Friday, August 27, 2010

22 Common Twitter Acronyms used by Twitterers

As twitter’s tweet is limited to 140-characters. So, the users of twitter always try to reduce the number of characters from their tweet as possible. Many Twittterers wisely make the value use of Acronyms..
This Acronyms are the words formed from the initial letters of the several words in the name. So, it makes less use of words and easy to understand. Check some of the common Twitter Acronyms used by the twitterers…

Common Acronyms:

1. FWD = Forward.
2. TMB = Tweet Me Back.
3. RT = Retweet.
4. @ = Reply to [username].
5. IMO = In my Opinion.
6. IRL = In Real Life.
7. J/K = Just Kidding.
8. OMG = Oh My God.
9. FTL = For The Loss.
10. IRL = In Real Life.
11. FTF = Face to Face.
12. IMHO = In My Honest Opinion.
13. DM = Direct Message.
14. BTW : By The Way
15. FTW = For The Win.
16. PRT = Partial Retweet / Please Retweet.
17. OH = Overheard.
18. JV = Joint Venture.
19. LMK = Let Me Know.
20. YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary.
21. BR = Best Regards.
22. b/c = because.

Use these above Acronyms for Tweeting Easily…

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

What you can Do with this New Digg?

New Digg or Digg version 4 is now live over Digg main page. So, we stepped toward a new digging world. This Changes in Digg has created some merits & demerits to the Diggers. Some are happy with this change but some are not…

Earlier Digg was a Social Bookmarking Site but now it is the combination of (Social Networks+Social Bookmarks). So its natural that this combination has gave rise to new concepts & new ways of Utilization of Digg.

What this New Digg can do for you?

If you are a web user..
If you love to read & discover new things over web then this new digg will help you to find the best one easily because the submission of Stories/Video/Images is now open to everyone and the best stories will be promoted to the front page comparing the popularity of digg counts. You can even follow your best sites or brands to receive their articles directly to your digg dashboard.

This New interface is very fast in loading so it will be easy for you to access the best stories/photos/videos of the web within few seconds….

If you are Bloggers..
If you are a blogger then this New Digg will help you to promote your blog posts easily to the thousands of readers.. You can even make your readers follow your digg profile to keep them updated about your recent blog post..

Another helpful tool added in this new digg which can reduce your useless time consumption .i.e. you can import your blog post automatically to your digg stream… No tension of Submitting stories to digg! 

It Also Helps in Web Branding…
Like Twitter & Facebook, New Digg can also help you to establish your blog as an online brand.. It has an Option to “Follow” & “Unfollow” which works great in gaining happy “Followers”.

Guys! Don’t wait for the time… go ahead and reserve your Digg Username… Who knows, it can BOOST your blog traffic…

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

4 Real Time Search Engines alternate to Twitter Search

If you are bored or unsatisfied with the results displayed by the twitter official Search Engine, then you can try the other real time search engines. Here i collected some list of real-time search engine, which works as alternate to the Twitter Search.

1. 48ers 

It is a very useful real-time search engine which together searches Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, Digg and delicious to find the related search result. You can also easily filter results pertaining to individual sites as well.

2. Nsyght


3. Twazzup

It has unique way of Displaying Result… :)

4. Scoopler


Scoopler is a real-time search engine that monitors links shared on sites such as Twitter, Digg, Delicious, Flickr etc.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Daily Plan of a Professional Blogger

The Professional Bloggers Daily Plan: Know how the professional bloggers maintain their daily blogging life with time.  They generally follow such type of timing… As you know time  management is very essential for becoming successful. timingblog
These Timing is based on imagination… 

The Day Starts:

On 7:30 am: A Blogger Wakes Up & have a Cup of Coffee… He then check his stat to know who visited his blog last night!

On 8:00 am: After getting refresh, he open his Google Reader or BlogLines, etc and reads the news as well as his favorite blogs…

On 9:00 am: He goes out of his home for a walk…. While walking he sometime tweets from his mobile to keep his followers updated about what he is doing right now…

On 10:00 am: He comes back to home & goes on checking Emails… He sometime gets involved in the discussion with other bloggers.

On 11:30 am: He warms up himself by doing comments on other blogs… It too gains him some backlinks.

On 12:00 pm: Again he walks outside to eat & think about what to blog next.

On 4:30 pm: He Catch up the emails and creates the outline of his evening post.

8:30 pm: He Switch Off his T.V. and Get inside his blogging room & Starts blogging….

11:30 pm: Blogging Day Ends. He Turn Off his Machine and Goes to Sleep for Next Day blogging…

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