Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Create a Story using Social Media

Here I found an interesting site called Storify, which allows you to create stories using social media. Only with little bit of good presentation of the tweets, videos, images and descriptions.. you can create a wonderful story.

This site is very useful and easy to use. All you need to do is search the topic over different social media like twitter, facebook, youtube, flickr, google, web links and storify itself. Collect the information from them and drag it over a single page.
Add some description and some textual information for making the story more spicy... That's All! You've created an informative story.

Now, you can even embed the story over your blog post and tweet it out to your followers or share it over facebook... Do whatever you want to spread your story.

I really loved this Site... Nice concept for realtime story sharing!

How Storify Works?
Below i've embedded a storify to explain you better about it and to give you an example of its embed feature.