Monday, December 14, 2009

Do Bloggers like to read Articles?

Do you think that bloggers like to read writing or he is needed to read articles for writing? It is really an interesting question i generally ask myself, so i thought of writing a post on it. I am not so popular blogger but can tell you that other popular bloggers also do not read for writing and even they don't like to read, Rob Sutton also wrote a post showing his dislike for reading . I can also say that they don't left no time for reading, after publishing a new post.

Without Reading how can they write about the product or the things? 
Bloggers don't need to read a lot to write the article because they just gather the information from different sources and write about that article on their own words. Even i do the same.... Whenever a product or a news came off, i straightly start experimenting on it and write about it. Writing about anything after performing an experiment is a perfect idea for writing, by doing so, you can have the full idea of what you are writing.. You will have the full independnce of expressing your own words on that topic as you experimented on that thing.

You can add more extra spices to it by adding more sub-topics on it. As experiments gives your more topic which reading cannot give you in full force. You can write about how did you worked on that product and what are the requirements needed? this sub-topic comes under the procedure and you can add the observation by adding words on what the result came....

Total writing skill is similar to the school chemistry lab, where you experiment and make the observation and quickly write on it... Similarly, you need to recheck the writings you wrote because when you are about to publish your writings, you need to have a good impression towards your readers as like to a chemistry teacher have the impression on the Student's Practical Book.