Thursday, August 26, 2010

What you can Do with this New Digg?

New Digg or Digg version 4 is now live over Digg main page. So, we stepped toward a new digging world. This Changes in Digg has created some merits & demerits to the Diggers. Some are happy with this change but some are not…

Earlier Digg was a Social Bookmarking Site but now it is the combination of (Social Networks+Social Bookmarks). So its natural that this combination has gave rise to new concepts & new ways of Utilization of Digg.

What this New Digg can do for you?

If you are a web user..
If you love to read & discover new things over web then this new digg will help you to find the best one easily because the submission of Stories/Video/Images is now open to everyone and the best stories will be promoted to the front page comparing the popularity of digg counts. You can even follow your best sites or brands to receive their articles directly to your digg dashboard.

This New interface is very fast in loading so it will be easy for you to access the best stories/photos/videos of the web within few seconds….

If you are Bloggers..
If you are a blogger then this New Digg will help you to promote your blog posts easily to the thousands of readers.. You can even make your readers follow your digg profile to keep them updated about your recent blog post..

Another helpful tool added in this new digg which can reduce your useless time consumption .i.e. you can import your blog post automatically to your digg stream… No tension of Submitting stories to digg! 

It Also Helps in Web Branding…
Like Twitter & Facebook, New Digg can also help you to establish your blog as an online brand.. It has an Option to “Follow” & “Unfollow” which works great in gaining happy “Followers”.

Guys! Don’t wait for the time… go ahead and reserve your Digg Username… Who knows, it can BOOST your blog traffic…