Saturday, December 10, 2011

20 Google Schemer Invites Giveaway

Woo! if you're searching for an invitation to all new Google product Schemer, then you're in a right place... All you need to do is a simple task, .i.e. comment here in this post about "Why you want Google Schemer?".


Let me tell you- What Google Schemer is? It's actually a site that allows you to tell your friends "What you want to do?" or "what you want to buy?" or let them know "What you've done?" and its all what they too want to do.

So, right now Schemer is in Beta Invites. And you can grab an invite easily through participating here...

Video about Google Schemer:

Buy Logitech C910–Best for HD Videos


Believe me, this webcam is one of the most killer gadget in my wishlist. If you want to start a videoblog or want to share your video story in web or want to experience a HD-Quality video calling, then this Logitech C910 Webcam is what i'll refer you.. No doubt with its quality. Super fine HD video quality with 1080p in 16:9 widescreen, a wide-angle lens. It comes with High-precision Carl Zeiss glass lens which you can generally find in expensive cameras.

What makes it killer is its Auto-Focus and lighting compensation. That means, you can focus on any object leaving the background blurr and can shoot your video in low light. Generally, most of the HD camera don't give good quality video in low light but this webcam comes with such a cool feature.

Logitech claims that its frame per seconds is better than other webcam but few people don't agree with it. They pointed the fps bit low but personally i feel this webcam is an awesome piece for creating videos. And majority of people didn't find problem with its fps.

C'mon Man, it comes with 10 mega pixel and what you need more than that in such a cheap price .i.e. below $99.

Even you don't need an extra mic for recording HD sounds coz this webcam has build-in Dual premium microphones and feature background noise canceller. Last but not the least, it comes with a 5 MP HD sensor which gives you 16X higher image resolution.

Lets Quickly point out the things that you can do with this cam:

  • You can shoot Full HD video recording and share easily.
  • More Fluid HD 720p video calling
  • Shoot Crystal-clear video and brilliant photos
  • “Hello!” - Speak in HD-quality stereo
  • Make HD video calls
  • Stylish looks for desktops & notebooks
  • A software that comes with brilliant video effects.
Check out its Video Quality: Test Video. Logitech for Music: (in poor light) So, guys.... Go ahead to buy one for you.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Earning Money from Maps - Chtika's New Concept Advertisement

Today i got a Beta Invitation from Chitika to their New Mapping Service. These maps are not only free but pays you to use it on your blog.

What's special in it??
I must say their map consist of all those features that a premium maps like Google Map, Yahoo Map & Bing have. And also the map monetization is something totally new! That's why it is very special!

Check out the Comparison Done by Chitika:

(Click the image to enlarge)

This map service will start from 2012.. a totally new concept advertising in this new year.

You check the map code generator Demo to have a basic idea about it.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Roadies 9 Audition Journey Video

I shared my detailed post regarding "Roadies Audition Journey" but i forgot to mention that i captured videos on my handycam throughout the day. So, those files were too large to be shared online.. But after a long time, i edited them to short and compressed the day to a 4-mins video.

So you enjoy the Exclusive journey with me and my camera. The Day for Kolkata audition.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

31 Days to Build a Better Blog New Edition came out!

Mr. Rowse is my blogging idol. The way he rationalized the blogging term to newbie.. it's fantastic. I always wait for his ebook releases. Every release comes up with some tasty juice. Something unique to learn..

When 31 Days to build a Better Blog (1st edition) released, i quickly brought a copy of it without thinking much because i knew the quality Darren maintain in his books. Best of Best!

Few minutes ago, there came an updated edition of the Problogger's best selling book "31 Days to build a blog" with many more new concepts and ideas. And more extra things to learn..

What actually this ebook features?
This ebook is a complete 140 pages of information to revitalize blogging life. In another word, it consists of challenges, case studies, tips, answers of vital question,etc..

If you're a newbie and want to start a blog, then this ebook can give you inspirations and ideas to start a healthy one, but if you're seeking for the information regarding setting up a blog then this ebook don't have. You can either search over youtube to find a blog set-up video.

How can this book be useful?
I personally don't consider this book as a normal book because it's a kind of task book or a routine sketch of successful bloggers.

It consists of the case studies of the bloggers who have achieved success in different niches and even Darren himself posses a better example. All the "things to do" and "things not to do" in blogging are mentioned clearly.

What i love about it is, its daily step-by-step guide to build a perfect blog. It highlights the steps to be taken by a blogger in the first month of blogging .i.e. 31 days.

Each day with a new Tasks:
 This book is divided into multiple tasks - daily, weekly and monthly.
  • One-day at a time tasks where you're asked to complete 1-task a day.
  • Weekly Tasks: where you'll face the challenge to do a task on every-week.
  • Monthly Task: Combining the overall tasks in your monthly routine, maintain a good blogging pace.
3 Core Problems that this book gona help to overcome:
- Started a blog, don't know the Next Steps to do.
- Blogging for a while, but no improvement in its growth.
- Faced situations like blogger's block and inspiration lacks.
This book has solution to all the above core problems.

What special in this new edition: 
- came with new design.
- new techniques added.
- revised & removed the backdated blogging concepts.
- wisely arranged task routine.
- extra 7 days added in this edition. So, now it's a 38 days task.

I'm an affiliate of this product and if you want to buy a copy of this new edition then here's the link- 31 Days to BBB.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Flipkart strange shopping experience

You’ve read my posts on homeshop18 shopping experience.. And this time, I had a serious face-to-face with flipkart. I really respect this indian online shopping brand Flipkart which gives Hi-Quality product at a very cheap price.

On 9th November 2011, I was searching for a hi-quality video camera to capture my video entries. So, I been to different suggestion places like Yahoo answer, Quora, etc… and atlast, a guys over Quora referred me to a cheaper $100 webcam which shoot HD videos. The resolution of the webcam is too high .i.e. 1080dpi. That’s really great! anyway, I’ll someday write a review about that webcam. Lets back to the main topic!

So, I searched the Webcam “Logitech C910” over flipkart and found that $100 product at only Rs.457. I was really surprised with such a cheap price  and was excited to order it. But was still not sure about the displayed price tag so I took its screenshot and tweeted @flipkart about it and even shot an email to the customer service querying about its cheaper price. I got in reply from them appealing that “There are absolutely no hidden charges when you make a purchase with Flipkart.” So, now no one was there to stop me…

Without wasting my time, I quickly placed an order on that product with credit card. After the order successfully placed, I got an order no. And even the order status displayed “Payment Successfully Authorized”. I was really very excited to receive it earlier.. So on the very next day, I tweeted flipkart asking about my current order status. hmm… now there came a twist!


