Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Scary lady of a Hotel Room [Video Story]

Months ago, I’ve received this scary story through sms & I was really impressed by the way it’s narrated. If you go through the story carefully, It’ll surely strike your mind in the end.

I always wanted to make a video out of it, so yesterday I created one. Enjoy! and let me know how’s it…

It’s a story of a photographer who stayed in an oldest hotel in London & encountered by a lady ghost.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

How I created a Creative Music Video

Two days back, I released a my music video “Weh Weh”. It got a lot of “Likes” & appreciation from my friends.
I feel this video is special for me because I’ve used my childhood toys as a video set. These toys are more than 12 years old, which my mom kept in safe.. A Great thanks to her.
Many asked me, why I named it “Weh Weh”… Actually, I wanted to sing a song which can easily cross any language barrier. And inspired by the cry of a baby, I composed this music. Some of my friend liked it & some didn’t, but I’m really happy because I released it successfully.
Weh Weh Music Video.
After the release of my two music video Meow N’ Jerry & Weh Weh, I got inspiration to create more music video in upcoming days.
So, how I created this video?
Before creating this video, I thought about the purpose of it .i.e. to make people laugh. Therefore, I made the Hippo to push all other toys to add a slight touch of humor in it.
Here below are some important things that I kept in mind while creating it..

Main Character

I choose the Purple Hippo as the main character, whose work was to push all other toys. It looks cuter to take viewer’s attention.
I personally got a lot of messages regarding the purple hippo- as they became a great fan of this Character. A funny thing is that, I got this hippo as a free gift with a Chocolate. Lol!

Flip Animation Concept

At the initial part of this video, you might have noticed that the toys are animated. How I did it? Actually, I used the Flip-Animation Concept where each image is traced to another with a little change. Similarly, I shot it in many frames and later connected all of the frames together.
This process is Very Time Consuming but the final output looks great.

No Language Barrier

I wanted to take the global attention so I didn’t used any language in the music. If you observe carefully, you may find that I’ve used the mother of all languages .i.e. the cry of a born baby.
An interesting fact about this sound is that, everyone uttered it once in their lifetime but no one understands it better than a mother.

Well-Presented Finger Gesture

Along with the Animation, I also wanted my fingers to add some creativity in it.. so, I used my finger Gesture to make it more presentable.


The color of the video looks quite professional, how? video editor effect? No, simply not.. I didn’t used any effect or color correction with video editor. I basically used the natural light of the sun, which fell directly from the window.
I tried to maintain more light inside the room by switching-on the available lights. Iit works great for video quality.


Last but not the least, Editing..
Editing allows to keep the interesting part of the video & cut the needless part. If you’ve taken shots from many angles, it doesn’t mean that all of them is needed in the video. Choose the video clips wisely while editing.
I hope you enjoyed the secret recipe of my music video “Weh Weh”. If you’ve any question regarding this video creation, then ask me below in the comment.. I’ll be happy to share with you.

Friday, May 18, 2012

7 Monster Indian Bikes to Blow Up your Mind!

Whenever we compare Indian bikes with the heavy foreign bikes.. it looks bit odd. Those bikes are quite huge in size & much appealing in compare to ours. Can’t we create such appealing bikes?

Even some huge earners also get those imported.. Crazy Bikers!

So, today I’m going showcase some of the most appealing Indian Modified Choppers which will surely blow up your mind.

Another interesting thing is that, these bikes are only one available in the world. That means if you’re holding one of it, then none other can claim that they’ve the same like yours.

I’m a great fan Vardenchi.. They’re a team of 21 members & the creator of these below Monster Modified Bikes. Basically the modified version of Royal Enfield.

So it’s time to enjoy!

A Red Vardenchi

A Cherry red machine, one of the sexiest bike modified by Vardenchi. With two eyes like Transformers. Just look at the back wheel which is fixed at a distance.


Orange Angel

With a bit of Fruity color, it got a giant wheel which you see right there below, I really loved the placing of the number plate.


Vardenchi Flamingo

A White-Red Killer looking bike - Vardenchi Flamingo. From the name, I think it’s quite related to the flamingo bird.


Big Yellow

What will you say about this Big Yellow.. If you want to see a chopper in sporty look, then this one is the best choice.


Dark Knight

As the name suggest.. The most hunky look Vardenchi in Black.


Vardenchi's Cloud9

They Built this one for Cloud9 the energy drink brand. Check out the chilled petrol Tank attached. 


El Toro Del Diablo

This bike looks more like Bat Mobile. wow! what a superhero design they gave it...


Advanced 80’s Vardenchi

I don’t know the name of this model but it looks more like the fully advanced version of old 80’s bikes.


