Monday, May 16, 2011

Know about Google Trends for Traffic

Some blogs are living with trendy traffics. Specially, the news, jobs & result notification blogs.

If your blog is little bit old and you maintain a good frequency of update then you can easily drive traffic from Search Trends.

Articles related to the Trendy keywords are treated as realtime result, so google make a quick listing of the recently published articles of that subject on the web.

How to Identify a Popular Trend?

Just keep your eyes on the trend page for knowing the latest search trends, but all the trends listed on that page are not so popular.. Therefore, you can identify the most popular trend with its "Hotness".

We can measure the popularity of the trend keyword with its "Hotness rating".

There are Three Types of Hotness Ratings:
This hotness shows that the Keyword is being searched most. Thousands and Thousands of People are searching for this Keyword on Google.
On fire:
This Hotness Keyword popularity is good but not like the Volcanic Hotness but still around 8K people may be searching with this keyword.
This hotness shows that the keyword is little bit popular and 3K+ people may be searching with this keyword.
This hotness shows that 1K-2K people may be searching on this keyword.
Few of hundreds of people are only searching for something with a trendy keyword.

These above hotness are arranged in Higher to Lower list, when listed over the Google Trend Page (

I tried my Best to explain you the hotness Popularity, by comparing it with the number of people searching.

So, keep creating quality content on the trendy subject for reaching thousands of traffics.. Just keep in mind, with trends you can only gain traffic not readers, therefore always try to attract real readers with your well written quality contents.

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