I got a call from them! They told me that the price of the product was Rs. 4500 which is far high than that of the money deducted from my credit card (.i.e. R457) and they told me the reason which was a technical error. And I got bit disappointed with them.. It’s very natural that you’ve expected to get a delivery of a product you recently ordered and now you’re asked to “cancel” it because of their technical problem or the problem with their price tag.

At first, I was fixed to my decision for not canceling the order like a pole star and asked them to send me that particular product with the amount I ordered because it was totally their technical fault not mine… and even I didn’t hesitated to pay them.

I too warned them to blog about flipkart bad shopping experience and re-pointed out their following “faults”:

  • displaying of wrong price tag.
  • no information to the customer about their technical error.
  • accepting of payment and issuing an order no.
  • wrong information from the customer service about the product.
  • no reply to my tweets.

He accepted their fault and showed his humble apology, which cooled down my anger.

At last, it was my emotion and my love for their trustworthy brand, which forced me to cancel my order and accept their concession of Rs. 500 stroke credit which they offered me to buy any of their product within that amount. So, I ordered 4 books of Rs. 498.

If I had forced them for that product, then they would have bound to give me coz everything was in my favor, but my heart which stopped me to do so…

Now you say me, whether i took a wrong decision or a correct one.. what do you think?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Interview: Craig Martin, The Co-Host of Travel Podcast Blog

An interview with a Co-Host of an Award Wining Travel Podcast Blog “Indie Travel Podcast - Craig Martin. He and his wife Linda is running this blog since 2006. They share their tips to the travelers for better and less price traveling experiences, in their blog…
They traveled more than 40 countries and has far better experience in travelling… Here in this interview, i got to know many new things about how they started this online radio show blog and at end of the interview he also shared “traveling safety tips”… Don’t miss it!

The are featured in PC Magazine, Podfinder UK, Alltop's travel section, the final ten of travel section in the Podcast Peer Awards, top 10 for the Bloggers Choice Awards for Best Podcast and won the the Best Podcast category in Lonely Planet's travel blog awards. -Great!!!

The interview begins, Enjoy!

Why you thought of taking the blog platform to conduct your online radio show or online podcasting?
We started Indie Travel Podcast in 2006 after we had spent six months traveling around Europe. We considered starting a magazine site or a blog to share our tips and what we learned, but we decided to make it a podcast because not many people were making travel podcasts and it sounded interesting. We chose WordPress to create it because of some excellent podcasting plugins and integration options.

I found that you traveled many places... Did you traveled those places only for your blogs content or for spending Holidays?
It's not really work or holidays; it's our lifestyle. We have been traveling full-time for over four years now and visited over 40 countries. We're always taking photos and video, and using the internet to publish our stories and audio programmes. It's good fun.

Do you feel like a RJ, when you are talking in the internet radio show?
Not really. It's very lo-tech! We have a portable microphone and we often sit in a hostel room or sometimes outside and just talk about that day's topic. We also use Skype to interview other travelers and interesting people around the world.

What type of advertisement you mainly use on your blog to earn money? Any Voice ads?
We use banner ads, affiliate programmes and Adsense/Chitika as well as audio spots on the podcast. Since we won the Lonely Planet "Best Podcast" award, we have had lots more interest from new audience members and from worldwide travel advertisers.

You And Linda is running this blog... but who first got the idea of this "Travel" Blog Topic?
I think that was my idea, but Linda really helped bring it to life, along with another friend Paul. Paul created the first version of the website for us and provided free hosting for our first year or two. Now, I'm still the driving force, and Linda the balancing force.

Common Tips you like to give the readers about "traveling safely"... Traveling safely?
I think a little common sense plus research can be really helpful. We were recently "attacked" in La Paz, Bolivia, where a man threw a gel on my friends' bags then a man in a suit told them their bags were smelly and they should take them off. Because we had all read about this scam (the criminals would steal the bags when they took them off ) they were able to keep moving to a place of safety. In general, the world is quite a safe place: don't panic about leaving home! Go and explore! We try not to put ourselves in danger, and seldom have had any problems in over four years of travel.
Craig Martin :
Linda Martin :

I really had a great interview with Craig and i must appreciate that he has gave me the interview replies very fast. So, stay tuned with this blog for more expert interview. Arijit Das

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Buy Revolution 2020–Chetan Bhagat


I’m luckier one to receive the copy of book “Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat” just after a day of its release. Believe me, it’s one of the best noble I ever read… I’m totally emotional attached with the lead character “Gopal” who struggle all the way to become rich.

If you’re a Die Hard fan of Chetan Bhagat, then I’m sure this book is going to be the “Best of Best” for you.

After 16 hours of my order placed at flipkart, I received my copy of the book in my Home. Such a Fast Home Delivery.. The retail price is Rs.140 (all India) but flipkart is giving discount of 40% . So, i brought it for Rs. 84 only. :-) That’z really Great!

My Friends are waiting for “Revolution 2020” availability at their local Book Stalls. Right now, its Demand is Very High but I’m lucky coz i already completed reading 63 pages of it. Actually, I’m a slow reader..  Smile with tongue out but its interesting start compelled me to complete the first 63 pages.

Thanks to Flipkart for its “Cash-On-Delivery” which helped me to receive the book without any requirement of Credit Card or other online payment. Cash purchase at discount is really a great deal..

Brief about the Story: “Revolution 2020” by Chetan Bhagat.

"Pages i read till now is about a guy name Gopal, Aarti & Raghav. Here Gopal is the lead character who's actually poor in the story but later he becomes rich.. 3 of them are friends but Gopal & Raghav both Loves Aarti. It also shows the real character of a girl, here Aarti is very caring toward Gopal but everytime he propose her, results nothing. Gopal is very obsessed about his career, but even of his full effort, he scores average marks in AIEEE & JEE. but Raghav is a topper who get chance in IIT but chooses his passion of journalism as his career. Rest you read from the book itself.. Smile

The Official Description about the Story:

"Once upon a time, in small-town India, there lived two intelligent boys. One wanted to use his intelligence to make money.
One wanted to use his intelligence to create a revolution.
The problem was, they both loved the same girl.”

