Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How i Send Back my Defective Product to HomeShop18?

I had shared my bad shopping experience and now i'd like to share my experience of sending back the defective good for replacement to Homeshop18.

After i have complained about my defective product , they responded me back and gave me a toll-free number of "TNT courier" where i called up for replacing the product..

TNT Courier asked me to give the (Account Code) of Homeshop18 and requested me for providing the order number, product details, the problem with the product and my address. Accordingly, i gave them all the details..

They told me that their man will visit my home between 4-6 pm to receive the product and asked me to pack it up, but the man from courier came earlier than that.. I was really impressed!

The Product Sending for Replacement Process was very smooth and they successfully took it away right from my home..

Recently, I got a call from Homeshop18 about my blog post, expressing sorry for their product quality, assuring me to send back a quality product replacing the previous one..

I added, if they send me a quality product i'll give them a positive feedback.

But i'm still not happy with them because they took away my happiest time. My birthday was on 27th April and i ordered it on 23rd and it's now 2nd may but i don't have my watch in my hand... I sometime even feel like asking them for an extra gift because they took away my happiest time... :-( but my heart resists me to do so...

Soon after receiving my product, i'll let you know about its quality... Stay Connected.