India homepage for a day, to be viewed by millions of people.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Changes on Facebook's Ad Ratings option and the Ad Bar Position

Yesterday, Facebook had two minor changes over their Ads Interface. They place their side Ad Bar to the Top of the page. It is looking nice, but used to like the Earlier One!! So anyway, there's another changes that, its rating button is being reduced to one.

Earlier there were two buttons for rating, where facebook users were given the choice to choose any of the button whether they liked it or not? With the help of this two button, one was "hands up" and another was "hands down", but as a result most of the users used to choose "hands down" option and show "dislike" just for fun. So, Facebook now only kept one option of "Thumbs up". Now users can only choose "I like" option if the liked that ad and if he didn't interested on the ad then he/she may leave it unrated.

Show your Positive Attitude over Twitter

Showing positive attitude over twitter could increase your followers as well as your friends. Most of the user over twitter don't show positive attitude, but some are still there. A suggest by the twitter shows, how to show a good attitude by just using of ":)" wile tweeting, replying or ReTweeting.

Users over twitter always seeks for positive attitude. So, Twitter Featured it on their Real Time Search. If you are seeking for any positive tweet about anything such as news then you ma use "news:)" to result all positive tweets from the users.

Changing Blogs from Blogger to Wordpress

Almost all of the blogger who took the stairs of Blogger platform to make their blog popular are now change to Wordpress. They told the reason that Blogger is not having the features like Wordpress, which is highly customizable and contain great number of free plugins available on the internet.
Many Users thinks that Wordpress is very SEO friendly but i think that Blogger too is very Search Engine Friendly. It consists of a Statistic page, where users can grab their statistic of their blog to analyze its traffic. Such Features kept one step ahead than Blogger.

The Most Useful thing that attracted the most of the Blogger user is that here users can host the wordpress software over their own hosting and blogging freely without any restriction. A Blogger named as "Ajith Prasad Edassery" wrote the Simplest 10 steps for moving to wordpress blog. I hope this will help you a Lot for changing your blog platform.

What Others Tweeted about the Blogger to Wordpress Journey:
Positive Tweets:
@Doublelattemama tweeted that: I'm loving wordpress. I don't touch Css- don't know it. I keep it simple but I like the flexibility of wordpress.

@Growsmartbiz: do tactical things &drive traffic to ur site ,use wordpress, blogger etc to build websites, have seo strategy.

@alextoso:You can do a bit more with WordPress but Blogger is much easier to use in my humble opinion.

Negative Tweets:
@lights_auror tweeted: the dashboard on wordpress scares me. All those gadgets! & I like a certain type of layout, but to pay to edid CCS? Dunno.

@CrazyBell2626 : What the heck happned to the redirect from my original blogger blog to my new .com on wordpress? Why is it saying no blog exists? Panic! ...

Orkut launched its new "Orkut Promote"

"Orkut promote" is an orkut new feature, which provides the simplest way to to promote your "any word or anything" all over the orkut. It still didn't launched in India but but Other countries got this feature. Wow!! an amazing and free way to promote your stuffs.

Interesting to hear? Advertising over the Most Popular social networking site by google. Many users are still waiting for its launch. I will be trying to tell you more about this feature within 2 days, gathering more information and will be posting it. Wait for the update.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Indian Cyber Café is highly alerted on Security, with a Hi-Tech Software

Few months earlier, the 26/11 Mumbai attack shock the whole country. And took away the night of the Cyber Security. A numbers of warning emails received by the Indian Officials which were sent from different cyber café of different cities in India.

Neither the Warning emails quite nor the security quitted its investigation. By this time many Cyber Café’s got affected, many closed and many café owners were arrested.

What was the result?
After the solving of the case, the cyber café started keeping the records of the Users coming to surf internet but the huge problem faced by them was they kept the records with maintaining a register with hands. That was not so Easy for them. Firstly they took the ID proof of the user and then they gave a registration Or User no. so that every time the users visits that place can give their registration no. to surf internet, but this didn’t resolved the problem, many wrote their fake id to surf.

Any alternative technology introduced?
Ya! It was the time for taking the help of an automated software and by taking the right time a desktop advertising organization “Clink” introduced a security software for the internet cafes. They provided an automated software which resolved all the problems of the shop owner.