You can Order your copy from Flipkart & be the first to receive it among your friends even at a great discount of 40%. Smile 

I think “Cash-On-Delivery” will be a great option for you, if you don’t have any credit card.

Let me tell you the Process of Cash-On-Delivery to buy from FlipKart:

1. Sign Up or Register an account for Free over Flipkart.

2. Use the Button “Buy This Now” at the product page to process the Payment.

3. Give your appropriate Address, so that they can send your product.

4. Choose “Cash-on-Delivery” option to purchase.

5. All Done! Within 2-3 days, you’ll receive it at your home & you can pay them right there. I received it within 16 hours of my order. Smile Luv you Flipkart.

Please note: If you purchase less than Rs. 100, then they’ll charge shipping cost of Rs. 30. So, instead buy another book with it for getting the proper discounts..

So Don’t wait… Quickly Order your Copy: Buy Revolution 2020 from

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ragu Sir, Ranvijay & VJ Bani's Feedback about me! - Roadies 9

I had a great time with the Roadies king. Thanks to Ragu Sir, Ranvijay & VJ Bani for their lovely recommendation about me. :-)

I'm with Raghu Sir:

Ranvijay & Vj Bani talking about me:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Roadies Audition behind the scene

First of all thanks to BlogAdda and Gayatri (of @viacom) who had been our coordinator for a day to Roadies journey.


I’m feeling myself lucky for being a part of such a great event .i.e. MTV Roadies kolkata audition. I was among the 3 bloggers who were selected for the day.

The night before the audition was really the difficult one coz I couldn’t sleep out of excitement. Morning, we 3 selected bloggers reached Swabhumi where we met Gayatri, always smiling and she guided us to enter different gates. She was always attending us and kept rescuing us wherever we’re blocked by the guards.

Tough Security

Believe me, the security over the audition gates were very tough and I must appreciate those crew members and guards who were controlling the crowd.

Received a Press Pass..

We were continuously asking Gayatri for a Press Pass, the reason we gave her was quite different from what I was thinking. Actually, I wanted to show off the participants telling them that we are from “Press” and we need active replies from them.


Atlast we received 3 press passes and each of us hung it on our neck to show others that we’re from “PRESS”. We’re really feeling great that time…

New Technology “Finger print scanner connected to Facebook and Twitter.”


Finger print scanner present over there was something which took my attention. It was not a simple finger-print scanner but a tool to update your twitter or facebook status, which shares your current roadies position with your friends. Mean to say, if you’re on the desk filling the form and whenever you scan your finger, your friends knows that you’re in the roadies audition desk. And again when you’re entering the GD room, your friends are notified after a finger scan. Likewise, every levels of audition has such scanners working the same.

The Finger print Scanner.

Captured the Participants – Asked Question.

We guys wearing press cards looking good but feeling bit uncomfortable to reach the participants to ask them questions. But later Rakesh, Agnivo and I gained confidence and interviewed few of the participants. A common question “Why you want to be a Roadie?” ..

A participant faced our camera and we also gave him a small task to perform. Open-mouthed smile Check the below video:

A participant named Vinay Jaiswal.

Here’s a Duplicate Raghu from Kharagpur:

Time for the Blast!

Ya, it was a time for blast when Gayarti told us that the two Indian Bulls are free sitting at producer’s room along with Ranvijay and vj Bani after the press release.

We rushed toward the producer’s room and it was the time I exclaimed …. OMG! they’re there. @# . I can’t believe my own eyes that they’re the roadie kings. 4 of them were discussing and I was standing back of Ranvijay and facing Raghu, Rajeev and vj Bani. I quickly hold my camera in one hand and kept the other hand over Ranvijay’s shoulder and suddenly he turned around and said me “Hello!” and I excitedly replied “Hi!” … and in a second Rajeev came forward with his hand for a shake, I did the same back.

We bloggers started getting friendly with them and were enjoying their company.

Ranvijay & Bani’s Laughed on my PJ’s. Smile with tongue out

We guys had a smiling pic.

Raghu told me to promise for supporting the show if I feel the guys are working hard… and I promised him.

Ya, From my point of view… Roadies is a show which can’t run without hard work and I feel the whole roadies team is working hard and I honestly support them.


And I had a friendly discussion with Rajeev about “blogging” … Smile with tongue out The conversation with him was in “Hindi” and I think it was the worst hindi I ever spoke- mixed with bengali. Hehehehe!!

And this is how the day came to an end and I reached my home .. called up my friends and told about my experience with MTV Roadies. Open-mouthed smile

Happy to announce that I’m thinking to start an unofficial blog about “roadies”. Preparing for that! Winking smile

Friday, September 16, 2011

BlogAdda is giving Bloggers access to Roadies 9 Audition

As I’m a big fan of Roadies, it’s a great opportunity for me to reach the door of roadies audition. This season, BlogAdda bloggers community is giving access to its selected bloggers to see the “behind the scenes” of the auditions.


I’m thinking to apply for roadies 9 kolkata audition passes because I already chosen roadies 9 as a special topic over my blog. And it’ll be an honorable job for me to write about the audition experiences.

Before applying for the Audition’s Special pass, I sent some queries to BlogAdda team. After getting reply from them, I’ll decide to cover the behind scenes of the audition.

Stay Tune…. Will keep you updated.

------ Update ---

I’m being selected to attend for the audition and to watch-out the behind scenes. Wait for my post about the audition 20’ Sept (Kolkata).


MTV Roadies 9 Auditions Dates - Different Cities

Monday, September 12, 2011

MTV Roadies 9 Auditions Dates - Different Cities

Roadies 9 battleground is going to be the rocking one. This time, it's taking the journey of roadies to America and i'll cover each & every episode right over here in this blog.

This season, Microreaders will be an active gossip place for roadies 9. Please subscribe through email or rss feed.

Auditions will be held on below mentioned city:
PUNE - 16th September.
Are you all ready? There won't be auditions in Mumbai, so all those from the Mumbai, Thane, Panvel area - be sure to be in Pune at the Balewadi Sports Complex - Badminton Hall. 9AM.


