Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010!!

Wishing all my readers a Happy New Year.
"Leaving the Old Days of 2009 back, Headed toward the Mysterious Days of ╚»ŶĔĂŔ 2010«╝ - So, Be Safe, Happy, Smiling & Romantic in this 2010."

A special Greetings for all my readers!! :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Real Time Photo Sharing, just like tweeting...

Tweeting over Twitter is common to hear on everyone's mouth and gain followers. But its a new idea came off with which you can upload your photo and share it like Tweets and earn followers. There is a New Platform called DailyBooth, which support real time pics sharing.

In Twitter, we are generally shoutting off "what we am doing Now!" but through dailybooth we can "show" our followers- "what we are doing?" with our expressions. Many Quite Popular Web Stars entered into the world of Dailybooth and i think it is the raising point of this Site, just like Twitter got Popular.

What can be its Benefits?
There are quite similar benefits like Twitter like
  • you can Make your Fans, from whom you will be getting comments on your photos.
  • you can gain audience to your photos and profile.
  • If you gain a quality followers then you will be able to get a chance to be Featured User.
How can i share photos over there?
There are three methods:
  1. Through Webcam live snaps.
  2. Through Upload
  3. Mobile photo sharing.
Is there any earning money Opportunity?
Ya, if it gains a popularity like Twitter then the Quality members can get sponsors from the Advertisers to show off their Products- I think....

Some Featured Users like : littleradge, aplusk, shaycarl, etc... According to the new report in August,2009 that dailybooth got around 3 million unique visitors a month which is really an effective amount of visitors to reach the prestigious position of the internet. You can to browse more information about this site on wikipedia.

Stay connected with Microreaders to discover more interesting places over the internet...

Friday, December 18, 2009

List of Top 20 Twitter Users

Who are the Top Users of the Twitter? Its really cool to know the Top Users of the Twitter, Follow them and read their tweets. So, i am presenting you this collections of the Twitter top 20 Users list. I am sure that this will help you to the top Users of Twitter easily:

  1. aplusk : I make stuff, actually I make up stuff, stories mostly, collaborations of thoughts, dreams, and actions. Thats me.
  2. britneyspears : Yes! This is the real Britney Spears! We've got updates from her team, her website and yes, even Britney herself!
  3. TheEllenShow : Find Ellen's monologue, celebrity photos and videos, games, giveaways, how to get tickets and more on The Ellen Show website.
  4. BarackObama : 44th President of the United States.
  5. Oprah : Live Your Best Life.
  6. cnnbrk : is among the world's leaders in online news and information delivery.
  7. johncmayer : Recording/Sandwich Artist.
  8. RyanSeacrest : Get official tweets from Ryan and his producers about the radio shows, American Idol and breaking news from Hollywood!
  9. KimKardashian : Armenian Princess.
  11. ashleytisdale : The Official Ashley Tisdale Twitter Page. New album GUILTY PLEASURE available now!
  12. mrskutcher : Demi Moore.
  13. iamdiddy : KING COMBS.
  14. jimmyfallon : Snork.
  15. coldplay :  The official Coldplay twitter page.
  16. lancearmstrong : 7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!.
  17. nytimes : Where the Conversation Begins. Home page stories from, special features and more.
  18. taylorswift13 : no Bio!
  19. MariahCarey : Mariah Carey.
  20. 50cent : The Real 50 Cent.          

Tweets through Fax

We generally tweets through Computers and keep us online and updated 24/7 over the popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and whenever we are out of our computer reach, we generally use the Mobile for Tweeting by visiting or other twitter mobile applications.

But there are still some twitterer addicted who uses their papers and pens to send out tweets on daily manner. All the thing is that they need to fax that page to the a particular number for updating their twitter account.

There is a lady who tweet through the the service called "Celery's Computerless Email System", they generally charge $8.98 per month and give its clients to tweet through fax and even send you the fax whenever you received an @replies from other twitter User.

As i was talking about the lady who send her tweets through fax with this service. Her Twitter profile is @dorothy_celery and he sometimes updates facebook using this service.
Check Out her Story:

Its quite strange to hear but it is truth! But it is the most costliest process of tweeting...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How to install twitter account on your feedburner account

How to add the service to my Twitter?
If you are having a blog and you are using Feedburner, then connect your Twitter account to it for auto-update of your Tweets with the Unique short URL of the Google "".