I hope you enjoyed the collection of vardenchi modified bikes… If you want to see more of their models, go to their facebook page:

(Image Source: Vedanchi Ofiicial Fbpage).

Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to get a Good Sleep at Night (6 ways)

Now a days, it’s a biggest for we tech workers. We get less sleep at night as a result our day goes less productive.

<Image Credit>

I myself is a victim of such problem.. had many sleeping pills but didn’t worked at all. Later, I did few changes in my daily routine & it worked.

Here below are few practical tips that may work for you..

Fixed Time Schedule

Maintain a fixed schedule for sleeping, which will help you to wake up timely in the morning. If you get a sleeping time, your body will work in rhythm. Your eyes will automatically go sleepy when it’s needed.

<Image Credit>

Cold Shower before Bed

Bath with cold or warm water before going to bed. It’ll relax your muscle, giving you a stress-less feel & a nice sleep.

<Image Credit>

Do Exercise Daily

Do exercise every morning. It will increase the chances of your sleep at night because of the excess energy consumption during the exercise.

<Image Credit>

Read Fiction Books

Read fiction stories while you’re in bed, as it takes you to the new world making your fall asleep & sometime generates beautiful dreams.

<Image Credit>

Keep your Room Cooler

Try to keep your room cooler as possible, if it’s a hot one. Open your window & let the cold air to flow inside. Switch off the Lights as they emits heat.

<Image Credit>

Sleep in Silence

Switch off the Music or TV, which give clean, easy & restful sleep. Silent surrounding is all you need..

<Image Credit>

These above are some of the ways which may give you a proper sleep at night.. Just Give a try & let me know.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mobile Internet is fun for Me! (Why?)

This post is a part of Indiblogger contest Internet is Fun, sponsored by Vodafone.

If you’re an internet lover like me, then you might be using both mobile & desktop internet. Internet connection on your Desktop for working purpose and mobile internet is for personal browsing where no other can interfere or trace your browsing history.. It’s totally personal.

Telling a truth- Maximum of Indian youth like me use mobile internet to view naughty pictures.

Here below are some of my personal reason why internet is fun..

Warned my internet service provider to Re-install my connection.

<Image Credit>

Few days back, we got shifted to a new home and we requested our internet service provider to re-install my connection but they continuously humiliated us  for 10 days & on the 11th day, I wrote a 300 words blog post from my mobile which got listed top in google. As a result, within 24 hours they re-installed our connection without any installation charges.

That was a great help from my mobile internet to bring back my home connection.

Became a Mobile Photosharer..

<Image Credit>

I always love to share realtime photos on my Facebook Account… if you ever visit my facebook profile:, you’ll find that I put up my daily life photos from my mobile and as a result I get many likes & even my subscribers reached to 190. I actually love doing that… Addicted one!

Back to Garage Band Jamming..

<Image Credit>

During our Garage/Gym Band Practice, our mobile helped us a lot to find Guitar Chords & Lyrics. Each of the band members used to get an independent access to their chords, tabs & lyrics for perfect rehearsals.

No More Hiding inside the Blanket

hide face
<Image Credit>

No more putting Eyes on the Door along with the desktop Screen. On the last year of my High School, a hottest girl joined our class and within a week there came a gossip about her facebook profile pic. After reaching home, I opened her profile from my desktop.. “Omg! her pics were damn hot!” but as you know our moms are always ready to suspect their son. As I looked back to make sure about no one is watching, I found my mom standing behind staring at my screen. Then I had to answer numerous questions of her with a low down shame face.

Later on my mobile internet helped me to view all of her hot pics without my mom’s notice. And on the next day I gave her a great compliment & got a naughty smile in return.

These above are some of the reasons why I always prefer mobile internet & even it helps me to broadcast my random ideas in the form of tweets… I hope you enjoyed this article & be free to put your comment below.

Monday, May 14, 2012

9 Tips to come up with Regular Content Ideas

Two of my blogs crossed 4+ years with storing more than thousands of posts in it. And throughout my content creation journey, I faced a lot of writer’s blocks. It’s quite natural to creative mind.

The biggest problem of writer’s block situation .i.e. you can’t think of any new topic to write. So, I tried out my own personal technique to overcome it.

The technique was very simple… I related my content topic with my daily life & interest and as a result content creation became quite interesting. Everyweek I used to come up with a new post related to my experiences like movie, product feedbacks, food taste, night party, etc..

So, here I’m going to share my regular content ideas secret with you but before I want to say that this is may not be applicable for the niche bloggers. My blog is an non-topic blog and I write about random stuff…

Check out some content ideas below..

Books Reading

If you actually love to read books then you can give a small idea about what interested you in a book or what really sucks in it. You can even give rating to it, so that your readers gets a choice of purchase and reading.

