Thursday, June 16, 2011

How you can release your own Daily Newspaper over Twitter?

You're in Twitter for months but you're not having any interesting tweet to share with your followers. Keep in mind, that active followers follow you to get something useful. And if your tweets are not useful, then why they gona follow you?
Digital Newspaper

Actually, everyone have their own objective of using Twitter: Some use twitter to chat, some use it for spreading awareness and some for sharing their interesting and useful tweets.

If we take example of bloggers like Darren Rowse, they always share worth links of their quality blog articles which makes their Twitter Profile Worth Following.. That's not essential that you need to be a blogger to use Twitter or everytime you need to share your own articles.

Just Two day ago, i started using a cool Digital Newspaper. After, my first paper release, many got subscribed to it and some even appreciated my Newspaper's News collection. Actually, i used, It's a site that allows you to create your own Digital Newspaper but an interesting thing is that, you don't have to publish your own articles.

Your only work is to Follow the People who share great links on their Tweet Stream because picks up the best links from your following and arrange it automatically according to their Popularity. And on Daily basis it releases your personal Digital Newspaper, which is easily shareable to your Twitter Followers and Facebook Friends.

So, you don't have to work hard to publish a Digital Newspaper.

Here's my newspaper: (it releases daily)

Note: There's also a negative impact of using it .i.e. if you're following some secret people who are releasing breaking news on their tweets, then your can leak it out easily. So, be careful and think before releasing your own daily digital newspaper.