Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Magical Touch connects the Dots, That’s what Galaxy 750

Waving away fingers over a tablet is a fun time for me. It might be cutting of fruits with colorful blades (fruit Ninja) or tweeting out updates through twitter app. All I do with few smooth touches of finger.

The extraordinary build up of Samsung Galaxy 750 has enabled me to connect all the dots with my finger touch.

(Imaging Myself as a Lucky Galaxy 750 User)

My Tablet collects all my dots when I wake up to start a fresh day.. As I’m a pure gadget lover and is highly dependent on it, I consider each gadget as my true friend.. it doesn’t mean that I don’t have real friends but these gadgets fills up the space of my friends when they’re not with me.

As I consider gadgets as my friends and through out my digital friend circle my Desktop, Samsung Corby phone, my electric guitar.. Samsung Galaxy 750 is the most closest one because it never leaves me alone and even, I can’t live without it for a single second.

Every Morning it Begins like that,

Tring! Tring! … Sounds common? actually it’s the ringing sound of my Alarm which my Tablet utters to wake me up. Not only that, it vibrates to shake my pillow to let me know that “Hey! it’s morning and you should wake up”.

Then I Wake up and Pick it out of my pillow (maximum time, it hides itself inside the pillow cushion but I finds it out without any obstrucle because I can feel its heart beats .i.e. its beep for low battery charge .  ) I set it for charging.

Morning Prayer Starts: Thanks to its Prayer App, which gives me a fresh breathe and divine sound. I reach to heaven for minutes while hearing the prayer of hindu gods.

Bathing Activities…
Secret Moment!! By Throwing out my Night Shirt and Pant, I go for completing all Sh*ting jobs and then to have a pure bath.

After puring myself with the sweet water of Ganga (home supply water of calcutta) I go for meditation which keeps me fresh through out the day.

Meditation: Again, I connect myself with my close friend galaxy 750. It plays the meditation musics for me from the Album “Songs from a Secret Garden”. I really love to hear those series of soft violin music.

Anyway, meditation completes with a smooth flow of pure blood on my body. Now, I prepare myself for the daily activities.

Study Books: I’m a school student of 12th standard and I usually prefer to go through the book pages faster and the search box above my pdf reader helps me to find the topic faster. Actually, I’ve added the pdf version of my NECRT books on my tablet, which I downloaded from their official website.

Believe me, study becomes more interesting when I go through the digital pages with my samsung galaxy tab. All I use my touch to peel out the textbook pages.

Note Taking: While going through my chapters, I quickly note down the most important terms and extents their meanings inside brackets.

Things become more easier and the concepts get more simpler later when I go through my notes and bullet points. And sometime, we friends share our notes online which benefits both for exam preparation. We together complete our school powerpoint presentation through mutual contribution.

School Time:
Oh! now, I feel like departing away from my dear friends for 6 hours because I spend those time over school. Digital things are restricted in the school premises so I can’t take my digibuddy along with me. It actually waits for me till I come back from school.

Back to Home at 3:30 pm.
Just after entering my bed room, i pick up digibuddy and roll my finger all over its glossy screen. It feels good to see the colors splitting out to start…

Over Stressed – Gaming’s there:
Fruit Ninja.. that’s my favorite game and it also works as a stress buster for me. Cutting out fruits like a samurai and getting points for it.. Continuously checking out the the Leaderboard for breaking the highest score. Till date, I crossed 460 points (score) shame on me!

Taking Rest with a Music at Background:
Then I switch-on my Music player or an online radio and plug my tablet to a 2.5 sub-woofer (coz I don’t have home theatres) and enjoy the songs in the playlist.. along with it, I take my afternoon rest.

5 0’clock! I’m Ready to write a Post.
As I’m a part–time blogger, I love to write.. so, 5:00 to 6:30 is my blogging time and I sometime extend it to 8:00 pm for which I get a lot of scolding from my mom. She always suggest me to set a particular time for study which I usually mess up for my blog. But I complete my homeworks on time .i.e on 11th hour and overcome my daily study burdens..

7:00 pm to 9:30 or sometime 8:00 to 9:00 pm is my study time where I go through my pdf reader on my digifriend (Samsung Galaxy Tab 750). After that, I connect with my online presence, checking emails, connecting friends over facebook and interacting with my readers over twitter.

Use of Application:
I use Twitter app over the tab to connect but I don’t like the facebook app because it’s very slow.. so, instead I visit facebook main site to check out my notifications (sometime counts 15-16 notifications). Then commenting and liking friends status and posts. Sometime I go through the notes.

Then Tweeting out some interesting tweets and reply’in the @mentioned tweets.

One app which go active for 24/7 is “FourSquare”. Becoming mayor of different public is fun for me, so wherever I travel with my tablet, I get badges and my connected friend easily traces me out.

Before going to bed, I get around 45 minutes of time in my hand which I utilize by reading my favorite blogs. I added those blogs over my rss readers.. Blogs that I go through daily are lifehacker and zenhabits.

11:30 Bed Time..
My eyes takes my permission for rest and I give them… And I jump above my bed and switch-off my light and put back my galaxy 750 inside my pillow, then start zzzZZZ (sleeping). Here my day ends and again the next day begins with a fresh energy..

Hey! Check the webcast of the Galaxy Tab 750's launch

So, guys.. how’ my Life?