Friday, May 20, 2011

Homeshop18, They Satisfied me!

I think, i had covered everything about my shopping experience with Homeshop18 over this blog. And now, its the time when i feel happy to announce that i'm satisfied with their product.

They send me the fast track watch with great care and with well packaging. The Product was of great quality and finally i'm hundred percent satisfied.

One thing, i should appreciate of them is their worth customer service. After i reported my problem, it didn't gone a single day when i didn't received a single call from them.. they kept me updated about what they are doing to solve my problems..

For their Good Service & Product Quality, I'm giving them rating: 4/5.

Hey.. Hey.. Hey... That's not an end. In Future, I'll buy another product from Homeshop18, to know whether they are maintaining the same product quality or not because it is consumer's right to receive good product in exchange of the money (Product Price + Shipping Charge) we are spending to buy online. It's our right to get good product.