Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sources of Information for your Next Post Idea

For a blogger, the most difficult part of blogging is collecting information for his next blog post. Without new information, you can't write unique content.

Every blogger have their own news sources. They keep on visiting those sources for some hot & unique information on the subject they love to read and write. Even, i have my own sources of information from where i gather news on daily basis.

Without it, none of the blogger do have anything to share with readers? So, always keep some fixed information sources from where you'll surely find atleast one unique stuff.

Let me share about how i collect information, so as to write post on daily basis..

1. BuzzFeed.com - This site helps me to collect buzzing viral videos, images and news. These awesome daily viral stuffs are for my twitter follower, who are always waiting to retweet those tweets.
BuzzFeed creates hundreds of content daily because it is contributed publicly.
Even, if you have a humor blog or an entertainment blog, buzzfeed can be one of your best source of content.

2. Google Trend - Go Trendy over the Web. If your blog is looking for trendy traffic then Google Trend can be your best source of information. It shows you the most searched term over google- few minutes ago, which can give you an idea about creating some new content on trendy topics to receive trendy traffics.

An interesting thing about Trending Topic is that, your blog post can get a quick listing on that search result because google looks for the real-time result for trendy keyword.

3. Google Alert - This tool is used by most of the niche bloggers. That means if you are concentrating on a single topic, then you can set alert on few "Keywords" to keep on tracking about its news over web and when any news is published on it, you'll be the first to be informed through email alerts.

4. Expert Blogs - I read them a lot.. If your blog is all about solving deep problem of a particular subject, then you can read the expert's blog to keep yourself updated about their research.

Your observation and Explanation can be your next blog post.
Best Expert Blogs: Digital Inspiration, Matt Cutts, CopyBlogger.

5. Question and Answer Sites - Best Information source for those who wants to know the public views about any question asked publicly. If you even have any question on your mind, then you can ask it publicly and let public to solve your problem.

The Questions asked over Question & Answer Sites can be your next blog post topic because they're the question on demand and your duty is to solve those out.
Best Q/A Site: Yahoo Answers, Quora, Ask.com .

6. Techmeme - Techmeme spotlights the hottest tech stories from all around the web on a single page. It helps me to keep me updated with latest technology news.

7. Twitter - Last thing you can do is track the popular brands, people and experts over twitter and grab the fresh & hottest news..

These above are some of my great information sources, from i collect my next blog posts ideas..

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