How does it works?
This software got very exiting features, mainly two:
i) Administrative features: An administrator is having an administration interface software with which the admin can create an user by filling the data and uploading an identity proof while registering online. By doing so a unique user & password they provide which can be change by the users afterward.
ii) An user interface, where a registered user can login anytime with his user and password and start browsing internet. Very safe way of browsing, no problem but it was noticed that speed got increased.

Special Features:
Pay for the amount you spent while browsing. A good tracking system which enables the users to track the cost of the time he browsed. When the user clicks the “log out” button, then he/she will get the charges of amount to pay. And the users should pay the money to the owner.

Its not solve, the owner should put the “amount of money paid” on the record to avoid any paying problem later on and in another way we can say it got an account maintaining software features.

Hope you will be seeing it on your visit to the cyber café having such software installed.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Updated Editors By Blogger

Blogger recently introduced the all new "Updated Editors", which makes an easy and interesting way of writing. Very beautiful interface with a lot of new and easy features...

Does it have any problem?
But there are many reasons for which i didn't like this new blog posting interface!!
Actually there is a huge defect in the uploading of the image and posting the images together.
Will be telling more about it later, when we will discover more about this feature by Google...

How do i activate it over the blogger?
Generally it is not the default posting interface but to get the access to it you can open it from the "setting and selecting the option "Updater Editors" and save the setting. After it is done, from the time onward while your are going to post, you will find the new interface.

Put a Youtube Video on your Powerpoint Presentation

Presentation is a unique way of sharing ideas or knowledge. Earlier we had photo slides and animated Powerpoint presentation but now a new feature is added i.e. you can add a youtube video on it...

Videos from the Web as Presentation.
Show your presentation by collecting the videos from the internet. It is quite interesting and catchy to present a presentation with a video or a lot of videos as much as you want. Relate to any video with the topic you are presenting.

How does it work?
AuthorSTREAM Desktop is a Microsoft PowerPoint add-in, which help the presenter to search the videos with the bing search result. You can install it as “ribbon” over the Powerpoint, which gives a search box option on the Sidebar, enabling us to search for different videos around the web and without opening browser, it can be easily inserted over the slide from the display sidebar option.

Can i insert videos with urls?
Ya! of course, you may provide the url of the video for direct view of the videos from the presentation slide. And after you have created the presentation you can make it online by uploading over authorSTREAM, and can share it with other web users using its multiple sharing features and options.

Know what other said about it?
authorSTREAM, a PowerPoint presentation-sharing tool, announced a new feature in its offerings. The service that enables creation of a community around presentations and share them via networks across the Web has tapped into one of the more recent YouTube offerings and made sharing much more wider. The direct-to YouTube porting feature will now allow a user to send their authorSTREAM presentations directly to their YouTube accounts, thus expanding the reach, usability of content created on authorSTREAM.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Email Notifier for Hotmail Emails.

We saw lots of Gmail Notifier have been launched over the web and many gmail users are enjoying such type of notifier to get the alert update about their email received.

It is quite difficult to log in every time which you want to know how many and what emails have came to your inbox and which you want to see... But after the launch of email nitifier, it made easy for the email holder to check his quick mail directly from the desktop without going to the page. So, many such applications are made by different service providers for free, but only for gmail and only googlemail holders can get the notifier software over their desktop.

Why not for Hotmail?
This the question arise on the mind of the Hotmail users and many talented hotmail lover, succeed to create such a notifier software, which notifies the Hotmail emails on the inbox from the desktop. Very lately it introduced but is enjoying by many Hotmail Users.

This all new app Hotmail Email Notifier i found, which i shared over this post.

The Service guided to use it, as follows:
Just put Hotmail.exe into your startup folder. The icon will change to a dude with a red letter if you have unread e-mails. A single click onto the icon opens your Windows Live Hotmail inbox.

Accessing Multiple Twitter Account with one Email Address.

Its very interesting and strange to hear? but its totally true... Now you can access your multiple twitter account with only one email address. An amazing Discovery by Labnol which may helps the multi twitter account holder.

