Thursday, April 28, 2011

HomeShop18 Bad Shopping Experience

Yesterday, i received my product from HomeShop18 and believe me it was in worst condition. The Packing was Good but the product... Oh! it was horrible.

Actually, i brought a Fast Track Watch worth Rs.2,000 from HomeShop18. I brought it on 23rd April and with so much of waiting i received it on 28th April. They took almost 6 days to deliver my product from Mumbai to Kolkata. I don't think, i ever waited so much time when i purchased from Ebay. Believe me, Ebay delivers more faster than this HomeShop18.

Anyway, forget about the delivering time took by it.. Lets talk about the product.

The watch i received, was totally torn from the side and even it was not at all working properly! :( They really disappointed me alot! I never had such a bad online shopping experience.

I believe, if online buyers goes on receiving such worthless products, then they will loose faith on online shopping.

Let me again Point Out the Problem that i faced while shopping from them...
  1. Late Receiving of Product.
  2. Product Box is totally below Standard ( They gave me the Fast Track Watch in an old cardboard instead of the original steel box.)
  3. The Product Condition was Worst.
  4. Last but not the least, The Watch is not working at all.
So, i contacted them and explained my problems. They told me that they'll replace it and gave some set information regarding the replacement of the product. In my next post, i'll share my experience regarding the replacement of the product. (Everything will be shared publicly)

Video showing my Product Quality..