<Image Credit>

Biggest Challenge

Talk about your biggest challenge that you overcame and write about the lessons you learned from it. It’s really fun to do.. Even don’t hesitate to share about your failure, it doesn’t reduces your position but increases the emotional touch with your readers.

<Image Credit>

Health Conscious

If you’re quite concern about your health & do exercise regularly to keep you fit, then talk about it. Share your fitness secrets and also the effective results you received from it. Keep  your readers updated with time & improvement. This gain readers’ trust.

Two female joggers on foggy Morro Strand State Beach
<Image Credit>

Food Eaters

If you love to eat foods, then also write about it… If your mom prepared a tasty recipe for you & you liked it, then share about its taste with your readers. Restaurant lovers can put up their  favorite food list so that other eaters can lick it…

<Image Credit>

How you Did it..

If you’ve fixed any of your home appliances, broken glass, toy car, then let your readers know how good fixer you’re. Make a DIY guide for them… Same thing is applicable for the craft creators. Show them, how good craftsman you’re.

<Image Credit>

TV Shows

You’re not interesting but you watch a lot of TV Shows. That’s ok! .. They’re too a great source of discussion… you can share your opinion about the recent episode and interact with other fans.

<Image Credit>

Movies Hungers

Everyone love Movies.. I personally love to discuss about it. You can do movie gossip too.. Watch a movie, rate it, comment on it & share it.. Simple!

<Image Credit>

Personal Stories

Never say that you don’t wana to know what’s going on between your friend & his GF. That’s too natural.. Human loves personal stories. So, you can engage your readers by narrating your own story. It works great & also help you to reach more closer to their heart.

<Image Credit>

Product Review

You purchased something from your departmental store and you really liked/disliked it, then show your satisfaction/ dissatisfaction for the product in a post & let other know.

<Image Credit>

These above are some Regular content creation ideas… I hope, it’ll benefit you. If I missed out any other point, or if you’ve your own secret then don’t forget to share below in the comment…


Sunday, May 13, 2012

3 Changes in Habit to Improve Focus

Human mind keep on fluctuating & it becomes difficult to stay focused. Specially when you’re working online and the other online distractions are driving you away.

So to improve your focus, you need to change your habits. These are..

Close Every Distraction

When you’re online, close the social networking sites like facebook and twitter, where your friend may ping every hour to know “how are you?”.
<Image Credit>

Stop Switching

If you love to check your email hourly, then change your habit.. By switching from one task to another may take away your concentration from your main task.
<Image Credit>

Set a Time Limit.

It’s very much important to set a time limit for every work, so that you don’t give less importance to any of other works.
<Image Credit>

It’s not possible to change the above habits in a night & be totally focused. Just do a commitment & follow it honestly.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Beam Cable installed atlast!

After giving hundredth of excuses & hours of time wastage, atlast beam cable installed my connection today. I wrote about the beam cable bad experience in my previous post and within 24 hours they responded me. Anyway, i wana thanks them to make the work done unexpectedly faster.

So, it's my duty to let my reader know that everything is being solved.

I personally request to Beam Cable not to put such bad experiences to their existing users in future.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Beam Cable Bad Experience

If you stay in Hyderabad, you might know about Beam Cable. It's only internet service provider that is well known for its good service & fastest internet connection.

It is indeed one of the fastest internet provider but now a days, it lost its good service. They themselves want to let their customer know how poor their service are..

I myself is a user of beam cable. We're using beam cable for years and never had any bad experience but now this brand gone very egoistic. They think that none of the other internet provider can give such a fastest internet speed of around 10 mpps at a price of Rs.1000 and as a result customer will always go for it.

Earlier you might have read about my experiences with homeshop18, flipkart and also gone through the ways i got it solved. So, this time i'm here to talk about my bad experience with beam cable.

Previously this provider used to shift their existing customer connections within 24 hours but now they extended it to 48 hours. "That's Ok.. 48 hours is not a big time. We can wait.."

More than a week ago (28th April), i requested them for the shift of my internet connection & today is 7th May & no response from them. I even hold my ticket no. which have no use at all.. Everytime i call them, they say that it'll take 48 hours and many 48 hours gone but still nothing happened. They always have excuses ready with them like "sir, we'll forward your request to our technical mans", etc..

I've no idea, what they think of us... don't we have any other works to do!

I warned them that if they don't install my connection by today then i'll be writing about them in my blog.. as what i'm doing right now. Before writing about any brand i always warn them & i did the same..

Through this post, i want to tell beam cable that "please do care for your existing users who have raised you to your present height and if you give such worst experience to them, it'll definitely harm your reputation."

Even i'm not the only person facing the problem.. check out this forum thread where a user waited for 20 days for installation.

Stay tuned to know how beam cable solve my problem...