Earlier, it was quite difficult to create many twitter accounts with one email, mainly your personal one which you daily login. But creating different different twitter account with different email address is quite difficult as a result you have to create more email address for more account, but such problem is now resolved by Amit Agarwal, a person who showed us how to involve your twitter account on the world's well known blog directory "Technorati" and increasing its authority. So, lets continue our talk on the multiple twitter account creation.

Don't get angry when you find such error like "Email has already been taken", just use your very little brain and could confuse twitter.. hmmm...

There i gave a strong word above, but its totally true! In my early posts, once i mentioned about one Gmail Trick, which is quite common to this trick.

Starting with the email address, i must say you that you can only perform this activity only when you are using Gmail or Google Apps email address.

You may say a defect or a benefit of the gmail is that the you can use dot (.) anywhere in your email id, which will redirect your mail to your mail box itself but it provides a new id.
A Small example: As if your email is, then sending a email on the address blog.ging@gmail or or, will also be send to your inbox only.

The Use of Twitter Trick:
And when you are registering with such emails over twitter, it is detecting two separate emails, and twitter don't show the errors like "Email has already been taken" and allows to register with such email.

So, if you want to handle two twitter account then you may use google mail for it. You can also use your account with one and another twitter account with Happy Tweeting!

Need to download Or Save books on your PC from Google Book.

Many searched for the term "Google Book Downloader" over the serach bar, but its quite tough to find such software, but unavailable is not true. The book readers from all over the world who are in search for their favorites book on Google book can make their smile more larger and long lasting with such a software, which can grab that book for them.

What does it do?

GBD Software: It is a free software which can helps you to save any books from Google books to your PC. And gives you the time to read it later. Very Easy to save any book to your desktop from Google Book.

How does it works?
You may save any book from Google Books marked as ‘Full view’ and can even partially download any book from Google Books marked as ‘Limited preview’.

Note: Only Access to the US users and can access to any book which are available only for US citizens. And an amazing feature is that it can searching all for hidden pages (not indexed by Google Books), Wow!!.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Why Gmail provides two email adresses?

Gmail is a well known and of of the best and well known product of Google. As, it is the product of google then it should contain something special than other email service providers like ymail, aol mail and many other mail...

So, here is the thing which we found more interesting!
While registering or creating your email over the Gmail and naming it as, then you are getting another secret email address which is quite personal. The new id will be such as (can be called as an invisible email ID)

The use of two email id benefits in the less reaching your inbox. And keep your inbox clean.

How will i use the two email to reduce spam?

It you are having the email such as and, you put your email id on your visiting card and make it public over your blog and can even give it to your friends. And in the case of your email id, you can give it to your some selected friends or someone important and filter it to some special folder so you will never miss important email from close your friends or relatives and get rid of spam mails.

Blog Search Engines list which are preferred by bloggers a lot

The best way to make the readers for your blog's writings is submitting on Blog Search Engine. If you are having good witting contents then you may try Blog Search Engines for readers.

Why Readers?

Readers are the real wealth of your blog if they read your content they may link it, bookmark it and could share with their friends. The More you increase Readers, The more you get the popularity. But reaching to millions of users is not an easy job, they should take the help of such Blog Search.

What is Blog Search Engine?
These are some what a type of blog popularity post directory as well as a search engine. And many people are around grabs all those post or writings of different blog from that place.

How it work? It collects the quality writing contents from the RSS of the blogs which are submitted over their directory by the bloggers. In some site, their automated software itself choose its featured content and some does it manually.

Which are those Search Engine? Many bloggers don't know on which site they should submit their site/blogs valuable content. So, i provided a small list of the well known Blog Search Engine. All the websites are mentioned below! Here Follows:

1) 2RSS
It shows off the contents on its front page. Note: Requires RSS Feed

2) Bligz
A Blog Search which depend on "Metadata". And shows off the link in its front page. You need to "Ping" your blog over this site once listed.

3) Blogarama
A good and Small search engine for blogs.
Your may Add your blog here:

4) Blogdex
Arrange Hot topics listing and search engine. And Requires email confirmation for submission.
Add your blog here:

5) Blogdigger
Small search engine, but easy to access. Need RSS feed to grsb your content.
Add your blog here:

6) Bloghop
Small search engine
Add your blog here:

7) Bloglines
Search and aggregate RSS feeds... No submission process, users add feeds they wish to track.

