Friday, May 6, 2011

Blog Post after Death! - An Important day in Blogging History

First time in Blogging History, a man published a blog post after his death. The Last only post of his life.

Derek K. Miller, from Canada was an active blogger since 2000. For 11 years, he was a web writer and today its all ended. This Active Website is now a Web Archive.

He was actually suffering from Cancer, that cause his death.

Even, his last post was written by him, may be few days before May 3, 2011.

He Started the post with Heart Touching Words:
Here it is. I'm dead, and this is my last post to my blog. In advance, I asked that once my body finally shut down from the punishments of my cancer, then my family and friends publish this prepared message I wrote—the first part of the process of turning this from an active website to an archive.

His Last Words about the World (Last Post):
The world, indeed the whole universe, is a beautiful, astonishing, wondrous place. There is always more to find out. I don't look back and regret anything, and I hope my family can find a way to do the same.
My deepest condolences go out to his wife, children and family.