Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to find Daily Blog Post Topics?

Choosing blog post topics are very difficult because you need to come up daily with some new things to write. The same problem is with everyone, even me. But did you every noticed how few bloggers come with some quality articles daily and even some have uniqueness in it. And that's why they are called a Real Blogger.

But if you dig your topic honestly, then these problems will not be a big problem. These kind of problems generally float ups for mainly two reason: 1) Least Knowledge on the Topic 2) Less Research on that Topic.

Just keep in mind that no one is expert but honest researches makes them expert on that subject.

Before Writing a Post, always research deeply on that Topic. If you know about the subject, you can easily write about it.. Blog Writing is not a big deal if you have nice English speaking skill because here in blogging, you write as you talk.

It takes only 15 mins to write a small post of 200-300 post, if you have done a good research on that topic for 2 hours.

What i mean by research?
Being a Blogger, research for me is all about collecting information about something that i'm going to write. You can broadly divide it into two part : 1) Post by Experience 2) Post by Collecting Textual information, by stumbling different sites article.

1) Post by Experience:
Generally, post by experience is based on your hand touch experience of any product or any problem that you successful solved. You write about your experience abouts anything that you successfully experimented with. These kind of articles are very much trusted and one of the main reason why people read blogs. The Trust these kind of articles because they can know the pros and cons of the product or the successful result of experiment conducted by the blogger.

2) Collecting Textual information by stumbling different sites' article.
These are most common kind of research conduct by bloggers but research quality differs.. Maximum Newbie blogger reads one or two articles on a particular subject and writes about it. According to me, such written article are not worthy because the knowledge limit of that blogger ends up to a limit. How much information you can expect from one or two articles? Less information generally leads to duplicacy of the content.

The Real Bloggers/ Probloggers always do deep research on a subject they are covering to write in their post. They always have an intention to write a quality post that effectively solves the problems of their readers. If their research is on collecting information, then they stumble different sites. They read 5-7 articles on that particular subject to suck the complete juice of information and writing about that topic becomes very easy to cover.

After all, running a quality blog is very time consuming specially when you had chosen it for part-time. It takes atleast 3-4 hours for writing a worthy content but don't you think, it's very less time consuming then that of a full time 8-9 hours job?