20th September Rang Manch, Swabhumi, Salt Lake,Gates Open 9am

8th October
Indradhanush Auditorium, Sector 5, Panchkula
Gates Open 9am

4th October
Delhi International Expocentre,
Expo Drive, A-11, Sec-62, N.H-24, Noida

11th October
Sri Sathya Sai Nigamagamam Trust
No: 8-3-987/2, Srinagar Colony

You should reach the gate by 9am. (Gate Opening Time)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Magical Touch connects the Dots, That’s what Galaxy 750

Waving away fingers over a tablet is a fun time for me. It might be cutting of fruits with colorful blades (fruit Ninja) or tweeting out updates through twitter app. All I do with few smooth touches of finger.

The extraordinary build up of Samsung Galaxy 750 has enabled me to connect all the dots with my finger touch.

(Imaging Myself as a Lucky Galaxy 750 User)

My Tablet collects all my dots when I wake up to start a fresh day.. As I’m a pure gadget lover and is highly dependent on it, I consider each gadget as my true friend.. it doesn’t mean that I don’t have real friends but these gadgets fills up the space of my friends when they’re not with me.

As I consider gadgets as my friends and through out my digital friend circle my Desktop, Samsung Corby phone, my electric guitar.. Samsung Galaxy 750 is the most closest one because it never leaves me alone and even, I can’t live without it for a single second.

Every Morning it Begins like that,

Tring! Tring! … Sounds common? actually it’s the ringing sound of my Alarm which my Tablet utters to wake me up. Not only that, it vibrates to shake my pillow to let me know that “Hey! it’s morning and you should wake up”.

Then I Wake up and Pick it out of my pillow (maximum time, it hides itself inside the pillow cushion but I finds it out without any obstrucle because I can feel its heart beats .i.e. its beep for low battery charge .  ) I set it for charging.

Morning Prayer Starts: Thanks to its Prayer App, which gives me a fresh breathe and divine sound. I reach to heaven for minutes while hearing the prayer of hindu gods.

Bathing Activities…
Secret Moment!! By Throwing out my Night Shirt and Pant, I go for completing all Sh*ting jobs and then to have a pure bath.

After puring myself with the sweet water of Ganga (home supply water of calcutta) I go for meditation which keeps me fresh through out the day.

Meditation: Again, I connect myself with my close friend galaxy 750. It plays the meditation musics for me from the Album “Songs from a Secret Garden”. I really love to hear those series of soft violin music.

Anyway, meditation completes with a smooth flow of pure blood on my body. Now, I prepare myself for the daily activities.

Study Books: I’m a school student of 12th standard and I usually prefer to go through the book pages faster and the search box above my pdf reader helps me to find the topic faster. Actually, I’ve added the pdf version of my NECRT books on my tablet, which I downloaded from their official website.

Believe me, study becomes more interesting when I go through the digital pages with my samsung galaxy tab. All I use my touch to peel out the textbook pages.

Note Taking: While going through my chapters, I quickly note down the most important terms and extents their meanings inside brackets.

Things become more easier and the concepts get more simpler later when I go through my notes and bullet points. And sometime, we friends share our notes online which benefits both for exam preparation. We together complete our school powerpoint presentation through mutual contribution.

School Time:
Oh! now, I feel like departing away from my dear friends for 6 hours because I spend those time over school. Digital things are restricted in the school premises so I can’t take my digibuddy along with me. It actually waits for me till I come back from school.

Back to Home at 3:30 pm.
Just after entering my bed room, i pick up digibuddy and roll my finger all over its glossy screen. It feels good to see the colors splitting out to start…

Over Stressed – Gaming’s there:
Fruit Ninja.. that’s my favorite game and it also works as a stress buster for me. Cutting out fruits like a samurai and getting points for it.. Continuously checking out the the Leaderboard for breaking the highest score. Till date, I crossed 460 points (score) shame on me!

Taking Rest with a Music at Background:
Then I switch-on my Music player or an online radio and plug my tablet to a 2.5 sub-woofer (coz I don’t have home theatres) and enjoy the songs in the playlist.. along with it, I take my afternoon rest.

5 0’clock! I’m Ready to write a Post.
As I’m a part–time blogger, I love to write.. so, 5:00 to 6:30 is my blogging time and I sometime extend it to 8:00 pm for which I get a lot of scolding from my mom. She always suggest me to set a particular time for study which I usually mess up for my blog. But I complete my homeworks on time .i.e on 11th hour and overcome my daily study burdens..

7:00 pm to 9:30 or sometime 8:00 to 9:00 pm is my study time where I go through my pdf reader on my digifriend (Samsung Galaxy Tab 750). After that, I connect with my online presence, checking emails, connecting friends over facebook and interacting with my readers over twitter.

Use of Application:
I use Twitter app over the tab to connect but I don’t like the facebook app because it’s very slow.. so, instead I visit facebook main site to check out my notifications (sometime counts 15-16 notifications). Then commenting and liking friends status and posts. Sometime I go through the notes.

Then Tweeting out some interesting tweets and reply’in the @mentioned tweets.

One app which go active for 24/7 is “FourSquare”. Becoming mayor of different public is fun for me, so wherever I travel with my tablet, I get badges and my connected friend easily traces me out.

Before going to bed, I get around 45 minutes of time in my hand which I utilize by reading my favorite blogs. I added those blogs over my rss readers.. Blogs that I go through daily are lifehacker and zenhabits.

11:30 Bed Time..
My eyes takes my permission for rest and I give them… And I jump above my bed and switch-off my light and put back my galaxy 750 inside my pillow, then start zzzZZZ (sleeping). Here my day ends and again the next day begins with a fresh energy..

Hey! Check the webcast of the Galaxy Tab 750's launch

So, guys.. how’ my Life?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

How you can release your own Daily Newspaper over Twitter?

You're in Twitter for months but you're not having any interesting tweet to share with your followers. Keep in mind, that active followers follow you to get something useful. And if your tweets are not useful, then why they gona follow you?
Digital Newspaper

Actually, everyone have their own objective of using Twitter: Some use twitter to chat, some use it for spreading awareness and some for sharing their interesting and useful tweets.

If we take example of bloggers like Darren Rowse, they always share worth links of their quality blog articles which makes their Twitter Profile Worth Following.. That's not essential that you need to be a blogger to use Twitter or everytime you need to share your own articles.

Just Two day ago, i started using a cool Digital Newspaper. After, my first paper release, many got subscribed to it and some even appreciated my Newspaper's News collection. Actually, i used, It's a site that allows you to create your own Digital Newspaper but an interesting thing is that, you don't have to publish your own articles.

