Saturday, December 19, 2009

Real Time Photo Sharing, just like tweeting...

Tweeting over Twitter is common to hear on everyone's mouth and gain followers. But its a new idea came off with which you can upload your photo and share it like Tweets and earn followers. There is a New Platform called DailyBooth, which support real time pics sharing.

In Twitter, we are generally shoutting off "what we am doing Now!" but through dailybooth we can "show" our followers- "what we are doing?" with our expressions. Many Quite Popular Web Stars entered into the world of Dailybooth and i think it is the raising point of this Site, just like Twitter got Popular.

What can be its Benefits?
There are quite similar benefits like Twitter like
  • you can Make your Fans, from whom you will be getting comments on your photos.
  • you can gain audience to your photos and profile.
  • If you gain a quality followers then you will be able to get a chance to be Featured User.
How can i share photos over there?
There are three methods:
  1. Through Webcam live snaps.
  2. Through Upload
  3. Mobile photo sharing.
Is there any earning money Opportunity?
Ya, if it gains a popularity like Twitter then the Quality members can get sponsors from the Advertisers to show off their Products- I think....

Some Featured Users like : littleradge, aplusk, shaycarl, etc... According to the new report in August,2009 that dailybooth got around 3 million unique visitors a month which is really an effective amount of visitors to reach the prestigious position of the internet. You can to browse more information about this site on wikipedia.

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