Sunday, December 6, 2009

What makes you a perfect blogger?

Many Questions still floating over the world of blog and many answered this question... What makes you a perfect blogger? Ask yourself whether you are a perfect blogger? Do you have all the basic quality that a blogger needs to have?
There are millions of blogger live daily over the web and two third of them are totally confused about the blogging.. They are not perfectly aware of the blogging and they start a blog with a very common, boring and non effective contents. They too spend the same time as the top blogger like Darren Rowse, Piti, Jhon Chow etc.. spends or may be more then them but even then they are not getting sufficient revenue.

What the things they lack?

I was also suffering from such lack of pure blogging tips and now i got it from Problogger Book... Darren has very effectively described the way of blogging and what is the need of it..

When i was visiting the blogs around the web, i discovered the things that these small blogs are lacking- the lack of quality writing contents. I found that most of the blogs are depend on the photo contents and some blogs are of linking contents.

Linking Contents: With this word, i meant to say the blogs who are referring other site's product with a link to that product or the blog which is copying others content and giving out different source links.

Not all the blogger do such activities but there are some blogger who write their own content but they can't express the real feelings with which a reader will be attracted. A reader always search to read those writings which can touch his heart and can clearly understand what the writer is about to say.

Writing Open to everyone mind.

Just think if a speaker speaks some worth things over the microphone and the listener faces problem to understand it then do you think it can attract those listener to listen it further? No, they will straight move away from that place and the crowd will disappear from that place.

Similarly, the blogging is of that kind. A Worthless writing can make your readers mind to leave your blog. You might be thinking of what to write to attract your readers on your blog? As a blogger i must suggest you to express your writings with your own writing style.. like you talk. Blogging is a medium through which you free to express your own writing style.

Keep your blog content written like you talk so that the readers can comment you back and can direct interact with you. Make your writing clean and easy to understandable.

I suggest you to keep your readers in touch with your blog through the micro blogging service like twitter. Reply all the tweet you get from your readers....