Your only work is to Follow the People who share great links on their Tweet Stream because picks up the best links from your following and arrange it automatically according to their Popularity. And on Daily basis it releases your personal Digital Newspaper, which is easily shareable to your Twitter Followers and Facebook Friends.

So, you don't have to work hard to publish a Digital Newspaper.

Here's my newspaper: (it releases daily)

Note: There's also a negative impact of using it .i.e. if you're following some secret people who are releasing breaking news on their tweets, then your can leak it out easily. So, be careful and think before releasing your own daily digital newspaper.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Extra "Not Now" Option to block a Facebooker for Future Friend Request

An Extra Option added to Facebook "Not Now" button which may resist future friend requests from an unknown facebook user.
As you know, facebook makes your friend request hidden when you mark a friend request as "not now" but there's also an extra option added to "not now". That is, it displays a question, asking you "Do you know (Name) outside of Facebook?" and gives you two option "Yes" or "No". If you confirm "yes", then it'll keep the request hidden and later you can accept the request. But if you confirm "no", then it may resist that user for future friend request.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Les Paul's 96th Birthday Musical Doodle is now in Web Archive

Some people were actually asking me about how to download that Google Doodle containing the Melodious Guitar. But i really don't know how to download it but can inform that, you can use it whenever you want and from anywhere. Now This Doodle is kept in Web Archive .i.e Google has kept this Guitar Doodle alive on a page where you can play, record and share it with your friends.

Here's the Page where Google has kept this Doodle Alive:

You can even Play the Guitar with your Keyboard.
For better music output, Google has made this Guitar Doodle keyboard friendly. Here below is the instruction to play it with keyboard.

(Full View - Image)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How to add Google +1 Button on Blogger?

If you're a Blogger user and really want to implement this new +1 Google button on your Blogspot Blog, then this tutorial is for you.

For adding up this attractive Google +1 Button, you need to go to the HTML Edit option in  your Blogger Design Page.

Now, Search for <data:post.body/> or <div class="post-header-line-1"/> and place the below codes, just after it.

<!--G +1 Button Start-->
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>
<div style='float:left; margin-right:10px;'>
<g:plusone href='data:post.url'/>
<!--G +1 Button End-->

And you're done...

If you successfully placed your code on your blog then it'll display in the top left side of the post.

You can even choose the 4 Different Sizes of Google +1 Button. Just simply change the code size:
size="small" - To display small size +1 button of 15px
size="medium" - To display medium size +1 button of 20px
size="large" - To display large size +1 button of 60px

Friday, May 20, 2011

Homeshop18, They Satisfied me!

I think, i had covered everything about my shopping experience with Homeshop18 over this blog. And now, its the time when i feel happy to announce that i'm satisfied with their product.

They send me the fast track watch with great care and with well packaging. The Product was of great quality and finally i'm hundred percent satisfied.

One thing, i should appreciate of them is their worth customer service. After i reported my problem, it didn't gone a single day when i didn't received a single call from them.. they kept me updated about what they are doing to solve my problems..

For their Good Service & Product Quality, I'm giving them rating: 4/5.

Hey.. Hey.. Hey... That's not an end. In Future, I'll buy another product from Homeshop18, to know whether they are maintaining the same product quality or not because it is consumer's right to receive good product in exchange of the money (Product Price + Shipping Charge) we are spending to buy online. It's our right to get good product.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Find Duplicate piece of Image and Texual Contents

(Image Credit)
An Indiblogger member name Sourav Pandey was found guilty. He won several Indiblogger contests and recently indiblogger team found that most of his contest winning post were the work of others.. He was a Copycat who used to copy other people's work and presented it in his own blog.

I remember of Kolkata Indiblogger meet, where i jokingly introduced myself as a copycat to its founder Renie Ravin and for a second he was shocked to hear my such voice.

But just think about the situation when Renie found his own contest winner as a copycat. He really felt damn...

So, i just want to tell you that if you are organizing an online contest for creative people then always do investigation before releasing the winner's name.

So, how can you investigate about it in such a vast world wide web?
If you are thinking the same then i have the solution for it..

You can use the below online free tools to investigate whether the submitted works are real or not..

For Writing Work:
Duplicate writing work can easily be identified with these below tools..

Copyscape: If you want to know whether a writing piece is a copy of others work, then copyscape is a best solution for you because copyscape search throughout the web for the duplicate piece of any textual content.

Search the Phrase over Google: You can pick up a phrase from the writing work and search it over Google to Find the Duplicate content of it..

For Image Work:
If you have received any sorts of Image work then don't worry because you can even search for its duplicate.

Use TinyEye: This web tool is very helpful to search for similar image over the web. It uses its hi-tech image detection technology to find the images throughout the web.

Last thing, i wana say you - "Wake Up!"

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Create a Story using Social Media

Here I found an interesting site called Storify, which allows you to create stories using social media. Only with little bit of good presentation of the tweets, videos, images and descriptions.. you can create a wonderful story.

This site is very useful and easy to use. All you need to do is search the topic over different social media like twitter, facebook, youtube, flickr, google, web links and storify itself. Collect the information from them and drag it over a single page.
Add some description and some textual information for making the story more spicy... That's All! You've created an informative story.

Now, you can even embed the story over your blog post and tweet it out to your followers or share it over facebook... Do whatever you want to spread your story.

I really loved this Site... Nice concept for realtime story sharing!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Know about Google Trends for Traffic

Some blogs are living with trendy traffics. Specially, the news, jobs & result notification blogs.

If your blog is little bit old and you maintain a good frequency of update then you can easily drive traffic from Search Trends.

Articles related to the Trendy keywords are treated as realtime result, so google make a quick listing of the recently published articles of that subject on the web.

How to Identify a Popular Trend?

Just keep your eyes on the trend page for knowing the latest search trends, but all the trends listed on that page are not so popular.. Therefore, you can identify the most popular trend with its "Hotness".

We can measure the popularity of the trend keyword with its "Hotness rating".

There are Three Types of Hotness Ratings:
This hotness shows that the Keyword is being searched most. Thousands and Thousands of People are searching for this Keyword on Google.
On fire:
This Hotness Keyword popularity is good but not like the Volcanic Hotness but still around 8K people may be searching with this keyword.
This hotness shows that the keyword is little bit popular and 3K+ people may be searching with this keyword.
This hotness shows that 1K-2K people may be searching on this keyword.
Few of hundreds of people are only searching for something with a trendy keyword.

