Saturday, April 30, 2011

Twitter is Not Allowing to Switch Old Twitter

Old Twitter is now old for me... Today, I switched to "New Twitter" for giving a try and again when i was switching back to "older version", It showed me an error like this..
403 Forbidden: The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it.
Twitter started its process for destroying old twitter.... welcoming "New Twitter".

If you want to use Old Twitter for more period of time, then never switch to New Twitter. Keep on using the older version till the last date.

Friday, April 29, 2011

20 Helpful and My Favorite Websites

Here below are some of my favorite website that i love to use and i think, you'll find these useful.. You can Bookmark this Page for remembering the sites.

Helpful Websites
1. Vocaroo - I sing a lot because singing works as a stress buster for me. If you love to sing like me, then this website will help you to record your voice in a crystal clear surrounding and in a single click.
2. Similarsites - whenever i find an interesting website topic, i search for more resources on it. This websites helps me to find the similar websites.
3. - I use this site for mind maping .i.e. brainstorm ideas in my browser itself.
4. lmgtfy - When i want my lazy to search a term over Google. I do search for them using this site.
5. Tempalias or Meltmail - i use these two websites, when i don't want to share my personal email id to anyone but want emails from them.
6. - i use this site to download free image for my blog.
7. - I installed it in my browser search bar because with its help, i can search over anywhere - wikipedia, flickr, google, yahoo search, etc by simply using a slash tag. It increases my searching speed.
8. - i use it to unzip my compressed files online.
9. Buzzfeed - I don't miss any internet viral videos or internet meme because i use this site.
10. Alertful - with such a busy life, i forget my friends birthday, anniversary, etc. So, i usually set email reminders with it. It never forget about the event.
11. Mailvu - sometime when i don't get time to get connected with my friends. i use this website to send emails using my web cam.
12. - I use this site to share files in realtime.
13. DisposableWebPage - I use this website to create disposable website for 90 days.
14. - Use this website to Broadcast event live online including your desktop screen.
15. Homestyler - design the model of your home in 3D.
16. Dabbleboard - A virtual white board, which i use it to explain the concepts to my friends online.
17. Sumopaint - when you don't have photoshop on your computer, then you can us this layer-based online image editing tool to edit your images.
18. Newsblur - my favorite rss feed reader, i use it alternative to Google Reader.
19. Tineye - It's an online version of Google Googles. I use this site to search for an image over web by just using similar image (without any typing text).
20. Polishmywriting - Very helpful site for writer as it checks for spelling or grammatical errors and underlines it. A product by Automattic.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

HomeShop18 Bad Shopping Experience

Yesterday, i received my product from HomeShop18 and believe me it was in worst condition. The Packing was Good but the product... Oh! it was horrible.

Actually, i brought a Fast Track Watch worth Rs.2,000 from HomeShop18. I brought it on 23rd April and with so much of waiting i received it on 28th April. They took almost 6 days to deliver my product from Mumbai to Kolkata. I don't think, i ever waited so much time when i purchased from Ebay. Believe me, Ebay delivers more faster than this HomeShop18.

Anyway, forget about the delivering time took by it.. Lets talk about the product.

The watch i received, was totally torn from the side and even it was not at all working properly! :( They really disappointed me alot! I never had such a bad online shopping experience.

I believe, if online buyers goes on receiving such worthless products, then they will loose faith on online shopping.

Let me again Point Out the Problem that i faced while shopping from them...
  1. Late Receiving of Product.
  2. Product Box is totally below Standard ( They gave me the Fast Track Watch in an old cardboard instead of the original steel box.)
  3. The Product Condition was Worst.
  4. Last but not the least, The Watch is not working at all.
So, i contacted them and explained my problems. They told me that they'll replace it and gave some set information regarding the replacement of the product. In my next post, i'll share my experience regarding the replacement of the product. (Everything will be shared publicly)

Video showing my Product Quality..

Free Google Apps for Business will not allow to create more than 10 Users

Generally, Google Apps allows all organizations to create unlimited number of users. If you're the an existent free user of Google Apps then you might be experiencing almost unlimited number of user creation. But now Google is going to limit, and will not allow to create more than 10 users for new customers.

Right from May 10, any organization that will signs up for only Paid Google Apps for Business, will be allowed to create more than 10 users.

But if you are an existing free user of Google Apps then, this change will not effect you and you'll be not charge for the 10+ users, based on the limit in place when you joined it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to find Daily Blog Post Topics?

Choosing blog post topics are very difficult because you need to come up daily with some new things to write. The same problem is with everyone, even me. But did you every noticed how few bloggers come with some quality articles daily and even some have uniqueness in it. And that's why they are called a Real Blogger.

But if you dig your topic honestly, then these problems will not be a big problem. These kind of problems generally float ups for mainly two reason: 1) Least Knowledge on the Topic 2) Less Research on that Topic.

Just keep in mind that no one is expert but honest researches makes them expert on that subject.

Before Writing a Post, always research deeply on that Topic. If you know about the subject, you can easily write about it.. Blog Writing is not a big deal if you have nice English speaking skill because here in blogging, you write as you talk.

It takes only 15 mins to write a small post of 200-300 post, if you have done a good research on that topic for 2 hours.

What i mean by research?
Being a Blogger, research for me is all about collecting information about something that i'm going to write. You can broadly divide it into two part : 1) Post by Experience 2) Post by Collecting Textual information, by stumbling different sites article.

