Thursday, December 3, 2009

How to become a top Reddit user

Different social bookmarking sites works on different way of user contribution. You might be heard of the Digg power users, who spends the most of their valuable time over Digg. To strike the front page of Digg, the users makes them active and popular over the site. They try their best to vote other users' stories, comment on other stories and keep all the front page stories tracked and in the exchange of these contribution by the active user, Digg gives them the power to touch their stories in the front page. But the power user of the Digg is limited and if a users gets inactive, he may loose his power.

So, we want to discuss about the reddit's features, which is quite unique and effective. Actually, reddit gives the popularity to any story which is unique, hot, Good and never stroked the front page of the sub-reddit and even not submitted earlier.

Is there is any need of regular contribution to strike the story front page?
Contribution is very much needed for reddit also but is not strictly followed like Digg. You should submit all the effective and good stories and pics over the sub-reddit and which is needed to gain your gaining "Karmas". I think you might be quite aware of the term "Karma"? then it is an another name of contribution (word took from language Sanskrit).

There are some important things needed for having a good karma over the reddit, as follows:
- Choose a less popularity sub-reddit like reddit India, Google, Twitter, which have average amount of subscribers. So, start submitting on that reddit. It will get a good number of vote if the story is quite good and you will be increasing karma.

- Ask the other redditors to vote your story through Instant Messenger and mail... Remember: Don't give the direct link to the story. Link to the page and give the title to vote the story.

- Vote Up & Down according to the content quality. Reddit also looks on the quality of your voting.

- After submitting your story, wait for few minutes to see the reaction. If your story get vote up then good but if it gets vote down then straightly "hide" or "delete" it.

These above are some tips to stay alive over reddit with increasing karmas... we will be exposing more secrets about reddit, so subscribe to us through mails and feeds.