These above hotness are arranged in Higher to Lower list, when listed over the Google Trend Page (

I tried my Best to explain you the hotness Popularity, by comparing it with the number of people searching.

So, keep creating quality content on the trendy subject for reaching thousands of traffics.. Just keep in mind, with trends you can only gain traffic not readers, therefore always try to attract real readers with your well written quality contents.

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Sources of Information for your Next Post Idea

CBSE Class 10 Board Result 2011 - Release Date

I found a Google Trend Hotness "Volcanic" on CBSE Class 10 Result 2011. Some sites declared the wrong expected date of the CBSE result .i.e. 16 May but now i think, i got the correct release date of the result.i.e. 20th May 2011.

Report as per, The Result for Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) class 10 will be announced on 20th May 2011.
The Result will be made available in their Official Page:

Some Alternative Sites where results will be made available:

If i find more alternative sites, i'll surely update it here in this post. Keep Connected with this Page.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Request for an Invite on Google Music Beta

Google launched its Music beta for the US users. I think, world will soon get access to its interface but now only very limited invited US users will get access to it.

What is Google Music Beta?
It will be your free space of hosting your Music collections.. So no fear of loosing all your music files, even your hard disk crashes.

What This Music Beta will do for you?
  • You can Listen to your songs anywhere using Android Phones, even offline.
    You might be thinking that how can we hear all those hosted music files offline? Actually, the songs you've recently played will automatically be available offline.
  • Stay in sync, without the hassle.
    In simple, you spend more time listening to your music and less time managing it.
  • Your collection, now in one place.
    You can upload all your musics at one place.. no matter if it's scattered across multiple computers.
  • Mix it up.
    Quick Creation of Music Playlists.

If you really want to get access to the musical world of Google Music Beta then request for an invite.

Note: Invites currently only available in the United States.

West Bengal Madhyamik Result 2011 Announcement Date - Class 10

Some of my Indian readers are searching for the result date. Specially the exam Result Dates. So, i have created an section "Exam Result Dates" for them..

My Today's Result Notification is about the West Bengal Madhyamik Result 2011.

I got to know that West Bengal Madhyamik Result 2011 will be announced shortly, before 27th May 2011 or you can say that result of class 10 will be published in the last week of May 2011.

Digging through different sources, i found some site which are going upload result over internet, just after its release.

The Official Release of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) Madhyamik Result will be on: (Just few second after the result announcement.)

The Official Site may get slower due to high traffic. Therefore, you can check out below alternative sites like:


For more information about  (WBBSE) Madhyamik Result, visite their official site -

Madhyamik Class 10 2012 Result is going to be announcedshortly.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Six Sense Technology in Ipad. Just Imagine!

In 2009 TED conference , MIT researcher Pranav Mistry has demonstrated Sixth Sense Technology. With this technology, we can interact with the computer through our fingers.

Sixth Sense is an attractive technology, and its total hardware costing is under $350 and all the software will be an open source.

Just imagine, if this technology could integrate in iPad... then, all the workings may be done in a screen floating on the mid-air.

A Los Angeles film student Zach King, with his video editor, created a neat video showing iPad screen floating in the mid-air and he is interacting with it very easily. He did a great Job! Lets wait for the Future- And it is Not at all impossible.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When i get new Ideas? and how i keep them Alive?

You can't force your mind to get new ideas whenever you want.

Simply No one can... not even the Extra Brilliant People.

No one can force his mind for new ideas because ideas come when your mind really wants it.. And your mind seeks for new ideas when it is in a stress free environment.

I usually get new Ideas when i'm bathing - My Bathroom is my Idea Generator and i get some awesome ideas daily while bathing.

I get Ideas when i'm in my bed to sleep - Before i go to deep sleep, i encounter with some random ideas... Sometime it takes away my whole sleepy mood.

The reason, i get new ideas at these two particular place because of the stress free environment. In other word, you can say that a Stress Free Environment is the fuel of Creative Idea Generator.

But ideas stay in my mind for a less period of time, so i quickly note them down on a notepad or a mobile device (whichever i find near to me).

Ideas comes in bulk, so it is difficult to remember every single idea. Therefore, noting of ideas quickly when it strikes your mind, is the best way to retain it.

Brief Note:

When i get new Ideas?
1.) Bathing Time
2.) Sleeping Time.
3.) Coffee Time (Extra)

How i keep them Alive?
1.) Noting it down in a Notepad.
2.) Noting it randomly in a Whiteboard.
3.) Note down the ideas in Mobile Devices.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sources of Information for your Next Post Idea

For a blogger, the most difficult part of blogging is collecting information for his next blog post. Without new information, you can't write unique content.

Every blogger have their own news sources. They keep on visiting those sources for some hot & unique information on the subject they love to read and write. Even, i have my own sources of information from where i gather news on daily basis.

Without it, none of the blogger do have anything to share with readers? So, always keep some fixed information sources from where you'll surely find atleast one unique stuff.

Let me share about how i collect information, so as to write post on daily basis..

1. - This site helps me to collect buzzing viral videos, images and news. These awesome daily viral stuffs are for my twitter follower, who are always waiting to retweet those tweets.
BuzzFeed creates hundreds of content daily because it is contributed publicly.
Even, if you have a humor blog or an entertainment blog, buzzfeed can be one of your best source of content.

2. Google Trend - Go Trendy over the Web. If your blog is looking for trendy traffic then Google Trend can be your best source of information. It shows you the most searched term over google- few minutes ago, which can give you an idea about creating some new content on trendy topics to receive trendy traffics.

An interesting thing about Trending Topic is that, your blog post can get a quick listing on that search result because google looks for the real-time result for trendy keyword.

3. Google Alert - This tool is used by most of the niche bloggers. That means if you are concentrating on a single topic, then you can set alert on few "Keywords" to keep on tracking about its news over web and when any news is published on it, you'll be the first to be informed through email alerts.

4. Expert Blogs - I read them a lot.. If your blog is all about solving deep problem of a particular subject, then you can read the expert's blog to keep yourself updated about their research.

Your observation and Explanation can be your next blog post.
Best Expert Blogs: Digital Inspiration, Matt Cutts, CopyBlogger.

5. Question and Answer Sites - Best Information source for those who wants to know the public views about any question asked publicly. If you even have any question on your mind, then you can ask it publicly and let public to solve your problem.

