Friday, December 11, 2009

Things to keep you away from Twitter Spam

Many Twitter users are suffering from twitter spam, but they are thinking that they don't have anything to do... Since twitter came in force over internet, it was attacked by many such bad activities like Spam, Phishing, and others...

Twitter users are highly affected by such stuffs.. but resolve such things or to avoid such activities, you have the power to judge. The following i mentioned some ways in which you can protect yourself from spam.

@Spam: If you find a user, which is tweeting some suspecting tweets like useless advertisements, suspicious links, some digits like tweets and anything you find unusual... then you can report it spam to the Twitter by just putting an @spam over your tweet along with the the profile you are suspecting...
Example : @spam this guy @spammerusername is a Spam!

Again you you thinking to report about the spammer without leaving any trace for the spammer that you are reporting. (This is safe when you are not knowing the ability of the spammer- he may be a good hacker).

The Tweet Example : @spam this is a guy ", who is a spammer. Or @spam : [at]spammerusername is a spammer!!

You can also add that spammerusername over the wanted spammer list, so that the other user name can easily detect that username as a spammer. Report that spammer user name over as a spammer. So, that they can list it over their wanted list and helps the other twitter users to detect a spammer.

How to Check the Trustful Twitter User:
With the Tweetblocker itself, you can check a Trustful Twitter User. To check whether a user is a good, just put the username over the blank and check it. If the user is trustful, you will be able to see a "A+" sign...

Another most strongly recommended Twitter User Checker is the TwitterGrade. It rates the user with its tough checking tool and Give it Ratings from "A" up to "F". The "F" rated user can be detected as spam.