Friday, September 16, 2011

BlogAdda is giving Bloggers access to Roadies 9 Audition

As I’m a big fan of Roadies, it’s a great opportunity for me to reach the door of roadies audition. This season, BlogAdda bloggers community is giving access to its selected bloggers to see the “behind the scenes” of the auditions.


I’m thinking to apply for roadies 9 kolkata audition passes because I already chosen roadies 9 as a special topic over my blog. And it’ll be an honorable job for me to write about the audition experiences.

Before applying for the Audition’s Special pass, I sent some queries to BlogAdda team. After getting reply from them, I’ll decide to cover the behind scenes of the audition.

Stay Tune…. Will keep you updated.

------ Update ---

I’m being selected to attend for the audition and to watch-out the behind scenes. Wait for my post about the audition 20’ Sept (Kolkata).


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