The Questions asked over Question & Answer Sites can be your next blog post topic because they're the question on demand and your duty is to solve those out.
Best Q/A Site: Yahoo Answers, Quora, .

6. Techmeme - Techmeme spotlights the hottest tech stories from all around the web on a single page. It helps me to keep me updated with latest technology news.

7. Twitter - Last thing you can do is track the popular brands, people and experts over twitter and grab the fresh & hottest news..

These above are some of my great information sources, from i collect my next blog posts ideas..

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Google Test : New font and colour theme

Few Minutes ago, my Blogger Friend Sourish Nath, known for has released this Screenshot of a "New Google Test" on its font and color theme showing on Search Result Pages.
Google's New Font and Color Theme.

Blog Post after Death! - An Important day in Blogging History

First time in Blogging History, a man published a blog post after his death. The Last only post of his life.

Derek K. Miller, from Canada was an active blogger since 2000. For 11 years, he was a web writer and today its all ended. This Active Website is now a Web Archive.

He was actually suffering from Cancer, that cause his death.

Even, his last post was written by him, may be few days before May 3, 2011.

He Started the post with Heart Touching Words:
Here it is. I'm dead, and this is my last post to my blog. In advance, I asked that once my body finally shut down from the punishments of my cancer, then my family and friends publish this prepared message I wrote—the first part of the process of turning this from an active website to an archive.

His Last Words about the World (Last Post):
The world, indeed the whole universe, is a beautiful, astonishing, wondrous place. There is always more to find out. I don't look back and regret anything, and I hope my family can find a way to do the same.
My deepest condolences go out to his wife, children and family.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How i Send Back my Defective Product to HomeShop18?

I had shared my bad shopping experience and now i'd like to share my experience of sending back the defective good for replacement to Homeshop18.

After i have complained about my defective product , they responded me back and gave me a toll-free number of "TNT courier" where i called up for replacing the product..

TNT Courier asked me to give the (Account Code) of Homeshop18 and requested me for providing the order number, product details, the problem with the product and my address. Accordingly, i gave them all the details..

They told me that their man will visit my home between 4-6 pm to receive the product and asked me to pack it up, but the man from courier came earlier than that.. I was really impressed!

The Product Sending for Replacement Process was very smooth and they successfully took it away right from my home..

Recently, I got a call from Homeshop18 about my blog post, expressing sorry for their product quality, assuring me to send back a quality product replacing the previous one..

I added, if they send me a quality product i'll give them a positive feedback.

But i'm still not happy with them because they took away my happiest time. My birthday was on 27th April and i ordered it on 23rd and it's now 2nd may but i don't have my watch in my hand... I sometime even feel like asking them for an extra gift because they took away my happiest time... :-( but my heart resists me to do so...

Soon after receiving my product, i'll let you know about its quality... Stay Connected.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Twitter is Not Allowing to Switch Old Twitter

Old Twitter is now old for me... Today, I switched to "New Twitter" for giving a try and again when i was switching back to "older version", It showed me an error like this..
403 Forbidden: The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it.
Twitter started its process for destroying old twitter.... welcoming "New Twitter".

If you want to use Old Twitter for more period of time, then never switch to New Twitter. Keep on using the older version till the last date.

Friday, April 29, 2011

20 Helpful and My Favorite Websites

Here below are some of my favorite website that i love to use and i think, you'll find these useful.. You can Bookmark this Page for remembering the sites.

Helpful Websites
1. Vocaroo - I sing a lot because singing works as a stress buster for me. If you love to sing like me, then this website will help you to record your voice in a crystal clear surrounding and in a single click.
2. Similarsites - whenever i find an interesting website topic, i search for more resources on it. This websites helps me to find the similar websites.
3. - I use this site for mind maping .i.e. brainstorm ideas in my browser itself.
4. lmgtfy - When i want my lazy to search a term over Google. I do search for them using this site.
5. Tempalias or Meltmail - i use these two websites, when i don't want to share my personal email id to anyone but want emails from them.
6. - i use this site to download free image for my blog.
7. - I installed it in my browser search bar because with its help, i can search over anywhere - wikipedia, flickr, google, yahoo search, etc by simply using a slash tag. It increases my searching speed.
8. - i use it to unzip my compressed files online.
9. Buzzfeed - I don't miss any internet viral videos or internet meme because i use this site.
10. Alertful - with such a busy life, i forget my friends birthday, anniversary, etc. So, i usually set email reminders with it. It never forget about the event.
11. Mailvu - sometime when i don't get time to get connected with my friends. i use this website to send emails using my web cam.
12. - I use this site to share files in realtime.
13. DisposableWebPage - I use this website to create disposable website for 90 days.
14. - Use this website to Broadcast event live online including your desktop screen.
15. Homestyler - design the model of your home in 3D.
16. Dabbleboard - A virtual white board, which i use it to explain the concepts to my friends online.
17. Sumopaint - when you don't have photoshop on your computer, then you can us this layer-based online image editing tool to edit your images.
18. Newsblur - my favorite rss feed reader, i use it alternative to Google Reader.
19. Tineye - It's an online version of Google Googles. I use this site to search for an image over web by just using similar image (without any typing text).
20. Polishmywriting - Very helpful site for writer as it checks for spelling or grammatical errors and underlines it. A product by Automattic.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

HomeShop18 Bad Shopping Experience

Yesterday, i received my product from HomeShop18 and believe me it was in worst condition. The Packing was Good but the product... Oh! it was horrible.

Actually, i brought a Fast Track Watch worth Rs.2,000 from HomeShop18. I brought it on 23rd April and with so much of waiting i received it on 28th April. They took almost 6 days to deliver my product from Mumbai to Kolkata. I don't think, i ever waited so much time when i purchased from Ebay. Believe me, Ebay delivers more faster than this HomeShop18.

Anyway, forget about the delivering time took by it.. Lets talk about the product.

The watch i received, was totally torn from the side and even it was not at all working properly! :( They really disappointed me alot! I never had such a bad online shopping experience.

I believe, if online buyers goes on receiving such worthless products, then they will loose faith on online shopping.