The Following are the Instructions to set up the Feedburner with the Twitter:
Log in to your Feedburner account.
Go to your feed and then to the "Publicize" option from the Top.
You will find a link "Socialize" over the left sidebar. Enter into it..
There you will find an option called "Add your Twitter account".
First check your needed option and see the Preview of the Tweets and then connect your Twitter account with Google.
After connection, just active it... Its now activate, all you need to do...
Start Using the new URL service of Google "".

 You can even add your tag over the Hash text box. It will automatocally create a Tag like #yourtag on your tweets...

Google Fast Flip Got three dozens of Publishers

Around three months a ago google launched fast flip hosted over the Google Labs. Fast Flip is acctually a fast browsing news pages option, where a user can quickly browse the many pages of the Popular news paper just like a real newspaper or magazine.

After getting a good feedbacks from the users of Google, it is now going to have a great move. More than three dozens of Publishers have joined Google Flip and they had already added around two dozens of the News over the Fast Flip.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Do Bloggers like to read Articles?

Do you think that bloggers like to read writing or he is needed to read articles for writing? It is really an interesting question i generally ask myself, so i thought of writing a post on it. I am not so popular blogger but can tell you that other popular bloggers also do not read for writing and even they don't like to read, Rob Sutton also wrote a post showing his dislike for reading . I can also say that they don't left no time for reading, after publishing a new post.

Without Reading how can they write about the product or the things? 
Bloggers don't need to read a lot to write the article because they just gather the information from different sources and write about that article on their own words. Even i do the same.... Whenever a product or a news came off, i straightly start experimenting on it and write about it. Writing about anything after performing an experiment is a perfect idea for writing, by doing so, you can have the full idea of what you are writing.. You will have the full independnce of expressing your own words on that topic as you experimented on that thing.

You can add more extra spices to it by adding more sub-topics on it. As experiments gives your more topic which reading cannot give you in full force. You can write about how did you worked on that product and what are the requirements needed? this sub-topic comes under the procedure and you can add the observation by adding words on what the result came....

Total writing skill is similar to the school chemistry lab, where you experiment and make the observation and quickly write on it... Similarly, you need to recheck the writings you wrote because when you are about to publish your writings, you need to have a good impression towards your readers as like to a chemistry teacher have the impression on the Student's Practical Book.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Things to keep you away from Twitter Spam

Many Twitter users are suffering from twitter spam, but they are thinking that they don't have anything to do... Since twitter came in force over internet, it was attacked by many such bad activities like Spam, Phishing, and others...

Twitter users are highly affected by such stuffs.. but resolve such things or to avoid such activities, you have the power to judge. The following i mentioned some ways in which you can protect yourself from spam.

@Spam: If you find a user, which is tweeting some suspecting tweets like useless advertisements, suspicious links, some digits like tweets and anything you find unusual... then you can report it spam to the Twitter by just putting an @spam over your tweet along with the the profile you are suspecting...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tweet Fight with Chetan Bhagat gained around 27,000 Followers

India's popular novelist (Chetan Bhagat) had a Tweet Fight with the Twitterers all around. "The three Mistakes of My Life" is one of his popular book... So, now he can have a little change to "Four Mistakes". Two Days back, Chetan had a War over Twitter which resulted in the popular trend of Twitter Home Page.

Christmas Tree on FarmVille needs 60 Gifts to grow

Don't be upset, if you are a farmVille player.. "No one to send you Gifts in this Christmas", there is your Facebook friends who are going to send many presents as you are unable to aspect. Anyway, these gifts are visual gifts but will give you the same enjoyment like a real gift.

Reading Ebooks increases 35 percent of your Blogging idea

I started blogging without any guidance from any- "If i had read the Ebook like Problogger, DailyBlogTips' ebook earlier then i didn't have to face such a big time to learn blogging". Blogging Knowledge is endless and its consist of SEO, writing skill, marketing ideas, designing for perfect blog design, and many more... A blogger need to have the knowledge of all those things to create a perfect blog.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

What makes you a perfect blogger?

Many Questions still floating over the world of blog and many answered this question... What makes you a perfect blogger? Ask yourself whether you are a perfect blogger? Do you have all the basic quality that a blogger needs to have?
There are millions of blogger live daily over the web and two third of them are totally confused about the blogging.. They are not perfectly aware of the blogging and they start a blog with a very common, boring and non effective contents. They too spend the same time as the top blogger like Darren Rowse, Piti, Jhon Chow etc.. spends or may be more then them but even then they are not getting sufficient revenue.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Need of the StumbleUpon Stickers?

StumbleUpon Stickers
If you are a lover of the site StumbleUpon and if you daily like to stumble, then you can grab a sticker of it, which StumbleUpon is Giving out this season- Official Announced...