8) Blogmatrix
Blog tool provider, directory and also offers search.
Add your blog here:

9) Blogrunner
Hot topics listing and search engine. Its Some kind of revenue share program is going on.
Add your blog here:

10) Blogsearchengine
A Blog search engine
Add your blog here:

11) Blogstreet
Description: Metasearch
Add your blog here:

12) Blogtastic
Description: Metasearch
Add your blog here:

13) Blogvision
Description: Small search engine
Add your blog here: Doesn't appear to be any way to add a site

14) Blogwise
Description: Categorized Blog search
Add your blog here:

15) Bloogz
Description: Blog search engine
Add your blog here:

16) Boogieplay
Description: Blog search engine with audio and video content
Add your blog here: Doesn't appear to be any way to add a blog.

17) Daypop
Description: News oriented search
Add your blog here:
Note: Requires your site to be "frequently updated"

18) Eatonweb
Description: Blog search engine
Add your blog here:

19) Fastbuzz
Description: Search and aggregate RSS feeds
Add your blog here:

20) Feedster
Description: Blog search engine using RSS feeds
Add your blog here:
Note: Need RSS feed

21) Get Linked
Description: Small search engine
Add your blog here:

22) Globeofblogs
Description: Blog search engine
Add your blog here: Click "Register" in upper-right corner of front page
Note: Strange site, requires extensive classification of blogs

URL: ,
Description: Blogs and headlines by geographic region. GeoURL is by lat/longitude while LocalFeeds is by ZIP or country.
Add your blog here: (for both)
Note: Complex instructions, you must edit your blog's meta tags prior to submission.

23) Memigo
Description: Customized news portal
Add your blog here:

24) NewsIsFree
Description: Search for RSS feeds
Add your blog here:

25) Pepys
Description: Geographically categorized blogs
Add your blog here:

26) Popdex
Description: Hot topics listing and search engine
Add your blog here:
Note: "Fast Track" if you link to Popdex

28) RDF Ticker
Description: Search and aggregate RSS feeds
Add your blog here:

Name: Rootblog
Description: RSS Aggregator
Add your blog here: http://
Note: Can also be pinged automatically with every post.

Name: Read A Blog
Description: Blog Search Engine
Add your blog here:

Name: Search4Blogs
Description: Blog Directory
Add your blog here: WIthin each category
Note: A lot of adult blogs.

Name: Search4RSS
Description: RSS Search Engine
Add your blog here: Not available, must be added by site owners.

Name: RSSFeedsDirectory
Description: RSS Directory
Add your blog here: Not clear

Name: Sindic8
Description: Search and aggregate RSS feeds
Add your blog here:
Note: Need RSS feed

Name: Technorati
Description: Index of links between millions of blogs
Add your blog here:

Note: Programmatic interface available as well.

NEW! Name: Waypath
Description: Keyword searches and "find similar" searches
Add your blog here: Automatically adds blogs through a spidering process.

NEW! Name: Zopto
Description: Index of links between millions of blogs
Add your blog here: No submission process, Zopto indexes all pings to into a search engine.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wikimedia got a grant of about $500,000

Wikimedia is almost known to each and every user of web as the most interesting source of information about science, living, lifestyle, history and many others. Wikimedia is the organization behind the World's well known free encyclopedia Wikipedia. It received $500,000 grant from William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation, Sue Gardner, has appreciated by saying "The Hewlett Foundation's support comes at a critical time."

Gardner had also added "We've just begun the planning that will help us identify how to maximize our impact around the world. This support will help us to execute our priorities for the current year, and enable us to plan for the future."

After the grant, many question stroke the web is that Foundation's are there to solve the problems of "social and environmental problems at home and around the world" then why Hewlett Foundation got interested in Wikimedia?

4 best and useful widgets for Blogger

In case we are talking about wordpress, we can say that there are lots of widgets and plugins to make its blog more user-friendly and helpful, but this is not very much satisfied with blogger earlier. In Blogger there was no thumbnail latest post widget, recent post with summary, random posts and total posts and comment count widgets earlier. But with time, users of blogger have successfully created these widgets with JavaScript.

