Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Tree on FarmVille needs 60 Gifts to grow

Don't be upset, if you are a farmVille player.. "No one to send you Gifts in this Christmas", there is your Facebook friends who are going to send many presents as you are unable to aspect. Anyway, these gifts are visual gifts but will give you the same enjoyment like a real gift.

From the FarmVille itself you will be getting a Christmas tree as a gift for this Christmas. Did you opened your framville farm? If not, then open it.. There is a Christmas tree waiting for you on your gift box. You can even sell that tree at 500 coins.

What makes you more happy in Christmas?
Ya, its the Gift which makes your Christmas more rememberable... So, FarmVille added such a unique idea of Gaining Gifts from your Friends and placing it under your Christmas tree. More you place gifts under your Christmas tree, more you will see changes in the decoration of your Christmas tree.

Decorations without using hands?
Nups!! its wrong to say that, decorating the Christmas tree over FarmVille is without the help of hands but we don't need such a hard works, spending hours and hours. Just some clicks to accept your Gifts.
You need 60 Gifts under your Christmas tree to see changes in the decorations of the Tree and its growth...