Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gmail Holiday card is available for your dearest one

This Holiday, You need not to spend a single penny to send a Holiday Postcard on Your Behalf, with your name written on it like "from Arijit". Google announced it over its official blog that it is sending out free Gmail holiday card. Now, send your dearest one a holiday wishing without any cost of buying these hi-quality and beautiful designed greetings post card. You can only send these postcards in US and is limited to everyone. Quickly grab your holiday postcard for your dearest one.
Gmail Holiday PostCard

These holiday cards are available in the designs of M-envelope in snow, Mittens, Rudolph, Snowflakes and Comic. Quickly apply for an card till it is available.

Past year, Gmail gave away Holiday stickers to the users and this year holiday card. :) To send a card, visit and fill up the forms along with the selected designs.