The Following widgets we found quite helpful for bloggers.

Thumbnail latest post widget
The most hottest widgets for Blogger, created by BloggerTricks. Many of us might have used Wikio and other widgets which grab its content from RSS to display link on their sidebar but with the launch of this "Thumbnail latest post widget" made the Blogger as well as the blog readers to grab the latest article post with a thumbnail pictures. And benifits of blogger is that they don't have to edit their widget every time they update or edit their posts.

Random Posts Widget

None of your valuable posts will be lost, all of them are open to access by your blogger readers with this widget. This widget shows off all the links of the posts your blog randomly and shuffles all the old and latest contents together. The Site Blogdown created and put forward this helpful widgets to the Blogger users. There are two option: (i) random post list (ii) random post links with summary.

Total Post Counter

You don't need to count your posts and comments daily Or you may want to show off your number of posts to your readers for the popularity, then Bloggodown has published a simply and useful posts and comment counter widget.

Related Posts

This is an amazing and the very useful widget for the Bloggers as this helf the post to relate your post with other such topic post and help your reader to go through those post. It works and depend upon the tags provided to the posts. This Widget can be obtain from Blogspottutorial.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Connect your twitter account with facebook

Good way to reach your tweet to your friends of Facebook. You can show off all your tweet on your facebook wall. So, its easy to grab your following person's tweet without leaving facebook and even without visiting twitter site!

You can find the direct link to your profile, as well as your twitter setting page from the option over that application, which could give you the easy way to edit your setting!

Can u update your twitted profile with it?
Ya, absolutely you can update your twitter profile through your facebook profile. Very easy and simple!!

Twitter can Update Your Facebook Status?
Twitter Allows you to Update Your Facebook Status directly!

So take a look on this twitter application over the facebook.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Google logo confused most of its daily user

Most of the web users uses google search, google documents, google mail and its other products and watching its logo daily may be more than 100 times but still most users still can't resolve the problem to choose out the original google logo!

One of this logos of Google is the original!! can you spot it? Lets see how much your love is for Google.

Should i give you a Hint? then its colors are arranged in the alphabet "BRYBGR".

The well known game reality show ‘Who Want to be a Millionaire’ asked such a trick question on Google.

‘Who Want to be a Millionaire’ well known game reality show asked a similar question like the above (image) which totally made a lady confused, you may see the TV screen capture of the show:

They asked (shown on the TV screen while the question was asked during the program):

Q: “Which of the following is a true statement about the letters in the standard Google logo?

Options were:
A. Both “O”s are yellow
B. Both “G”s are blue
C. The “L” is red
D. The “E” is green

(TV screenshot via SE Roundtable)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Easy Tweet language Translate

With the help of Google Translator, Twinslator translate your tweets into a language of your choice. Really helpful tool for twitter users, i think so...

It is just a simple one, you need to type the original tweet in your language and translate it to any language you want with the help of translate button. You can find the option to tweet the both the original tweet as well as the translated one. Then for it is very easy to teach someone or to speak with someone in other language in the form of tweet over Twitter.

You may visit their official profile at Twitter @twinslator

Remembering the shortcuts key of all Adobe Software is now very easy

The use of Clr+C to copy and Clr+V to paste anything any of the editing picture is well known to everyone. And even did you remember the the keyword of merging a copy of all the visible layers into one single, that’s absolutely Shift + Alt + E for PC and Command + Shift + Option + E for Mac.

Remembering a keyword is just like thinking for your lost password.

The password which you had lost become very tough to remember, so for such help the option “forget password” option is placed under the sign in button. But when we are working in the Photoshop and we forgot the perfect Control command, it create a great problem to us and not only Photoshop even most of the Adobe Software takes too much time and effort without knowing the shortcut keywords.

Help by Adobe to remember the Keys.

To remember the Shortcuts of all Adobe softwares, it launched an application. With a large stock of shortcut key database, Adobe launched an AIR App . AIR App gives an searchable database of all shortcut keyword of any Adobe Software. More easier to find the keys. It is the part of Adobe Creative Suite.

How it function?

