Thursday, May 24, 2012

How I created a Creative Music Video

Two days back, I released a my music video “Weh Weh”. It got a lot of “Likes” & appreciation from my friends.
I feel this video is special for me because I’ve used my childhood toys as a video set. These toys are more than 12 years old, which my mom kept in safe.. A Great thanks to her.
Many asked me, why I named it “Weh Weh”… Actually, I wanted to sing a song which can easily cross any language barrier. And inspired by the cry of a baby, I composed this music. Some of my friend liked it & some didn’t, but I’m really happy because I released it successfully.
Weh Weh Music Video.
After the release of my two music video Meow N’ Jerry & Weh Weh, I got inspiration to create more music video in upcoming days.
So, how I created this video?
Before creating this video, I thought about the purpose of it .i.e. to make people laugh. Therefore, I made the Hippo to push all other toys to add a slight touch of humor in it.
Here below are some important things that I kept in mind while creating it..

Main Character

I choose the Purple Hippo as the main character, whose work was to push all other toys. It looks cuter to take viewer’s attention.
I personally got a lot of messages regarding the purple hippo- as they became a great fan of this Character. A funny thing is that, I got this hippo as a free gift with a Chocolate. Lol!

Flip Animation Concept

At the initial part of this video, you might have noticed that the toys are animated. How I did it? Actually, I used the Flip-Animation Concept where each image is traced to another with a little change. Similarly, I shot it in many frames and later connected all of the frames together.
This process is Very Time Consuming but the final output looks great.

No Language Barrier

I wanted to take the global attention so I didn’t used any language in the music. If you observe carefully, you may find that I’ve used the mother of all languages .i.e. the cry of a born baby.
An interesting fact about this sound is that, everyone uttered it once in their lifetime but no one understands it better than a mother.

Well-Presented Finger Gesture

Along with the Animation, I also wanted my fingers to add some creativity in it.. so, I used my finger Gesture to make it more presentable.


The color of the video looks quite professional, how? video editor effect? No, simply not.. I didn’t used any effect or color correction with video editor. I basically used the natural light of the sun, which fell directly from the window.
I tried to maintain more light inside the room by switching-on the available lights. Iit works great for video quality.


Last but not the least, Editing..
Editing allows to keep the interesting part of the video & cut the needless part. If you’ve taken shots from many angles, it doesn’t mean that all of them is needed in the video. Choose the video clips wisely while editing.
I hope you enjoyed the secret recipe of my music video “Weh Weh”. If you’ve any question regarding this video creation, then ask me below in the comment.. I’ll be happy to share with you.