Checking your site speed with Google

Google recently added a features over its Webmaster Tools to check out your site speed for the better performance of your site. They have discussed on their forum about it :

"We bring data and statistics specifically applicable to your site. On Site Performance, you’ll find how fast your pages load, how they’ve fared over time, how your site’s load time compares to that of other sites, examples of specific pages and their actual page load times, and Page Speed suggestions that can help reduce user-perceived latency. Our goal is to bring you specific and actionable speed information backed by data, so stay tuned for more of this in the future."

The most sweetest story of reddit

Last week the reddit community member elmstreeter has lost his mother and yesterday he shared a photo over reddit and requested the users to fix it. In this photo, he and his mother is sitting a few hours before she passed away. But there was an oxygen pipe attached to the mother's nose during that time.

Its really sweet to tell that someone of the users has removed his mother's oxygen pipe and gifted to him. Such a great work of reddit user is highly appreciated and this was the most sweetest story i feel so...

(via Reddit via The Daily What)

Arijit- Blogger Of Microreaders

"Total Blogging World Depend Upon the Contents You can add over your blog. Without Contents, a blog is without life!"

This page is totally about me as blogger. Hi Myself Arijit Das, A Tech blogger for a very less time of months but earlier for 2 years i was a blog poster and used to do photo blog. I had connected with the term "blogging" from the year 2007 and knew the value of real blogging this year.

My Social Networking Ranks are really impressionable:
I was the Top User of IndianPad, posed a Good position at the Propeller and had a Good Karma over Reddit .Once i was stepped toward the Digg Power User which needs a lot of time to Spend. I published a lots of story over the reddit front page....

I started blogging on the inspiration of a person named Rahul Basu and i call him "Rahul Da". He was the first person who provided me a meta tag for my blog and i must say you that the tag was so strong that my first blog is still listed over the Google search result with a particular keyword.

Small scenes in my memory in the field of blogging:
When i started blogging, i was very young and was reading in class 6 only in the age of 11 (approx), i didn't remember the age.. I failed to choose the best topic for blogging and started to write a paranormal stuffs like ghost, horror and others... I created a blog named "Scariest Place" which is still listed over Google search result with the keyword "scariest place" even i didn't updated it for 2 years...
In the middle of my blogging time... I was highly influenced with the game site and started to create a blog which is only having embed games from Miniclips in its post but you might be knowing that it is nonsense to have a game site in a blog. Therefore, i left that blog and started to create another blog called DailyLinked, which i made for giving out daily links but later i converted into photoblog.

Dailylinked was contributed for one year and is having a number of 1100 posts in it and gets around 2,000 visitors per day. And the main problem i faced with that blog was the revenue.... Photoblog generates a very less amount of revenue as it doesn't contain very rich keyword. I wrote about Why photo blogs are quite unprofitable?. This is the reason why i started the blog "MicroReaders" and hope to have a success in the field of blogging.

My Aim in blogging is to become a blogger like Darren Rowse, Pete Cashmore, Amit Agarwal.

My Favorite blogs which i read daily : Mashable, Problogger, DailyMail.

I will be adding more stuffs over this post...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Upcomming interface of Gmail

Gmail will be coming with a new interface, we got some screen shots of its interface. The interface looks quite similar to the Google Wave interface... And an interesting feature is that a user can directly create an album over the Picasa web directly from his mail box. No need of the "Browse" button everytime to choose the files you are going to upload because they have added a box which helps you to choose the files at once on one click over the "Browse" button.

Easy to manage contact and create a mail directly from there...

According to Engadget, an insider from Google said the goal is to “provide a consistent experience throughout all Google Apps and blur the line between the browser and the website.”

The screenshots are not in English language...

What do you think of the New Gmail (Gmail 2.0) ...??

Orkut New Invitation Announcement (Contest)

As per my promise to send invitation of the New Orkut Version to the top commentator, here i enclose the names of the top 3 winners:
  1. uttoransen
  2. dineshv
  3. Rajesh Kanuri
  4. Debajyoti Das for the Best Comment of the Week.

Orkut new Version Invitation
Note: Winners, if you are not still invited for the New Orkut Version you can ask me for the invitation at arijit[at] or you can comment overe this post.

Get in touch with this blog, we will be giving away Google Wave invitation soon...

