Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tweet Fight with Chetan Bhagat gained around 27,000 Followers

India's popular novelist (Chetan Bhagat) had a Tweet Fight with the Twitterers all around. "The three Mistakes of My Life" is one of his popular book... So, now he can have a little change to "Four Mistakes". Two Days back, Chetan had a War over Twitter which resulted in the popular trend of Twitter Home Page.

How the Tweet war took place..
It was a First Tweet from the a Bhagat about the Piracy on the Indian Books and a Twitterer @flyyoufools interupted it. FlyYouFools is a well known Cartoonist and he was also warned by Chetan for getting blocked. The below are the Two Tweets which FlyYouFools tweeted in reply of the Chetan:
"Tying everything to India's progress today, aren't we?"
"In a bad mood today, aren't we? Let me guess: Royalty check came in?"

This later came under a war.... And at last @nikhilnarayanan started the topic #chetanblocks and the jokes began, and many users came under the topic and Jokes moved around!!

In a few moment of time, the mondey Twitter trend gave the trend #chetanblock the sixth most popular trend on the social networking site. 
And there came a twist, many twitter users thought that a new book is released by Chetan and even i thought too..And rumour spread more faster. . This was the main reason why Chetan got more than 27,000 followers in a day.