Monday, April 25, 2011

Google Farmer (Google Panda) may lower your Blog Ranking

Back in 2010, internet giant Google was flooded with enormous amount of content of many low quality sites which gave low quality search results. The war of content creation among blogs have greatly effected the search engine.

For reducing the low quality contents from its search results, google has introduced Google Farmer (also named as Google Panda), a latest update of Google algorithm for displaying quality search results.

The name of the updates is Google Farmer because its work is very similar to the Farmers' work. As, farmers always try their best to keep their crops clean by removing dead crops, adding pesticides, etc, likewise Google's new algorithm works to keep its search result clean by removing the low quality contents.

In other word, we can say that its new algorithm update is to stop the "content farming" or reducing the ranks of the websites with loads of words that are relevant to what users are googling for, but have no good information. Although, the exact algorithm is not public.

This time, Google is Digging deep into your content of the page. It will also look after the sites where you have linked and who linked to you.

Almost every content hub sites are effected by panda. Here below are few of them...
  1. Ezine Articles
  2. Hub Pages
  3. eHow, etc..
A long list of effected sites are there, but above mentioned sites are highly effected by this algorithm.

Some reasons why Panda may lower your blog rank:
  1. Non Relevant Content:
    The Content on your blog must be somehow related to your main blog topic. Stop creating the contents which may not interest your readers and can even confuse search engine to list you in a particular keyword result. Now Panda update is very much restricting these non-relevant content blogs.
  2. Duplicate Content:
    Never ever Copy others' content.. Search engine can easily find the duplicate contents leading a bad impression on your blog. The new update may even remove your blog from the search result, if it finds 30% duplicate content than that of your original content.
  3. Poorly Written Content:
    As i told, this time google is looking deep into your content quality. Therefore, low quality contents, wrong information, posts with lots of mistake are not tolerated. If it find any bad content, it will remove the blog from the result.
  4. High Ads to Ratio:
    Keep your blog clean! Highlight more on content than that of the advertisements. Don't flood your blog with ads.. one ad is sufficient.
  5. Poorly Designed:
    Keep your blog fast loading and reader friendly... Your design should highlight more on content- with readable fonts. Google's first preference is for those blog which are fast loading and reader friendly.
Last but not the least, keep a smooth frequency of daily or weekly updates, informing google that your blog has updated information.