Saturday, December 5, 2009

Need of the StumbleUpon Stickers?

StumbleUpon Stickers
If you are a lover of the site StumbleUpon and if you daily like to stumble, then you can grab a sticker of it, which StumbleUpon is Giving out this season- Official Announced...

The thing that you only need to do is just send a self addressed stamped Enveloped to stumble upon team before 1st January 2010. You are requested to send the envelope over the below address:
StumbleUpon – Stickers for me too!
P.O. Box 247
660 4th Street
San Francisco, CA. 94107, USA

They also included that you need to give the necessary postage so that they can send the Stickers back to you! In the U.S. the regular postage stamp of .44 (USD) will be sufficient and for international, you need to calculate accordingly.