Wednesday, November 16, 2011

31 Days to Build a Better Blog New Edition came out!

Mr. Rowse is my blogging idol. The way he rationalized the blogging term to newbie.. it's fantastic. I always wait for his ebook releases. Every release comes up with some tasty juice. Something unique to learn..

When 31 Days to build a Better Blog (1st edition) released, i quickly brought a copy of it without thinking much because i knew the quality Darren maintain in his books. Best of Best!

Few minutes ago, there came an updated edition of the Problogger's best selling book "31 Days to build a blog" with many more new concepts and ideas. And more extra things to learn..

What actually this ebook features?
This ebook is a complete 140 pages of information to revitalize blogging life. In another word, it consists of challenges, case studies, tips, answers of vital question,etc..

If you're a newbie and want to start a blog, then this ebook can give you inspirations and ideas to start a healthy one, but if you're seeking for the information regarding setting up a blog then this ebook don't have. You can either search over youtube to find a blog set-up video.

How can this book be useful?
I personally don't consider this book as a normal book because it's a kind of task book or a routine sketch of successful bloggers.

It consists of the case studies of the bloggers who have achieved success in different niches and even Darren himself posses a better example. All the "things to do" and "things not to do" in blogging are mentioned clearly.

What i love about it is, its daily step-by-step guide to build a perfect blog. It highlights the steps to be taken by a blogger in the first month of blogging .i.e. 31 days.

Each day with a new Tasks:
 This book is divided into multiple tasks - daily, weekly and monthly.
  • One-day at a time tasks where you're asked to complete 1-task a day.
  • Weekly Tasks: where you'll face the challenge to do a task on every-week.
  • Monthly Task: Combining the overall tasks in your monthly routine, maintain a good blogging pace.
3 Core Problems that this book gona help to overcome:
- Started a blog, don't know the Next Steps to do.
- Blogging for a while, but no improvement in its growth.
- Faced situations like blogger's block and inspiration lacks.
This book has solution to all the above core problems.

What special in this new edition: 
- came with new design.
- new techniques added.
- revised & removed the backdated blogging concepts.
- wisely arranged task routine.
- extra 7 days added in this edition. So, now it's a 38 days task.

I'm an affiliate of this product and if you want to buy a copy of this new edition then here's the link- 31 Days to BBB.