Saturday, December 10, 2011

Buy Logitech C910–Best for HD Videos


Believe me, this webcam is one of the most killer gadget in my wishlist. If you want to start a videoblog or want to share your video story in web or want to experience a HD-Quality video calling, then this Logitech C910 Webcam is what i'll refer you.. No doubt with its quality. Super fine HD video quality with 1080p in 16:9 widescreen, a wide-angle lens. It comes with High-precision Carl Zeiss glass lens which you can generally find in expensive cameras.

What makes it killer is its Auto-Focus and lighting compensation. That means, you can focus on any object leaving the background blurr and can shoot your video in low light. Generally, most of the HD camera don't give good quality video in low light but this webcam comes with such a cool feature.

Logitech claims that its frame per seconds is better than other webcam but few people don't agree with it. They pointed the fps bit low but personally i feel this webcam is an awesome piece for creating videos. And majority of people didn't find problem with its fps.

C'mon Man, it comes with 10 mega pixel and what you need more than that in such a cheap price .i.e. below $99.

Even you don't need an extra mic for recording HD sounds coz this webcam has build-in Dual premium microphones and feature background noise canceller. Last but not the least, it comes with a 5 MP HD sensor which gives you 16X higher image resolution.

Lets Quickly point out the things that you can do with this cam:

  • You can shoot Full HD video recording and share easily.
  • More Fluid HD 720p video calling
  • Shoot Crystal-clear video and brilliant photos
  • “Hello!” - Speak in HD-quality stereo
  • Make HD video calls
  • Stylish looks for desktops & notebooks
  • A software that comes with brilliant video effects.
Check out its Video Quality: Test Video. Logitech for Music: (in poor light) So, guys.... Go ahead to buy one for you.