Thursday, May 19, 2011

Find Duplicate piece of Image and Texual Contents

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An Indiblogger member name Sourav Pandey was found guilty. He won several Indiblogger contests and recently indiblogger team found that most of his contest winning post were the work of others.. He was a Copycat who used to copy other people's work and presented it in his own blog.

I remember of Kolkata Indiblogger meet, where i jokingly introduced myself as a copycat to its founder Renie Ravin and for a second he was shocked to hear my such voice.

But just think about the situation when Renie found his own contest winner as a copycat. He really felt damn...

So, i just want to tell you that if you are organizing an online contest for creative people then always do investigation before releasing the winner's name.

So, how can you investigate about it in such a vast world wide web?
If you are thinking the same then i have the solution for it..

You can use the below online free tools to investigate whether the submitted works are real or not..

For Writing Work:
Duplicate writing work can easily be identified with these below tools..

Copyscape: If you want to know whether a writing piece is a copy of others work, then copyscape is a best solution for you because copyscape search throughout the web for the duplicate piece of any textual content.

Search the Phrase over Google: You can pick up a phrase from the writing work and search it over Google to Find the Duplicate content of it..

For Image Work:
If you have received any sorts of Image work then don't worry because you can even search for its duplicate.

Use TinyEye: This web tool is very helpful to search for similar image over the web. It uses its hi-tech image detection technology to find the images throughout the web.

Last thing, i wana say you - "Wake Up!"