Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Changes on Facebook's Ad Ratings option and the Ad Bar Position

Yesterday, Facebook had two minor changes over their Ads Interface. They place their side Ad Bar to the Top of the page. It is looking nice, but used to like the Earlier One!! So anyway, there's another changes that, its rating button is being reduced to one.

Earlier there were two buttons for rating, where facebook users were given the choice to choose any of the button whether they liked it or not? With the help of this two button, one was "hands up" and another was "hands down", but as a result most of the users used to choose "hands down" option and show "dislike" just for fun. So, Facebook now only kept one option of "Thumbs up". Now users can only choose "I like" option if the liked that ad and if he didn't interested on the ad then he/she may leave it unrated.