1) Post by Experience:
Generally, post by experience is based on your hand touch experience of any product or any problem that you successful solved. You write about your experience abouts anything that you successfully experimented with. These kind of articles are very much trusted and one of the main reason why people read blogs. The Trust these kind of articles because they can know the pros and cons of the product or the successful result of experiment conducted by the blogger.

2) Collecting Textual information by stumbling different sites' article.
These are most common kind of research conduct by bloggers but research quality differs.. Maximum Newbie blogger reads one or two articles on a particular subject and writes about it. According to me, such written article are not worthy because the knowledge limit of that blogger ends up to a limit. How much information you can expect from one or two articles? Less information generally leads to duplicacy of the content.

The Real Bloggers/ Probloggers always do deep research on a subject they are covering to write in their post. They always have an intention to write a quality post that effectively solves the problems of their readers. If their research is on collecting information, then they stumble different sites. They read 5-7 articles on that particular subject to suck the complete juice of information and writing about that topic becomes very easy to cover.

After all, running a quality blog is very time consuming specially when you had chosen it for part-time. It takes atleast 3-4 hours for writing a worthy content but don't you think, it's very less time consuming then that of a full time 8-9 hours job?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Google Farmer (Google Panda) may lower your Blog Ranking

Back in 2010, internet giant Google was flooded with enormous amount of content of many low quality sites which gave low quality search results. The war of content creation among blogs have greatly effected the search engine.

For reducing the low quality contents from its search results, google has introduced Google Farmer (also named as Google Panda), a latest update of Google algorithm for displaying quality search results.

The name of the updates is Google Farmer because its work is very similar to the Farmers' work. As, farmers always try their best to keep their crops clean by removing dead crops, adding pesticides, etc, likewise Google's new algorithm works to keep its search result clean by removing the low quality contents.

In other word, we can say that its new algorithm update is to stop the "content farming" or reducing the ranks of the websites with loads of words that are relevant to what users are googling for, but have no good information. Although, the exact algorithm is not public.

This time, Google is Digging deep into your content of the page. It will also look after the sites where you have linked and who linked to you.

Almost every content hub sites are effected by panda. Here below are few of them...
  1. Ezine Articles
  2. Hub Pages
  3. eHow, etc..
A long list of effected sites are there, but above mentioned sites are highly effected by this algorithm.

Some reasons why Panda may lower your blog rank:
  1. Non Relevant Content:
    The Content on your blog must be somehow related to your main blog topic. Stop creating the contents which may not interest your readers and can even confuse search engine to list you in a particular keyword result. Now Panda update is very much restricting these non-relevant content blogs.
  2. Duplicate Content:
    Never ever Copy others' content.. Search engine can easily find the duplicate contents leading a bad impression on your blog. The new update may even remove your blog from the search result, if it finds 30% duplicate content than that of your original content.
  3. Poorly Written Content:
    As i told, this time google is looking deep into your content quality. Therefore, low quality contents, wrong information, posts with lots of mistake are not tolerated. If it find any bad content, it will remove the blog from the result.
  4. High Ads to Ratio:
    Keep your blog clean! Highlight more on content than that of the advertisements. Don't flood your blog with ads.. one ad is sufficient.
  5. Poorly Designed:
    Keep your blog fast loading and reader friendly... Your design should highlight more on content- with readable fonts. Google's first preference is for those blog which are fast loading and reader friendly.
Last but not the least, keep a smooth frequency of daily or weekly updates, informing google that your blog has updated information.

5 Indian Shopping Deal Sites to receive Daily Deals

Shopping Deal is now a Trend in India. SnapDeal has made it a trend by Advertising the shopping deal concepts in popular channels like Channel V, MTV, etc.. Now, Indian users are very much familiar with daily shopping deals. They are searching for shopping discount over internet. Even, i personally love to search for deals that can save little bit of my pocket money.

To receive a deal you need to have an online payment option like credit card, debit card, net banking, etc because in some dealing sites, you need to make payment for the deals to receive the discounts.

Here below are some Sites to receive daily Deals:

1. Sosasta
It features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in kolkata and a variety of other cities across the india.

2. DealsAndYou
This Site Helps you save upto 90% on the best experiences in your city.

3. Mydala
 It Avail Great Discounts and Best Offers with Deals on stuffs like Restaurants, Dining, Travel, Health Clubs, Movies.

4. Taggle
This site is very similar to Groupon. If any offer is available is in your area you can get benefit from it. You get up to 90% discount on services.

5. Open2save
It provides free discount coupon to public. All you need to download and print out the coupon or sms the the discount details to your mobile.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

3 Tools to Create infographics of your Social Profiles

Infographic is one of the best medium to spread your information with the help of a single image. People loves to go through infographic because it takes less time to read than that of a writing. Even i never loose the chance to view infographics on different topics..

If you are thinking to create an infographic, then you need to learn expert photoshoping and have research on that particular topic.

But now you can create infographics of your social profiles without knowing any photoshop skills... These below tools will help you to create some awesome looking infographics.

1. The Print Effect (For Twitter Users) : It calculate the numbers by querying twitter to find out a few facts about the user you've searched for. It find out how many tweets the user has written, how many friends they follow, and how many tweets their friend have written. If the user is following fewer than 100 people, the count of friends tweets is completely accurate.

2. : A tiny tool that create beautiful infographics by using your foursquare data's like number of check in’s, total friends, no. of followers and badges you received.

3. My_Infographic : It's an facebook application which allows the facebook users to create some nice fb infographics. It checks your Top 3 close active friends, the relationship % of your friends, most popular pictures etc.