Let me again Point Out the Problem that i faced while shopping from them...
  1. Late Receiving of Product.
  2. Product Box is totally below Standard ( They gave me the Fast Track Watch in an old cardboard instead of the original steel box.)
  3. The Product Condition was Worst.
  4. Last but not the least, The Watch is not working at all.
So, i contacted them and explained my problems. They told me that they'll replace it and gave some set information regarding the replacement of the product. In my next post, i'll share my experience regarding the replacement of the product. (Everything will be shared publicly)

Video showing my Product Quality..

Free Google Apps for Business will not allow to create more than 10 Users

Generally, Google Apps allows all organizations to create unlimited number of users. If you're the an existent free user of Google Apps then you might be experiencing almost unlimited number of user creation. But now Google is going to limit, and will not allow to create more than 10 users for new customers.

Right from May 10, any organization that will signs up for only Paid Google Apps for Business, will be allowed to create more than 10 users.

But if you are an existing free user of Google Apps then, this change will not effect you and you'll be not charge for the 10+ users, based on the limit in place when you joined it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to find Daily Blog Post Topics?

Choosing blog post topics are very difficult because you need to come up daily with some new things to write. The same problem is with everyone, even me. But did you every noticed how few bloggers come with some quality articles daily and even some have uniqueness in it. And that's why they are called a Real Blogger.

But if you dig your topic honestly, then these problems will not be a big problem. These kind of problems generally float ups for mainly two reason: 1) Least Knowledge on the Topic 2) Less Research on that Topic.

Just keep in mind that no one is expert but honest researches makes them expert on that subject.

Before Writing a Post, always research deeply on that Topic. If you know about the subject, you can easily write about it.. Blog Writing is not a big deal if you have nice English speaking skill because here in blogging, you write as you talk.

It takes only 15 mins to write a small post of 200-300 post, if you have done a good research on that topic for 2 hours.

What i mean by research?
Being a Blogger, research for me is all about collecting information about something that i'm going to write. You can broadly divide it into two part : 1) Post by Experience 2) Post by Collecting Textual information, by stumbling different sites article.

1) Post by Experience:
Generally, post by experience is based on your hand touch experience of any product or any problem that you successful solved. You write about your experience abouts anything that you successfully experimented with. These kind of articles are very much trusted and one of the main reason why people read blogs. The Trust these kind of articles because they can know the pros and cons of the product or the successful result of experiment conducted by the blogger.

2) Collecting Textual information by stumbling different sites' article.
These are most common kind of research conduct by bloggers but research quality differs.. Maximum Newbie blogger reads one or two articles on a particular subject and writes about it. According to me, such written article are not worthy because the knowledge limit of that blogger ends up to a limit. How much information you can expect from one or two articles? Less information generally leads to duplicacy of the content.

The Real Bloggers/ Probloggers always do deep research on a subject they are covering to write in their post. They always have an intention to write a quality post that effectively solves the problems of their readers. If their research is on collecting information, then they stumble different sites. They read 5-7 articles on that particular subject to suck the complete juice of information and writing about that topic becomes very easy to cover.

After all, running a quality blog is very time consuming specially when you had chosen it for part-time. It takes atleast 3-4 hours for writing a worthy content but don't you think, it's very less time consuming then that of a full time 8-9 hours job?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Google Farmer (Google Panda) may lower your Blog Ranking

Back in 2010, internet giant Google was flooded with enormous amount of content of many low quality sites which gave low quality search results. The war of content creation among blogs have greatly effected the search engine.

For reducing the low quality contents from its search results, google has introduced Google Farmer (also named as Google Panda), a latest update of Google algorithm for displaying quality search results.

The name of the updates is Google Farmer because its work is very similar to the Farmers' work. As, farmers always try their best to keep their crops clean by removing dead crops, adding pesticides, etc, likewise Google's new algorithm works to keep its search result clean by removing the low quality contents.

In other word, we can say that its new algorithm update is to stop the "content farming" or reducing the ranks of the websites with loads of words that are relevant to what users are googling for, but have no good information. Although, the exact algorithm is not public.

This time, Google is Digging deep into your content of the page. It will also look after the sites where you have linked and who linked to you.

Almost every content hub sites are effected by panda. Here below are few of them...
  1. Ezine Articles
  2. Hub Pages
  3. eHow, etc..
A long list of effected sites are there, but above mentioned sites are highly effected by this algorithm.

Some reasons why Panda may lower your blog rank:
  1. Non Relevant Content:
    The Content on your blog must be somehow related to your main blog topic. Stop creating the contents which may not interest your readers and can even confuse search engine to list you in a particular keyword result. Now Panda update is very much restricting these non-relevant content blogs.
  2. Duplicate Content:
    Never ever Copy others' content.. Search engine can easily find the duplicate contents leading a bad impression on your blog. The new update may even remove your blog from the search result, if it finds 30% duplicate content than that of your original content.
  3. Poorly Written Content:
    As i told, this time google is looking deep into your content quality. Therefore, low quality contents, wrong information, posts with lots of mistake are not tolerated. If it find any bad content, it will remove the blog from the result.
  4. High Ads to Ratio:
    Keep your blog clean! Highlight more on content than that of the advertisements. Don't flood your blog with ads.. one ad is sufficient.
  5. Poorly Designed:
    Keep your blog fast loading and reader friendly... Your design should highlight more on content- with readable fonts. Google's first preference is for those blog which are fast loading and reader friendly.
Last but not the least, keep a smooth frequency of daily or weekly updates, informing google that your blog has updated information.

5 Indian Shopping Deal Sites to receive Daily Deals

Shopping Deal is now a Trend in India. SnapDeal has made it a trend by Advertising the shopping deal concepts in popular channels like Channel V, MTV, etc.. Now, Indian users are very much familiar with daily shopping deals. They are searching for shopping discount over internet. Even, i personally love to search for deals that can save little bit of my pocket money.

To receive a deal you need to have an online payment option like credit card, debit card, net banking, etc because in some dealing sites, you need to make payment for the deals to receive the discounts.

Here below are some Sites to receive daily Deals:

1. Sosasta
It features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in kolkata and a variety of other cities across the india.

2. DealsAndYou
This Site Helps you save upto 90% on the best experiences in your city.

3. Mydala
 It Avail Great Discounts and Best Offers with Deals on stuffs like Restaurants, Dining, Travel, Health Clubs, Movies.

4. Taggle
This site is very similar to Groupon. If any offer is available is in your area you can get benefit from it. You get up to 90% discount on services.

5. Open2save
It provides free discount coupon to public. All you need to download and print out the coupon or sms the the discount details to your mobile.