Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Do you know about ThinkQuest? Its Student's favorited site.

You might had heard about the Site called "ThinkQuest". It is actually a site by the Oracle Foundation which helps the students to make their project online and inspiring the student to have a HiTech way of learning....

think quest by oracle

It is a place where teachers are connected with students, students can see others project online, can upload their project to share with others, can make a group online to create projects and the students of one country can connect with the student of other countries for the education discussion with the medium of it.

Many Schools of India like -Kendriya Vidyalaya (Central School) and others has accepted this site as the medium of online education.

How it Works?

In a school, account were created for the each of the Students and in each classes, the subject teachers were given the power of admin. Teachers can easily control the pages of the student easily but the students can only have the independent to put their educational content on their account only.

The User Names:
The users names are created in bulk and some accounts shows error while logging. The user names are in the form of "yourfirstname|firstcharacterofyourtitle.schoolname - johnm1.stjanesred" and the passwords are in the form of the "47sunrise74". The subjected teachers were given the password of the students to distribute.

How to do Projects?

You need to find your projects from the world and send the request of joining the project and if you are accepted then you can post your project and maximum times, the subject teachers assigns the project for the student who is registered.


It received the Third Annual NII Award for Education.

I wrote about the thinkquest as i found a very less blog writing about this product of ORACLE as it is very popularly known to everyone. . And another thing i need to say i.e. it does not allows eveyone to get registered to it. Only the Schools can register and can create the accounts for the students.