Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Daily Plan of a Professional Blogger

The Professional Bloggers Daily Plan: Know how the professional bloggers maintain their daily blogging life with time.  They generally follow such type of timing… As you know time  management is very essential for becoming successful. timingblog
These Timing is based on imagination… 

The Day Starts:

On 7:30 am: A Blogger Wakes Up & have a Cup of Coffee… He then check his stat to know who visited his blog last night!

On 8:00 am: After getting refresh, he open his Google Reader or BlogLines, etc and reads the news as well as his favorite blogs…

On 9:00 am: He goes out of his home for a walk…. While walking he sometime tweets from his mobile to keep his followers updated about what he is doing right now…

On 10:00 am: He comes back to home & goes on checking Emails… He sometime gets involved in the discussion with other bloggers.

On 11:30 am: He warms up himself by doing comments on other blogs… It too gains him some backlinks.

On 12:00 pm: Again he walks outside to eat & think about what to blog next.

On 4:30 pm: He Catch up the emails and creates the outline of his evening post.

8:30 pm: He Switch Off his T.V. and Get inside his blogging room & Starts blogging….

11:30 pm: Blogging Day Ends. He Turn Off his Machine and Goes to Sleep for Next Day blogging…

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