Friday, November 11, 2011

Flipkart strange shopping experience

You’ve read my posts on homeshop18 shopping experience.. And this time, I had a serious face-to-face with flipkart. I really respect this indian online shopping brand Flipkart which gives Hi-Quality product at a very cheap price.

On 9th November 2011, I was searching for a hi-quality video camera to capture my video entries. So, I been to different suggestion places like Yahoo answer, Quora, etc… and atlast, a guys over Quora referred me to a cheaper $100 webcam which shoot HD videos. The resolution of the webcam is too high .i.e. 1080dpi. That’s really great! anyway, I’ll someday write a review about that webcam. Lets back to the main topic!

So, I searched the Webcam “Logitech C910” over flipkart and found that $100 product at only Rs.457. I was really surprised with such a cheap price  and was excited to order it. But was still not sure about the displayed price tag so I took its screenshot and tweeted @flipkart about it and even shot an email to the customer service querying about its cheaper price. I got in reply from them appealing that “There are absolutely no hidden charges when you make a purchase with Flipkart.” So, now no one was there to stop me…

Without wasting my time, I quickly placed an order on that product with credit card. After the order successfully placed, I got an order no. And even the order status displayed “Payment Successfully Authorized”. I was really very excited to receive it earlier.. So on the very next day, I tweeted flipkart asking about my current order status. hmm… now there came a twist!


I got a call from them! They told me that the price of the product was Rs. 4500 which is far high than that of the money deducted from my credit card (.i.e. R457) and they told me the reason which was a technical error. And I got bit disappointed with them.. It’s very natural that you’ve expected to get a delivery of a product you recently ordered and now you’re asked to “cancel” it because of their technical problem or the problem with their price tag.

At first, I was fixed to my decision for not canceling the order like a pole star and asked them to send me that particular product with the amount I ordered because it was totally their technical fault not mine… and even I didn’t hesitated to pay them.

I too warned them to blog about flipkart bad shopping experience and re-pointed out their following “faults”:

  • displaying of wrong price tag.
  • no information to the customer about their technical error.
  • accepting of payment and issuing an order no.
  • wrong information from the customer service about the product.
  • no reply to my tweets.

He accepted their fault and showed his humble apology, which cooled down my anger.

At last, it was my emotion and my love for their trustworthy brand, which forced me to cancel my order and accept their concession of Rs. 500 stroke credit which they offered me to buy any of their product within that amount. So, I ordered 4 books of Rs. 498.

If I had forced them for that product, then they would have bound to give me coz everything was in my favor, but my heart which stopped me to do so…

Now you say me, whether i took a wrong decision or a correct one.. what do you think?