Here in Adobe Shortcut Application, user may grab the shortcut key by typing the small phrase of the command over the searchable database to get the perfect result of keyword they are in need for.

You may put the your most frequently used shortcut keyword to your favorite lists, so it needed little search to get the result.

This application has also a links to the cheat sheets for all Adobe applications that you may download to your hard disk as in the format PDF for printing.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Well known Indian Song Download blog is Deleted!!

A blog named as DownloadHindiSongs was the no.1 hindi song download blog maintained by the User DJ for many years. It was a featured blog over Google and posed 1st rank on the keywords related to “hindi song download” and others.. It had very good rank over Alexa and still showing around 50,000 rank over alexa. It was a Blogspot hosted blog.

How many songs was there?

It was having a huge archive of Hindi Song download, and many users used to download songs only from this blog for its easy searching options. This blog was updated for around 2 years and reached to millions of users.

The Well known Indian Song Download blog is Deleted!!

This was the Blog which was created earlier than as well as DJMaza and other song download sites…

I don’t know why the blogger deleted such an popular blog. The reason may he was using bitvertise which might gave him very small revenue for his hard work in posting.

Anyway we lost one of the reputed web song download blog.

Create a Short link for your Wrordpress posts with

Wow!! It is very helpful feature added to Wordpress blog.

All the wordpress hosted users are having good news for them that from now onward they don't have to depend on any third party short url service to get their post url short over twitter.

Now itself introduced their own shortening url service only for their user. Here Users of will be able to shortened their blog posts address.

How to generate the short url?

This tutorial exposed by the Amit Agarwal of Labnol.
When you create a new post on WordPress (or edit an existing one), you will now see a button called “Get Shortlink” right below the title of your page or post. Click that button and a popup window will show the shortened URL ready for use anywhere on the web.

The other option is that you open the HTML source code of any ‘published’ blog post and the short URL of that page will be located in the section (it’s the value of rel=shortlink microformat).

It support 301 but no API over

Unlike other services like, WP don't provide the API for This means that in other services you can grab the Url from its front pages but here you need to visit the wordpress dashboard to use this service.

On the Launch of this service, Matt Mullenweg, the founder of Wordpress Wrote that :

=> It is the only two letter key domain of .me in the world.
=> Each and every blog and its post on Wordpress is free to use short url.
=> All exposed in the Use of rel=shortlink
=> Only Only work for hosted one and doesn't made to work for any other site's url in the world.
=> Links created are totally permanent and going to live as long as Wordpress is alive.
=>It is a spam free url because they are constantly monitoring and removing spam from

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A 11-years old boy took the interviw of the US President Barak Obama.

How could a 11-years old boy can take the interview of the president so Confidently?

In the fever of Barak Obama's interview, the link of YouTube tweeted all over the Twitter reporting about how a 11-years boy interviewed the US President. A huge clicks were made through the link from twitter and most of them were shocked after seeing the confidence of the young boy!!

The boy named as Damon Weaver from the school "Canal Point Elementary School, Florida" conducted an extra ordinary 10-minutes interview on the topic "education" with the president. He seems to be confident and handled the situation amazingly!

Did he interviewed other celebrities also?

Ya!! He had his first interview with Joe Biden during the 2008 President Campaign for his school'd TV station. And till date he intervied Collin powell, Dwayne Wade, Oprah and many other well known...

Where you can find his Featured Videos?

Searching for the name "Damon Weaver" results a huge archive of videos related to him. Simply click and enjoy those videos.

Do you know?
This was the biggest interview of all that Weaver had. He may be conducting lots more interviews with more celebrities in future..

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The threat of botnets over twitter to spread virus

The Battling of Twitter with DDOS attacks is still going on and many other variety of malware, phishing and spasm took a right time to attack. The battle is going for past few months. By taking this chance, the latest unknowb involvement of botnet had took away the sleeps of the twitter security. Botnet is a way of posting obfuscated code where tweet to reaches the millions of users to spread virus.

