Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Google Fast Flip Got three dozens of Publishers

Around three months a ago google launched fast flip hosted over the Google Labs. Fast Flip is acctually a fast browsing news pages option, where a user can quickly browse the many pages of the Popular news paper just like a real newspaper or magazine.

After getting a good feedbacks from the users of Google, it is now going to have a great move. More than three dozens of Publishers have joined Google Flip and they had already added around two dozens of the News over the Fast Flip.

They Officially wrote on their blog:
"two dozen publishers representing more than 50 newspapers, magazines, web outlets, news wires and TV and radio broadcasters. Some of the new sources include Tribune Co. newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune, McClatchy Company newspapers such as the Miami Herald and the Kansas City Star, the Huffington Post, Popular Science, Reuters, Public Radio International, POLITICO and U.S. News & World Report. Now you can use Fast Flip to engage with content from even more of your favorite news outlets in an innovative way, and continue to explore topics covered by a diverse group of sources. And, through the mobile version, you can flip through all these new articles on your Android-powered device or iPhone."

They are seeking for more other publishers to make it more bigger and they opened a feedback option for the Users for the improvement.

I think that this new product of Google will caputure a huge number of online users and it will also benefit the publishers with more impressions and audience.