Friday, April 29, 2011

20 Helpful and My Favorite Websites

Here below are some of my favorite website that i love to use and i think, you'll find these useful.. You can Bookmark this Page for remembering the sites.

Helpful Websites
1. Vocaroo - I sing a lot because singing works as a stress buster for me. If you love to sing like me, then this website will help you to record your voice in a crystal clear surrounding and in a single click.
2. Similarsites - whenever i find an interesting website topic, i search for more resources on it. This websites helps me to find the similar websites.
3. - I use this site for mind maping .i.e. brainstorm ideas in my browser itself.
4. lmgtfy - When i want my lazy to search a term over Google. I do search for them using this site.
5. Tempalias or Meltmail - i use these two websites, when i don't want to share my personal email id to anyone but want emails from them.
6. - i use this site to download free image for my blog.
7. - I installed it in my browser search bar because with its help, i can search over anywhere - wikipedia, flickr, google, yahoo search, etc by simply using a slash tag. It increases my searching speed.
8. - i use it to unzip my compressed files online.
9. Buzzfeed - I don't miss any internet viral videos or internet meme because i use this site.
10. Alertful - with such a busy life, i forget my friends birthday, anniversary, etc. So, i usually set email reminders with it. It never forget about the event.
11. Mailvu - sometime when i don't get time to get connected with my friends. i use this website to send emails using my web cam.
12. - I use this site to share files in realtime.
13. DisposableWebPage - I use this website to create disposable website for 90 days.
14. - Use this website to Broadcast event live online including your desktop screen.
15. Homestyler - design the model of your home in 3D.
16. Dabbleboard - A virtual white board, which i use it to explain the concepts to my friends online.
17. Sumopaint - when you don't have photoshop on your computer, then you can us this layer-based online image editing tool to edit your images.
18. Newsblur - my favorite rss feed reader, i use it alternative to Google Reader.
19. Tineye - It's an online version of Google Googles. I use this site to search for an image over web by just using similar image (without any typing text).
20. Polishmywriting - Very helpful site for writer as it checks for spelling or grammatical errors and underlines it. A product by Automattic.