Gmail Holiday card is available for your dearest one

This Holiday, You need not to spend a single penny to send a Holiday Postcard on Your Behalf, with your name written on it like "from Arijit". Google announced it over its official blog that it is sending out free Gmail holiday card. Now, send your dearest one a holiday wishing without any cost of buying these hi-quality and beautiful designed greetings post card. You can only send these postcards in US and is limited to everyone. Quickly grab your holiday postcard for your dearest one.
Gmail Holiday PostCard

These holiday cards are available in the designs of M-envelope in snow, Mittens, Rudolph, Snowflakes and Comic. Quickly apply for an card till it is available.

Past year, Gmail gave away Holiday stickers to the users and this year holiday card. :) To send a card, visit and fill up the forms along with the selected designs.

How to become a top Reddit user

Different social bookmarking sites works on different way of user contribution. You might be heard of the Digg power users, who spends the most of their valuable time over Digg. To strike the front page of Digg, the users makes them active and popular over the site. They try their best to vote other users' stories, comment on other stories and keep all the front page stories tracked and in the exchange of these contribution by the active user, Digg gives them the power to touch their stories in the front page. But the power user of the Digg is limited and if a users gets inactive, he may loose his power.

So, we want to discuss about the reddit's features, which is quite unique and effective. Actually, reddit gives the popularity to any story which is unique, hot, Good and never stroked the front page of the sub-reddit and even not submitted earlier.

Is there is any need of regular contribution to strike the story front page?
Contribution is very much needed for reddit also but is not strictly followed like Digg. You should submit all the effective and good stories and pics over the sub-reddit and which is needed to gain your gaining "Karmas". I think you might be quite aware of the term "Karma"? then it is an another name of contribution (word took from language Sanskrit).

There are some important things needed for having a good karma over the reddit, as follows:
- Choose a less popularity sub-reddit like reddit India, Google, Twitter, which have average amount of subscribers. So, start submitting on that reddit. It will get a good number of vote if the story is quite good and you will be increasing karma.

- Ask the other redditors to vote your story through Instant Messenger and mail... Remember: Don't give the direct link to the story. Link to the page and give the title to vote the story.

- Vote Up & Down according to the content quality. Reddit also looks on the quality of your voting.

- After submitting your story, wait for few minutes to see the reaction. If your story get vote up then good but if it gets vote down then straightly "hide" or "delete" it.

These above are some tips to stay alive over reddit with increasing karmas... we will be exposing more secrets about reddit, so subscribe to us through mails and feeds.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Twitter tried its best to spread Awareness of AIDS among the Twitter Users

AIDS is the most serious and wide-spread diseases the whole world is facing. And we all know that it is incurable but can be prevented by spreading awareness among the people all around the world. It is widely spread in the countries of Africa, India, China, etc...

Yesterday (1st December), Twitter gave its maximum efforts to spread the awareness of AIDS among the users all around the web. It changed its Home Page to Red for showing its awareness against AIDS. Even the Tweets with the key "AIDS" or "WORLD AIDS DAY" or the tag with "#red" was highlighted with red color.
AIDS awareness
My Highlighted tweet with red for AIDS awareness

They too launched an Official twitter profile, named @joinred for spreading AIDS awareness in Africa.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Do you know about ThinkQuest? Its Student's favorited site.

You might had heard about the Site called "ThinkQuest". It is actually a site by the Oracle Foundation which helps the students to make their project online and inspiring the student to have a HiTech way of learning....

think quest by oracle

It is a place where teachers are connected with students, students can see others project online, can upload their project to share with others, can make a group online to create projects and the students of one country can connect with the student of other countries for the education discussion with the medium of it.

Many Schools of India like -Kendriya Vidyalaya (Central School) and others has accepted this site as the medium of online education.

How it Works?

In a school, account were created for the each of the Students and in each classes, the subject teachers were given the power of admin. Teachers can easily control the pages of the student easily but the students can only have the independent to put their educational content on their account only.

The User Names:
The users names are created in bulk and some accounts shows error while logging. The user names are in the form of "yourfirstname|firstcharacterofyourtitle.schoolname - johnm1.stjanesred" and the passwords are in the form of the "47sunrise74". The subjected teachers were given the password of the students to distribute.

How to do Projects?

You need to find your projects from the world and send the request of joining the project and if you are accepted then you can post your project and maximum times, the subject teachers assigns the project for the student who is registered.


It received the Third Annual NII Award for Education.

I wrote about the thinkquest as i found a very less blog writing about this product of ORACLE as it is very popularly known to everyone. . And another thing i need to say i.e. it does not allows eveyone to get registered to it. Only the Schools can register and can create the accounts for the students.