Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Reading Ebooks increases 35 percent of your Blogging idea

I started blogging without any guidance from any- "If i had read the Ebook like Problogger, DailyBlogTips' ebook earlier then i didn't have to face such a big time to learn blogging". Blogging Knowledge is endless and its consist of SEO, writing skill, marketing ideas, designing for perfect blog design, and many more... A blogger need to have the knowledge of all those things to create a perfect blog.

The mistakes that i committed is a general things that every new blogger does:
I started blogging with a photoblog and was running in the way of gaining traffic only. I know "gaining a traffic" is the dream of every blogger whoever it is - the popular blogger or the new one. I did my best to gain traffic... I contributed over the different social bookmarking sites like Digg, Propeller, IndianPad, reddit, StumbleUpon and many small SB sites..

Digg was the site, which took my maximum time and i contributed everyday and everytime whenever i came online. I kept myself online over the Digg Pages for 24/7 and at last i succeded to touch the front page of it, I was feeling a joy of wining but later i discovered that i loose my most important thing, for which i am doing for...

What i loose?
You might have thought of what i lost... It is the content and the time i lack on my blog. My blog was on blank and i didn't spend a little over it, only for Digg. No matter i reached the half steps of the Digg Power user but i lost the value time for the contents which i was going to publish over my blog.

Re-back to blogging:
I started to write content at that time but a sudden i found a blog which is gaining a lots of traffic and i discovered that the blog is a photoblog and gives out daily celebrity photos and in the same day i again visited a blog which a blogging out some amazing photos daily. I was totally influenced by the traffic gaining by the photoblogs.

I published a little photo post and started to experience effective traffic to my blog. "No more stopping" - i started giving more posts and in one year i brought about 1,500+ visitors. I was posting in the dream of earning huge money but i experienced no change in my Google Adsense revenue...

Reading Ebooks:
One day i was gifted an ebook of the famous blogger Darren Rowse. The book "Problogger" was full of his experience and he told some secrets about blogging. This inspiration of reading book attracted me toward another ebook which was in the tip of making money from Adsense.

There i discovered few lines which changed my path of doing photoblog and got the real answer of less revenue. It told me how adsense works, "Adsense works good in the textual contents and photo posting is an unparallel with Adsense revenue." And unfortunately i was running a photoblog.

So, i refer you to read the ebooks before you take any step on your daily blogging... It increases 35 percent of your Blogging idea.

image source: Flickr