Don’t know what is “obfuscated code” or botnets, then read what the well known internet security service “Symantec” wrote on their blog about the malware. They explained the threat which they found and briefly told the preventive measures should be taken to browse any suspected Twitter account that was suspended by twitter.
“Obfuscated Twitter status messages are being used to send out new download links to malware that Symantec calls Downloader.Sninfs …
… Our investigation and analysis of Downloader.Sninfs is ongoing but has so far shown that it reads a specific RSS feed only once. The RSS feed is simply a text file similar to other RSS feeds found on other Internet sites. The RSS text file contains information as to where Downloader.Sninfs can find additional threats to download onto the compromised system. In this way the RSS file acts like a config file for the malware.”

Take a look on the Example of the attempt by an account to spread that obfuscated code:

How it infect or effect?
It can only infect when an user grabs any tweet with such a code and could cause many extra harm because anything new and unknown malware takes big time of the security providers to provide the anti-malware of the latest one and it also makes the users to worry for such an unknown malware. Many got infected with the Downloader.Sninfs by this short period of time.

How to Protect your computer from this malware?

So, the best way to prevent your computer from such malware is to avoid downloading anthing from the short links of any unknown/suspected/spam Twitter account and also avoid all those application for Twitter that ask for your username as well as your password but you may believe on Twitter Authentic Sites.

Want to know the removal process instruction for safety?

If you think that you might have infected by any such suspicious malware then you may check the special instruction for the removal offered by the Symantec.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Orkut Communities that gets popular

Which types of orkut communities gets popular?

The comercial communities like promoting a site with the orkut communities is a bad idea. Actually, most of the users of orkut doesn't like to go out of it and spend their time hanging with their friends. They even don't like to surf other sites stories. So, they search the social communities like any fan club of any celebrities whom they like most. More the fans, more the member joins the community.

Need of active community member.

Just getting more member joined in an orkut community is useless because your members must have to be active. Active members can only the medium to spread your community to more and more users. The communities based on Organisation, Charity, Spirituals, language,etc.. can be called as dead communities, here members joins the community to just match his/her identity, religious, his schools, to pay respect, others.. where they join just for name of joining. No reactions and nothing at all.

What type of communities should be created?

Communities related to the topic entertainment should be created to attract the active orkut users toward it. Topics based on any TV serials, Reality show, any orkut applications and any celebrity fan clubs attracts most of the active users.

Only creating an interesting topic is not finish :
You need to update your community content daily by which the users can recieve the daily updates on that topic and discuss on those topics.

More spices can be added by putting daily poll over which mostly users like to vote and participate daily.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What is mean by RT in twitter

You found a lot of users, who are putting RT before their message or tweets. RT is the short term of ReTweet, just like repeating.

In Email you might have forwarded interesting mail to your friend. So, it is very much common to forward email. Here in twitter, users forwards their favorite tweets to his/her followers instead of emails. Say a person whom you are following tweeted any interesting stuff and you find that tweet quite interesting. And you are wanting to send the same text on your tweet then you may use :

RT @originalcontentusername then the copied text. Its simple!

This is very useful to grow number of followers.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cashing form Twitter, there is nothing which twitter can't do.

Since we were knowing twitter as a social networking site as well as microblog, which is fully used for fun and to create followers but this thinking is totally changed after the launching of Adcause: It is a site which helps the twiiter users to earn some money. These is totally a great idea or concept by the site : Adcause. They understood the feelings of the money needed twitter users. This is their best way to convert their twitter account to cash.

Here in adcause, both the publisher and the advertisers can take the full advantages of this features of advertising!!

Want to know, How does it Work?

Image via mashable.

Here the Publishers can make them visible by filling the description box... where a publisher is going to fill up duration options (1 – 3 months),price point, ad frequency customization (1 out of 5 – 20 tweets is an ad).

One all done.. it will be visible to the advertisers where they will find their requirement to advertise. And if they like your spot, they can pay you through Paypal. Both the publisher as well as the advertise is having their own Dashboard where they can mannage their advertisement option.

The can also search their required twitter profile by Twitter name, tags, following/follower nos., and location: state, country. From where they will pay through paypal to the publisher or negotiate a better deal.

Now the main thing is that the people on twitter are mainly using twitter to popularize their blogs and sites then why they will use these ads to earn money...?? even the active users who are here to make friends may not like it to use... so, lets see how much it can survive till last!!